How To Acquire Liquid Mercury In Persona 5

Liquid Mercury for the Eternal Lockpick!

Crafting is something that you need to learn in Persona 5 as it can help you with creating useful things. But in order to craft something, you first need to acquire the required materials. Some of these materials are easy to get, while you might need to spend a good amount of time wandering around for others. Today, we will be talking about how to acquire Liquid Mercury, which is one of the most useful crafting items in the entire game.

Key Highlights
  • Liquid Mercury is one of the materials required to craft the Eternal Lockpick which is really useful for players.
  • Liquid Mercury is quite hard to obtain since it’s considered a rare material.
  • Although, there are two locations where players can get the Liquid Mercury from.
  • The first location you will need to visit is Futaba’s Palace, whereas, for the second location you will need to visit the Akzeriyyuth Section in Momentos.
  • Another Method is to use the Hold Up feature during combat, which will allow you to ask your enemies directly for something.
  • Other than the Liquid Mercury, you will also need to get Rank 6 in Magic Arcana, unlock the Ace Tools Ability, and obtain 20 Aluminium Sheets to craft the Eternal Lockpick.

Acquiring Liquid Mercury in Persona 5

Liquid Mercury is one of the products required to craft an Eternal Lockpick. For those who don’t know, the Eternal Lockpick is a really useful item in Persona 5. This is because a reusable lockpick comes in handy all the time. Some players often find it a little difficult to get their hands on Liquid Mercury since it is not a common item. However, we’ll list down a few ways through which you can acquire it easily.

Location 1

The first place you need to go to for Liquid Mercury in Persona 5 is Futaba’s Palace. Here, you must reach the Corridor Middle save room, and then the next area. This is where you will come across plenty of personas and upon defeating them, they will drop Liquid Mercury.

Liquid Mercury Persona 5
Corridor Middle

Location 2

The second place that can help you get Liquid Mercury is the Akzeriyyuth section in Mementos. Once you reach this location, head to floors 10 and 11. These floors are filled with different personas, and you need to defeat these ones as well.

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Liquid Mercury Persona 5
Akzeriyyuth: Area 11

There is another method that you can follow to acquire the required item. You can use the “Hold Up” feature after downing your enemies by hitting their weaknesses, as this will allow you to ask them for something directly. Although you might not always get Liquid Mercury from them, it’s still worth a shot.

Crafting The Eternal Lockpick

Keep in mind that the Liquid Mercury isn’t the only item required to craft the Eternal Lockpick in Persona 5. You’ll need a couple of other things as well. These include achieving rank 6 of Magician Arcana, unlocking the Ace Tools Ability, 20 Aluminum Sheets, and 10 Liquid Mercury. The best part about Mementos is that you’ll find some Aluminum Sheets on the ground there. This means that while finding Liquid Mercury, you’ll be able to pick up the other essential item as well. Apart from this, make sure to get all trophies through this Persona 5 Trophy Guide.

This was all regarding how you can acquire Liquid Mercury in Persona 5. We hope that our guide will help you out.

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