Ark Survival Evolved: How To Tame Fjordhawk

In This Guide We Will Look Into The Easiest Way To Tame A Fjordhawk In Ark.

What is Fjordhawk In Ark?

According to the game, the Fjrodhawk is from the very famous Parabuteo veðrfölnir specie. Another thing you should know about the Fjordhawk In Ark is that it has an omnivorous diet, so if you have the bird, you will definitely not have to worry about the Fjrodhawk’s food. Give it plants or give it meat, and it will be happy!

Key Highlights
  • The Fjordhawk is an Ark Survival Evolved creature that players want to tame due to its status perks and efficient inventory management.
  • The Fjordhawk is a Parabuteo veðrfölnir species that has an omnivorous diet.
  • Players can provide it with plants or meat to keep it happy.
  • The bird can be used not only to get back your own stuff after you die, but you can also use the bird to loot enemies’ stuff which is honestly best for both worlds.
  • To tame the Fjordhawk, you will first need to acquire the relevant bait, usually large-sized animals.

Why Should You Tame Fjordhawk?

what will i do to tame a fjordhawk in ark

The Fjordhawk can also indicate any missing satchels you left lying about after dying and track injured opponents if they flee from you. So not only can you get your own stuff back, but you can also get your enemy’s loot, making it a highly beneficial animal.

You can quickly move among beds without losing the goods in your satchel, and it also grants you an invincible condition that deflects a certain amount of damage.

How To Tame The Fjordhawk

Steps to Tame The Fjordhawk In ARK
How To Tame The Fjordhawk

To tame a Fjordhawk, start by locating them in specific areas. The prime spots are the narrow forest route between two mountains in the northwest portion of Fjordur, coordinates 8.6 and 25.9, and the eastern end of the bay on the island to the south, coordinates 75.5 and 37.2.

Alternatively, check Latitude 14, Longitude 25, and Latitude 76, Longitude 37. Position individuals either at the northwest corner of the map or close to the center based on these locations. Fjordhawks, despite being small, are docile, making them easy to approach. As scavengers, they’re open to taming. Bring along supplies to build a small enclosure at one of the mentioned locations with the appropriate gear.

Get The Bait

utility of Bait
Using Bait

Now, this is the first and most important thing to start of your journey. To properly tame your Fjrodhawk, you need to have proper bait. Now, the bait can be any animal that you hunt. One key thing we want you to remember is that you always try to find big animals for bait.

The thing is that as soon as you kill an animal in front of the Fjrodhawk, multiple hawks will come to eat. It means that your bait will finish up super fast. So, to ensure that you have the best chance to tame your Fjordhawk, have either a big bait or multiple baits.

It is also best to shorten the time it takes to tame the Fjordhawk because it can only feed from the carcass three times before it despawns.

Well, that’s basically it; I told you it would be easy! Now that you have all your required skills look around and find a Fjrodhawk that will be your partner in crime.

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