Prince of Persia Lost Crown: How To Get More Healing Potions

Healing Potions are vital for survival in Prince of Persia Lost Crown and knowing how to get more increases chances of survival in the game.

You get one healing potion in Prince of Persia Lost Crown at the start of the game. The overall boss battle difficulty, checkpoints at greater distances, and a lot of enemy variety will get Sargon hit every now and then, and you will wish you had more healing potions. You can get more potions in the game from a vendor, but you must first reach her. 

Key Takeaways
  • You get one healing potion at the start of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • You must find the Mage in The Haven region to get more healing potions.
  • After crossing the horse carriage lift, you will find the Mage near Wak-Wak Tree.
  • Purchase from Mage to increase healing potion.
  • The costs rise with each purchase, and you will also need Xerxes currency besides gems.
  • To increase overall health size, defeat story bosses, and increase Sargon’s health.
  • Alternatively, Blessing Amulet can be used to boost Sargon’s health, which is especially useful in early game hours.

Be sure to check out eXputer’s video on increasing Healing Potions if you’re looking for some hands-on experience:

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How To Find Mage

Mage Shop [Image by Me]
Mage is a merchant in Prince of Persian The Lost Crown who sells early-game valuable items and offers potion upgrades.

She can be found in The Haven region of the game’s map, which you can reach after you have interacted with your second Wak-Wak Tree, near the horse carriage lift. She can be found just before this tree or checkpoint in the game, and you can not miss it, as reaching her is part of the story progression. 

Mage Location [Image by Me]
You get up to three more healing potions from the Mage and increase the healing potion count from one to four. However, each purchase will increase the cost of the next healing potion, and you will also need Xerxes currency besides the regular gems that drop from killing enemies. 

While having multiple healing potions in the early game may seem overkill, as Sargon has only three to five health bars, you will see its benefits as the health bar increases. There are a few ways to increase health bars, and the easiest one is to beat the story bosses who drop a reward that automatically increases your character’s overall health pool. 

Blessing Amulet [Image by Me]
Blessing Amulet increases Sargon’s health slightly, and this is one of the best amulets to have in Prince of Persia Lost Crown, especially during early game hours.

My Thoughts

With 2D game design and tough boss fights, there is little room not to get hit and rely heavily on healing potions in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. During my 17+ hours of gameplay, even with 4 healing potions, I have consistently found myself wanting more health bars and more potions not to die. Therefore, the first thing you should do with the in-game currency is to visit Mage and buy these healing potions from her. 

That is pretty much everything I had to discuss about how to get more Healing Potions in Prince of Persia Lost Crown. If you know more ways to get healing potions in the game, then let us know more about it in the comments section below. 


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