HOI4 Console Commands Full List [2021]

The Full List of Console Commands.

Grand strategy titles like Hearts of Iron 4 are extremely challenging games that revel in the unrelenting complexity and depth of their systems. And the thing is, most fans like them exactly like that. These are really tough experiences where decisions made 10’s of hours ago can come back to haunt you in the most unexpected ways. I know that doesn’t sound fun, but trust me when I say that it is.

And while this makes for extremely entertaining scenarios for those who know what they’re doing, games like these are not exactly known for their approachability or newbie-friendly mechanics. Jumping into them for the first time can be extremely rough. Often times this requires players to go through hours of videos and articles to even understand the basics.

So if you’re someone who’s having a tough time with Hearts of Iron 4, I’m here to tell you that there are a bunch of cheats that you can use to alleviate the difficulty a bit. There are also a bunch of commands that help you tweak the settings of the game. We’ll go over all of them them in our HOI4 console commands guide.

HOI4 Console Commands Guide

HOI4 Console Command
Hearts of Iron 4.

Now it goes without saying that using console commands has the potential to completely ruin your playthrough if you go too crazy. So try these cheats out only after you’ve saved your game first. Or start a completely new run that you don’t care about messing up.

Either way, once you’re in the game, press either the Tab, ~, `, ” or ^ button to open up the console. The key will vary depending on the layout of your personal keyboard. After a text bar opens up on the left-hand side, you can input your preferred HOI4 console commands here.

Many of the commands we’re about to list below will require country specific tags such as ‘CHI’ for China or ‘SOV’ for the Soviet Union. In order to make the process of finding these easier for yourself, try inputting the command ‘tdebug’ into the console. With this active, you can hover your mouse over any location and the tag will be revealed.

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With all that out of the way, let’s actually jump into the full list of HOI4 console commands.

Full List of Commands

HOI4 Console Commands Full List
HOI4 Console Commands Full List

Below, you will find the full list of console commands for this game. Some of these are pretty straightforward, but others could potentially break you game. So be careful when using these.

add_equipment [Amount] [Equipment Name]Use this command to add a specific amount of any equipment other than naval equipment to the arsenal. Alternatively, you can remove equipment by specifying a negative value in [Amount].
add_latest_equipment [Amount]The command gives the specified [Amount] of the latest equipment variants to the player.
add_opinion [source Country Tag] [target Country Tag]The command adds an opinion from the specified [Country Tag] to the other [Country Tag].
allowdiploThis command allows players to use any diplomatic action in the game without justification. This includes everything from ‘Call To Arms’ to ‘Create Faction’.
allowtraitsRemoves all restrictions on assigning general traits. Using this command allows you to freely assign general traits to any of your commanders.
annex [Country Tag / ‘all’]This command starts an annexation with the nation specified in the [Country Tag]. Basically, you claim their land as your own.
cp [Amount]This command will add Command Power or CP to a government. This resource is always capped at 100.
debug_nukingAfter using this HOI4 console command, launching nukes in any province is permitted regardless of the current conditions.
event [Event ID] [Country Tag]Start the specified event in [Event ID], in the country chosen with [Country Tag].
gain_xp [Amount]Players can use this command to give experience to a specific Leader. The amount given is determined by the value added to [Amount].
instantconstructionEnables or disables the instant construction cheat, allowing all construction projects to happen instantly without any queues.
manpower [Amount]Add the specific amount of manpower to your country.
observeEnter ‘Observe’ mode, where you do not play as any country at all. The entire game now plays on autopilot, messages do not appear, and the game is never automatically paused.
research [slot id / ‘all’]Use this command to instantly research all equipment in a specific technology slot.
research_on_icon_clickThe command will instantly research any technology whenever you click on its icon in the technology tree.
st [Amount]You can gain Stability with this command. This resource is always capped at 100%, and you can remove it by specifying a negative number in [Amount] instead.
tag [Country Tag]Switch your country to the [Country Tag]. Basically you can switch your playable country at any time with this command.
tdebugEnable or disable debug mode with this command. In debug mode, IDs for things like states, provinces, etc are shown whenever you hover over them with your cursor.

As mentioned above, this is extremely useful if you intend to use HOI4 console commands at all.

teleport [Province ID]You can use this command to either activate the teleportation tool or instantly teleport all selected armies and ships to the province with the specified ID.
whitepeace [Country Tag] [Country Tag]This command creates ‘white peace’ between the two countries chosen with the [Country Tag]. What this means is that things revert back to the way they were before war was initiated.
winwarsGive your country the maximum possible war score for any and all wars it is currently participating in.
ws [Amount]Players can gain War Support with this command. This resource is always capped at 100%, and you can also remove it by specifying a negative number in [Amount] instead.
HOI4 Console Command
Hearts of Iron 4.
add_ideas [idea name]Adds the [idea name] with the specified ID to your current country.
add_party_popularity [Ideology Group] [Amount]This command adds the specified [Amount] of party popularity to a specified [Ideology Group]. Ideology Groups are: ‘C’ for (Communism),

‘F’ for (Fascism), ‘D’ for (Democratic) and ‘N’ for (Neutrality).

aidumpDumps AI data from your currently selected unit to a log file.
aircombat [scenario] [result] [Province ID] [airbase State ID] [airbase State ID] [equipment] [equipment] [equipment creator] [equipment creator]Initiates air combat in the specified location from your desired country, airbase and equipment.
analyzetheatresUsing this command will check all theatres in the game for errors.
building_health [building type] [State ID / Province ID] [level] [Amount]Tweak the health of an existing building with this command.
civilwar [ideology] [Country Tag]With this command, you can start a civil war within a specific country. You can even choose the ideology of the conflict.

Choices include ‘Communism’. ‘Fascism’, ‘Democratic’ and ‘Neutrality.’

combatsound [frequency]Can be used to modify the frequency of a sound being played from the combat view. The number added should be anywhere between 1 and 50.
debug_tacticsPlayers can enable or disable the visibility of the ‘tactics’ debug tooltip.
decision.nochecksThis HOI4 console command allows you to ignore all decision requirements.
deleteallunits [Country Tag]This command allows players to delete all armies and fleets of the specified [Country Tag].
deltat [speed multiplier]With this command, players can change the speed of different animations in the game. The number specified is supposed to be a multiplier. So 2 would double the speed, while 0.5 would half the speed.
focus.autocompleteThe command allows for immediate completion of all national focuses. This command will also affect the game’s AI.
focus.ignoreprerequisitesWith this command you can ignore any and all focus prerequisites.
focus.nochecksWith this command you can ignore any and all focus requirements.
frontsThe command enables or disables the visibility of foreign fronts.
help [command]If this command is used  simply as ‘help,’ then it will print a list of commands.

But if it is used as ‘help [command],’ it will print information about the specified commands.

instant_prepareUsing this command will allow naval invasions to skip preparation time.

To be able to use this command, you must add ‘-debug’ to your HOI4 launch options, otherwise it will not work.

massconquerOpen the ‘mass conquer’ tool with this HOI4 console command.
nextsongSkip to the next soundtrack in the music playlist in-game.
nomapiconsThe command enables or disables the visibility of icons on the map.
nopausetextEnable or disable the visibility of the pause menu with this console command.
nu [Amount]This command adds the chosen[Amount] of naval utility to your own naval utility count.
nuke [Amount]The command adds the chosen [Amount] of nukes to your current country.
occupationpaint [Country Tag]If no [Country Tag] is specified, this command toggles enables or disables occupation painting. However if the [Country Tag] is provided, your country will immediately occupy all land that the specified country owns. This does not apply to any land they might simply occupy.
particle_editorOpens the particle editor GUI.
pp [Amount]Add the specified [Amount] of political power to your own country.
reload [file name]This console command can be used to reload a file without opening and closing the game.
reloadfx [map / .fx file]This command reloads the game’s shaders. You can also specify either a map name, postfx or filename.
reloadsupplyThe command allows you to reload all supply systems.
rendertypeThe command prints the render type that is currently being used for your client.
set_ruling_party [Ideology Group]Set the specified [Ideology Group] as the ruling party of a country. Ideology Groups are: ‘C’ for (Communism),

‘F’ for (Fascism), ‘D’ for (Democratic) and ‘N’ for (Neutrality).

If you wish to change the ruling party of another country, you must first switch to playing as them with the tag command mentioned above.

setcontroller [Country Tag] [Province ID]Players can set the controller of a specified province with this command.
setowner [Country Tag] [State ID]Set the owner of a specified state with this command.
spawn [unit name/id] [Province ID] [Amount]Players can use this command to spawn the specified [Amount] of a unit in a province.

To use this command, you must first add ‘-debug’ to your HOI4 launch options, otherwise it will not work.

testtoolThe testing tool will be opened with this command.
theatersrebuildRebuild all existing theatres with this command.
timePrints the current time in-game.
traderoutesThis HOI4 console command enables or disables the visibility of all trade routes in the game.
tweakerguiOpens up a tweaker GUI.
xp [Amount]This command gives the specified [Amount] of experience to all experiences types. This includes Army XP, Air XP and Naval XP.
yesmanCauses country AI to automatically accept any and all diplomatic offers, regardless of the case.
HOI4 Console Command
Hearts of Iron 4.

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morehumans [Amount]This HOI4 console command will add the specified [Amount] of humans to your current country.

With a negative value in [Amount], you can also subtract the number of humans.

window [open / close] [gui name]Opens or closes the GUI with the specified name.
reloadinterfaceReload the game interface with this command.
reloadtechnologiesThe command reloads all technologies.
updateequipmentsForcefully reloads equipment-related files
updatesubunitsForcefully reloads unit-related.
reloadoob [Country Tag]Reloads the Order of Battle of the country with the specified [Country Tag].
update_loc [localisation key]This command reloads the mentioned localisation key.
pollPoll valid events with this command.
pause_in_hours [hours]Pauses the game after the specified amount of time. Useful if you want to leave the game running, but not for too long.
add_autonomy [Country Tag] [Amount]The command adds or subtracts autonomy from the specified [Country Tag]’s autonomy level.
testevent [Event ID] [character id]Test the specified ID without actually triggering it with this command.
resignIf you input this command, you will make yourself resign from your current position.
add_interest [Country Tag]Add the country with the specified [Country Tag] to your interest.
remove_interest [Country Tag]Remove the country with the specified [Country Tag] from your interest.
add_diploAdds diplomatic enroute for your current country.
printsynchstuffView the current seed of your game with this HOI4 console command.
setrandomcount [count]If executed without any [count], this command will set the random count to 0. If a number is instead provided as a value, the random count will be set to this.
aiThe command enables or disables AI in-game.
human_aiAI for human countries can be enabled or disabled with this command.
ai_invasionEnable or disable the AI for naval invasion with this command.
ai_acceptThe command enables or disables whether AI will always accept diplomacy.
fow [Province ID]Enable or disable fog of war in the province of the specified ID.

If this command is executed without any [Province ID], it will turn off fog of war completely. If a [Province ID] is specified, FOW will only be toggled for that province.

collisionEnables or disables the collision debug GUI.
savegameForcefully save the game.
savecheckUse this command to check if saving is functioning correctly.

It will create a save file named ‘Test_01’. load it, and then save that again as ‘Test_02’. If the two files are the same size, then there is no problem.

ipPrint your IP to the console with this HOI4 console command.
requestgamestatePrints the gamestate.
nudgeOpens the nuge tool.
mapmode [mapmode id]Change the map mode to the specified type.

Map mode IDs: 1 is Default, 2 is Naval, 3 is Air, 4 is Supply, 5 is State, 6 is Resistance, 7 is Resource, 8 is Diplomacy and 9 is Faction.

fullscreenEnables or disables fullscreen mode in the game.
pricesPrints price info to the game.log file.
add_core [State ID] [Country Tag]This command adds the specified [State ID] as a ‘core’ of the specified country. A ‘core’ is a state that’s considered to be a rightful part of the country.
remove_core [State ID] [Country Tag]The command removes the specified [State ID] as a ‘core’ of the specified country. A ‘core’ is defined as a state that’s considered to be a rightful part of the country.
debug_zoomCause the game to zoom in with this HOI4 console command.
debug_typesAn advanced debug tool. It only works if running RTTI. Will print the data type for all dynamic reference objects to the console.
debug_show_event_idThis command prints the [Event ID] of the currently ongoing event.
debug_commandsPrint the current ‘commandcount’ to the message.log file with this command.
debug_eventsInitiate event counting and print data collected from this with the ‘debug_dumpevents’ command.
debug_dumpeventsPrint data collected since the ‘debug_events’ command was last executed.
debug_diploactionsInitiate diplomatic action logging and print data collected from this with the ‘debug_dumpdiploactions’ command.
debug_dumpdiploactionsPrint data collected since the’debug_dumpdiploactions’ command was last executed.
debug_assertThe command enables or disables game asserts.
debug_smoothFrame smoothing can be enabled or disabled with this command.
debug_nomouseThis console command enables or disables the mouse’s scroll wheel functionality.
debug_terrainEnables or disables terrain.
debug_citiesThe command enables or disables the cities painting mode.
debug_waterWater can be enabled or disabled with this command.
debug_frontsEnables or disables the ‘interpolated fronts’ debug screen.
debug_off_front_snapThis enables or disables the ‘offensive fronts snapping’ debug screen.
debug_bordersThe command enables or disables all borders in-game.
debug_treesEnables or disables trees.
debug_riversThis HOI4 console command enables or disables rivers.
debug_postfxEnables or disables PostFX.
debug_skyThe command enables or disables the sky.
debug_tooltipEnables or disables tooltips in-game.
flagsoutput [path]Generate and then save a texture atlas file to the specified [path].
cityreloadThis command reloads the cities in a game.
errorPrint any errors from the log file.
versionPrints the current version of the game to the HOI4 console.
debug_noguiEnables or disables the game’s GUI with this command.
HOI4 Console Command
Hearts of Iron 4.
debug_volume [volume]Adjust the volume of the game with this command.
debug_lockcameraCamera lock can be enabled or disables with this command.
debug_linesThis HOI4 console command enables or disables debug lines.
debug_entitiesThe command enables or disables ‘entities’.
debug_infoEnables or disables the debug info screen.
debug_particleThis command enables or disables particles.
debug_ai_budget [Country Tag]Prints the AI budget information to the game’s console.
debug_texturesPrint texture debug information to the game log. Will not show up in console.
debug_textureThe command enables or disables textures like bloom.
debug_wireframeEnables or disables HOI4’s forced wireframe.
debug_achievements_clearThis command will clear all of your achievements and stats. This is irreversible
moveunit [Unit ID] [Province ID]Move the specified unit [Unit ID] to the specified province [Province ID].
spawnactor [name] [Province ID] [animation]The command spawns an actor. If an [animation] is specified, the character will spawn with that particular animation.
guiboundsThis command enables or disables the bounds debug GUI.
cameraclampEnables or disables the camera clamp.
provtooltipdebugThis command enables or disables province tooltip debug info. The info also includes things like Province ID, etc. when you hover over a province on the map with your cursor.
reloadweather [seed]Reload weather with this HOI4 console command.
weatherThis command enables or disables weather. If this feature has been turned off, weather will always be disabled.
debug_air_vs_landEnable or disables debug mode for Air combat vs Land combat.
mapnamesEnable or disables map names.
profilelogThe command will output profiling data to ‘time.log’.
run [file name]Runs a list of commands in a specified file.
oosMakes the client go out of sync.
debug_crashThis command is a debug tool. When executed, it will debug client crashes.
sleep [duration]The command will pause the game for the specified amount of time in seconds.
goto_province [Province ID]Move the center of your camera to the specified state mentioned with [Province ID].
goto_state [State ID]Move the center of your camera to the specified state mentioned with [State ID].
trigger_docsPrint information regarding triggers and their exact effects.
3dstatsEnables or disables 3D stats.
hdrThis command enables or disables high dynamic range imaging.
hdr_debugThe command enables or disables high dynamic range imaging debugging.
srgbEnables or disables color debugging in the game.
bloomEnables or disables bloom effect.
posteffectvolumes.default [post effect]Can be used to enable or disable a specific post effect, depending on the specified name.
nightThe command enables or disables night.
filewatcherThis command enables or disables the filewatcher.
createleanThe command generates LEAN textures.
helplogAfter using this command, a full list of all HOI4 console commands will be outputted to the game.log file.
hsvThe command converts HSV to RGB.
tag_color [rgb]Players can use this command to set the tag color of your current country.
browser [url]Open the browser window and load the specified [URL].
browser_base_url [url]Sets the URL of the browser.
aiviewEnables or disables debug info for the AI.
airealismEnables or disables realistic AI for the game.
instant_wargoalAllows for the application of war goals without any justification.
set_country_flag [Country Tag]This command sets the national flag of the specified [Country Tag] as your current nation’s flag.
set_cosmetic_tag [Country Tag] [Country Tag]With this command you can change the name and flag of the specified [Country Tag] to that of another country.

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