Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

If you are an old player in the Persona line, you’ll know that the game’s dungeon sections have a mixture of unique monsters hidden in their depths. In Persona 5, these unique monsters are called Treasure Demons and can be confronted by endeavoring to steal the many smaller treasures hidden around each Palace. As soon as they appear in the shape of a big red gem, the player must attack the jewelry to initiate the battle with the baffling monsters.

Destroying a treasure Demon, or adding it to your party by getting its mask has a few benefits. You will get a massive amount of experience points for the wins, usually averaging from 1,000 to 1,500 EXP, but this can be improved if you’ve built up your Moon Confidant by interacting with Yuuki Mishima. A treasure demon can’t be used in the battle, but it can be mixed with other personas. Some of them have very desirable support skills that can be acquired by the resulting Persona if you choose to acknowledge it to happen.

If, by any chance, you let a Treasure Demon run away, don’t panic. Once you’ve defeated, captured, or found a specific breed, it will re-appear in Mementos as a casual encounter. When you confront them in this way, the particular type of Treasure Demon will be chosen at random, so you’ll have to search for a long time if you expect it for a fusion recipe later in Persona 5.

In case you want to go scouting for them, here is a list of all of the Treasure Demon you can confront in Persona 5 and the most efficient techniques for eliminating them in the battles.

How to seize the QUEEN’S NECKLACE

Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

How to seize STONE OF SCONE

Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

How to seize KOH-I-NOOR

Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

How to seize ORLOV

Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

How to seize the EMPEROR’S AMULET

Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

How to seize HOPE DIAMOND

Persona 5: Treasure Demon Guide

How to seize CRYSTAL SKULL

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