CS2: Best Inferno Smokes [Top 9]

Learn how to use smokes effectively on the new Inferno map in CS2 to give your team a big advantage against other competitors

The smokes you used before might not work well on the new Inferno in CS2. It might look different, but the layout is mostly the same. Inferno now looks brighter, more vibrant, and less rusty. The changes in how it looks and how quickly things happen in CS2 have also affected the lineups in Inferno, just like on other CS2 maps.

Key Takeaways
  • Inferno looks brighter and less rusty in CS2, but its layout remains mostly the same.
  • These changes in appearance and gameplay also impact how you can use smokes on Inferno, similar to other CS2 maps.
  • Mastering smoke lineups and tactics can give your team a strategic advantage in CS2.
  • Misuse of smoke might actually help your opponents by providing them with cover to approach or attack your position.

Here’s a list of the best inferno smokes: 

Smoke NameLocationExecution MethodPurpose and Impact
Banana To TreeBananaAim at ledge cornerCover CT spawn and block player view.
Banana To CoffinBananaAlign with lightbulbIsolate defenders in ruins for better focus.
Second Mid To A LongSecond MidTarget third window's sideControl A-site rotation and obstruct defenders.
Second Mid To A ShortSecond MidAim at highest structureSecure short control and stay hidden.
Big Pit Smoke From MiddleMiddleAim at bottom of SatellitePressure enemies to vacate Big Pit.
Deep Mid Smoke From CTCTAlign with roof edgeObstruct T Ramp vision, useful for lurkers.
B Site To Bottom BananaChurch EntranceTarget antenna's bottomStop B site push, provide surprise.
Mid To Moto Smoke CloseupMiddleAim at wall crackBlock CT defender's movement.
Middle Underpass To CT AUnderpassTarget left spike on roofObstruct A site view, aid team pushes.

For a more direct experience, here’s our detailed video tutorial showcasing all the top smoke lineups in CS2’s Inferno map:

YouTube video

9. Banana To Tree

Banana To Tree
Banana To Tree [Image by eXputer]
Position yourself beside the red door in the banana area, then aim at the corner of the ledge as shown in the image. 

To create basic Inferno CT smokes in CS2, toss the smoke by clicking the Left Mouse Button. The smoke will cover the CT spawn point and block the view of players who might enter from there.

8. Banana To Coffin

Banana To Coffin cs2 inferno smokes
Banana To Coffin [Image by eXputer]
As the image shows, position yourself on the opposite side of the door and align your crosshair with the lightbulb. 

To cover Coffins and isolate defenders in ruins, release the smoke by clicking the Left Mouse Button. The Inferno Smokes allows you to concentrate on site defenders without the concern of a surprise attack from behind.

7. Second Mid To A Long

Second Mid To A Long
Second Mid To A Long [Image Credit: eXputer]
Position yourself by the bright red door on Second Mid in Inferno to execute the smokes in CS2. Target the right side of the line under the third window, then align your crosshair with the wall’s edge. 

Perform a jump throw by pressing the Jump and Left Mouse Button simultaneously. The smoke grenade will land on the left side of the Top of Mid. The smoke is crucial for controlling the A-site rotation, obstructing defenders’ movement and vision during A-site executes.

6. Second Mid To A Short

Second Mid To A Short cs2 inferno smokes
Second Mid To A Short [Image Credit: eXputer]
Stand on the edge of the wall with the Two-Way sign. Look up and aim at the left corner of the highest structure. 

You can secure control of the short while keeping yourself hidden from players in moto or library. The lineup is highly valuable for A-site splits.

5. Big Pit Smoke From The Middle

Big Pit Smoke From The Middle
Big Pit Smoke From The Middle [Image by eXputer]
Position yourself in the corner near the garbage bags in the Middle. Aim at the bottom of the wall’s Satellite in front of you. 

Execute a jump-throw with the smokes, and it will land in the Big Pit of Inferno in CS2, pressuring the enemy to vacate that area.

4. Deep Mid Smoke From CT

Deep Mid Smoke From CT cs2 inferno smokes
Deep Mid Smoke From CT [Image by eXputer]
Stand beside the picture frame in CT. Align your crosshair with the top left edge of the roof ahead. 

Now, press W and Jump Throw at the same time to release the smoke into Deep Middle, obstructing the vision of opponents at T Ramp. The lineup is also valuable to lurkers who want to surprise and confuse opponents.

3. B Site To Bottom Banana Smoke

B Site to Bottom Banana Smoke
B Site to Bottom Banana Smoke [Image by eXputer]
Position yourself on the corner wall near the Church entrance. Focus your aim at the antenna’s bottom. Execute a Jump throw to send the smokes to the lower part of Banana, near the T Ramp in Inferno CS2.

It is an extremely useful lineup to stop the push while defending the B site. You can also camp behind the barrels and surprise your opponents. But remember, it might not work every time.

2. Mid To Moto Smoke Closeup

Mid to Moto Smoke Closeup cs2 inferno smokes
Mid to Moto Smoke Closeup [Image Credit: eXputer]
Stand next to the post box in the Middle and aim at the crack of the edge of the wall. Jump Throw to place the smoke outside the library door. It is very helpful to block the vision and stop the movement of defenders that might come from the CT.

1. Middle Underpass To CT A

Middle Underpass To CT A
Middle Underpass To CT A [Image Credit: eXputer]
Crouch in the corner of the underpass, as shown in the picture. Target the leftmost spike poking from the roof of the building directly ahead. Stand up and execute a jump throw to place the smoke on the truck under Apartments, obstructing the view from A site and helping your team push the site.

My Take

In CS2 or any other competitive FPS game, knowing how to use smokes and lineups is a game-changer. These tactics give you a big advantage by letting you control important spots on the map, making it harder for your opponents to see.

Whether you’re blocking the camping area or making things tough for defenders to reenter the site, these moves can help your team. But if you don’t know them, your team might end up in a tough spot strategically. Once you learn to use utility items such as Smokes, Grenades, and Molotov, you’re one step closer to Getting Better at CS2

That’s it on the Best CS2 Smokes in Inferno. Read How To Rank Up Fast In CS2, which is quite difficult considering the number of sweats. The most important part of CS2 is aiming, and having Best Crosshair Settings can help you get headshots. Moreover, FOV affects gameplay by altering the player’s perspective, potentially increasing situational awareness. Knowing How To Change FOV Settings can impact your gameplay depending on your role.


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