How to get better at CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive)

Since the release of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the game has become more of a passion for the E-sports gamers rather than an FPS game. In order to keep up with the experienced players of the game you’ll find in the official matchmaking and other PUG games of CSGO, you need a guide, a roadmap to go pro in CSGO. So, start taking notes as we’re going to point out a lot of aspects that can make you a pro of CS:GO as well. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are plenty of pointers that players can keep in mind to become better at CS:GO. These include:
  • Being consistent and not giving up is the key factor to becoming a better CS:GO player.
  • Your mental state determines your gameplay so play in a relaxing and chill mood.
  • Practice your aiming using workshop maps such as Aimbot and playing Deathmatch FFA.
  • Creating your own crosshair will be another great idea to improve your aim.
  • Try different video and graphics settings and stick to the one you are most comfortable with.
  • Learning quick movement techniques and strafing while keeping your aim precisely at the head of the opponent.
  • Decide your role among the various team roles which exist in the game including Entry Fragger, Assaulter, Awper, and Lurker.
  • Watch pro players’ gameplay and tournaments.
  • Utility items such as different types of grenades and Molotov are a crucial part of the game and often lead to the winning moment of the game so make sure to master them over time.

Don’t Quit Too Soon

I feel like this is the first and the most important part of the whole process of getting better at CS:GO. CS:GO isn’t all about technique and skill. Your gameplay depends on your mental state as well: Losing hope, quitting too soon, raging and being inconsistent are the few things that are the main obstacles for anyone who wants to get better at this game.

Setting a calm mood before playing the game is going to benefit you a lot. Take the game seriously, play the game when you’ve finished and accomplished all of your daily chores, homework, work or any sort of thing.

Never play CS when you aren’t free and have several things on your hands, the only thing you’re going to be stuck at is the silver rank if you play CS without a relaxed and free mind. Play the game for hours, don’t quit the game after playing a few competitive matches. Remember consistency is the key to get better at this game.

Set your priorities

In order to pursue the skill level of the professional players, you’ll have to give a lot of time to CS:GO. The game is solely based on experience and experience is gained over time not by taking a short-cut. If you’re planning to go pro and you want to play on the big stages competitively you’ll have to dedicate at least twelve hours out of the twenty-four hours of your day.

Or if you’re just trying to beat some basic veteran people you find in the matchmaking and other PUGS like Faceit you’ll have to dedicate at least 5,6 consecutive hours with some minor breaks for food and drinks. So go ahead and check out your schedule and set your priorities. Do this only if you’re serious about the game, if you aren’t serious then disturbing your routine isn’t a good idea.

Practice as much as you can

Practice makes a man perfect, that’s right because practicing your way through the game is the best way to get better. However, there are some specific ways of practice which boost your skill exceedingly, while some other practice methods are just a waste of time. We’re going to mention all of the adequate practicing methods that are going to make you a better player in no time.

  • Aim Bots – Download this workshop map and follow the settings we’ve shown in the video below and keep killing bots for 10,15 minutes whenever you start fresh to warm up your aim
  • DM FFA – After doing aim bots go ahead, Search and find some DeathMatch FFA servers in the community server browser, Practicing on DM FFA significantly improves your aim and reflexes in lesser time than a standard Deathmatch.
  • Create your own crosshair – Download this workshop map to generate and check out various crosshair styles, try them and set the one that suits you best. After choosing a specific crosshair please stick to it, as changing crosshairs constantly will degrade your aim performance drastically. So spend some time with the crosshair and then finalize it.

Choose your gears and in-game settings

There are no limits when it comes to this matter, you can play with any game setting and gear you like but the main point here is the same as I mentioned above, Stick to a specific set of gears and in-game video settings, Go ahead and try all display resolutions. In CS:GO screen resolution matters a lot, so try 4:3 and 16:9 and see which suits you best.

Also, try playing on the lowest settings because almost all of the pro players play CS:GO on low settings but in the end, everyone is comfortable on their own preference, so don’t follow others try and explore every setting and stick to it permanently.

Also don’t switch your hardware as well unless you are upgrading the internals of your PC to gain fps, Buy a gaming gear that you like and then start your journey from there without changing your gear ever. Try and master your own gaming gears instead of buying a new one.

Improve your movement

This is a very important aspect in CS:GO if you really want to go pro,  movement is one of the most crucial aspects of CS:GO, particularly when you are playing the game competitively. Since the game is fast-paced and demands quick responses, it is vital that you learn the game’s movement techniques and discover how to strafe by blasting your WASD keys and aim at the same time.

Almost all of the professional players in CS:GO are impossible to kill just because they know how to move and dodge your spray and encounter it by aiming directly at the head instead of spraying bullets. In order to learn this play with good players somehow or watch pro players first person demos and adapt their gaming style. It is a very time taking process and a boring one too but you have to work hard if CS:GO is your passion.

Decide your in-game style and role

This is one of the main factors of the road-map you have to follow, In CS:GO there are four main roles

  • Entry Fragger: An entry fragger is the one who opens a specific site by getting the first kill. (This role is difficult to master) 
  • Assaulter: An assaulter is the one who constantly assaults and raises hell on the battleground and kills anyone who comes in its site. (This role can be mastered with a little practice)
  • Awper: An awper is the one who plays with the AWP (Sniper Rifle) and takes the distant kills, as an AWP-shot is a one-shot kill, an awper can be deadly and vulnerable at the same time because of the low bullet count. (This role is fairly easy to adapt)
  • Lurker: A lurker is the one who backstabs the opponents by annihilating them from a different position, while the opponents are busy with the others on a specific spot on the map, the lurker has a lot of advantage to kill and give backup from a different position. However, Lurking needs a lot of experience as you are alone in this role. (This role is very difficult to master)

Until now you must’ve decided your role, so stick with it and keep practicing on it no matter how salty teammates you get or if you lose every game. Losing is a part of success.

Watch pro streams and tournaments

This is an obvious and the most effective way to gain skill. But, implementing it is not so easy, I’ll repeat again keep on grinding hard and never lose hope, In order to go pro you’ll have to be patient and calm. Watch pro players gameplay and tournament plays adapt them and improvise. Make your own private server and learn them.

Learn how to use utility

Using grenades, flashes, molotovs, and smokes are the best way to get the advantage of the game and destroy your enemy completely. Practice and learn the trajectory of the different utilities and implement them in competitive matches. This ability can be mastered over time only, so be patient.

Don’t buy anything you like, stay economical

In CS:GO, managing the economy is one of the main factors, don’t just buy the heaviest weapon if you have the money. Buy an adequate amount of weaponry with utilities and defuse kits (If on CT side).

Explore every map

If you’re new to CS:GO, go ahead and load all of the active duty cycle maps in offline mode and learn the positions of the maps to give callouts to your teammates. Also, try to understand the peeking spots of every map in order to be extra efficient in the battleground.

Hopefully, with all of these basic aspects and points you can improve your game significantly, always remember getting better in CS:GO is not easy and it a long-term process. Be patient, set your goals and work your way to the top of the game.

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