You Can Now Transfer Your Persona 5 PlayStation Save Files To Steam, Unofficially

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Persona 5 Royal is the fifth installment of the Persona franchise. The game was released on 21, October of this year. Persona 5 is in fact available on multiple different platforms. These include  Xbox Series XXbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, Steam, PlayStation 5 as well as Nintendo Switch

Due to the fact that the game can be played on multiple different consoles, fans have one pressing question. Can the safe file be converted from one platform to the other?

Well, most players do not seem to be facing any issues between Xbox and PC Game Pass. However, there is still no news about transferring the Persona 5 Royal save file between PC, Game Pass, and Steam. 


  • Persona 5 Royal is the fifth installment of the Persona franchise.
  • It is available across a variety of platforms.
  • According to a Reddit user, PlayStation 4 or 5 save files may be converted to Steam.

So what about the PS4 and PS5 users, what are they supposed to do? Many PlayStation users had lost hope of transferring their files and had accepted their fate. Until a Reddit user, u/Deadex64 opened pandora’s box. Now we finally have a way to transfer Persona 5 Royal from PlayStation 4 or 5 to Steam.

The original poster has created a detailed thread for the intrigued to resonate with. 

Converting Persona 5 Royal PS4 saves to Steam from pcgaming

It will require users to use a PS4 or PS5 hack. The whole transferring process is a bit arduous and time-consuming, so bear that in mind before starting the process.

persona 5 royal
Persona 5 Royal

Let us briefly look into how to transfer your Persona 5 Royal. 

The first and most important step would be to get the Save Wizard MAX tool. After that according to the source players will have to get the save file from their PlayStation consoles. This can be done by going to the system setting of the console.

The USB should then be plugged into the PC to extract the files after which the Save Wizard will be opened. To decrypt the files Python 3.10 prompts will be used. These will include python -m pip install -r requirements.txt and python convert. 

After these prompts have been successfully executed Persona 5 Royal can be run on steam.

Fans have been over the moon about this development. One fan says that they feel very lucky to have come across this hack and can not wait to try it out themselves. Others have been thanking the Reddit user profusely calling him their savior. 

While some fans do have their reservations. The save wizard MAX tool is in fact very pricey. It is currently USD 60. While there is a USD 50 save wizard tool also available. However, it does not have the decrypt option.

Fans claim that this is a ridiculously large sum to pay for a one-time transfer for Persona 5 Royal. One such user comments, That was one of the things holding me back. I’d buy P5R now with NG+ but $60 is steep for a one time transfer. Maybe someone will create a cheaper version?

Another user mirrored similar concerns and said, Before I drop the cash on the Save Wizard MAX, does this process work with the game pass version as well? Most of the game pass versions seem to use some odd save files since they co-mingle with the Xbox versions.”

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