How To Get Prosperity Bird Amulet In Prince of Persia?

Learn how to find the Prosperity Bird Amulet and the rewards and benefits you can get from it.

In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, the Prosperity Bird Amulet is a powerful item that enhances Sargon’s abilities in both combat and exploration. The amulet provides unique skills and bonuses, allowing players to customize Sargon’s playstyle. It’s a crucial item for those seeking to collect all the special items in the game and maximize their gaming experience.

Key Takeaways
  • The Prosperity Bird Amulet is a special amulet in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • It plays a crucial role in finding hidden chests throughout the game.
  • You can only get it if you have the game’s Deluxe Edition.
  • While it helps go back to places you’ve been, some players might find it a bit noisy because it makes constant chirping sounds.

How To Unlock The Prosperity Bird Amulet?

Prosperity bird amulet pop the lost crown
Prosperity Bird Amulet showcased in the list of Amulets [Image By eXputer]
To acquire the Prosperity Bird Amulet, you must own the Deluxe Edition.

Once obtained, the amulet will instantly appear in your inventory. Unfortunately, there is no alternative method for acquiring it in-game. 


Prosperity bird amulet pop the lost crown
Sargon With Prosperity Bird [Capture By eXputer]
Using the Prosperity Bird Amulet will give you two following benefits: 

  • Special Sound: Hear a special sound when near a treasure chest or hidden item.
  • No Amulet Slots Required: Prosperity Bird Amulet does not need any amulet slots. 

When the Prosperity Bird Amulet is equipped, a tiny bird accompanies Sargon during his journey through Mount Qaf. This feathered ally emits occasional chirps, providing an auditory indicator for players about nearby Chests or Hidden Items. 

How To Equip

Prosperity bird amulet pop the lost crown
Wak Wak Tree and Sargon restoring all potions [Image By eXputer]
You will find many things to equip as you explore Mount Qaf’s risky halls, but it is not easy to equip them during the game.

You can only change amulets by doing these steps:

  1. Find a Wak-Wak Tree.
  2. Click on “Amulets”.
  3. In the menu, put on or take off the Prosperity Bird Amulet.

In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, the Prosperity Bird Amulet is a real game-changer, especially when you want to find hidden secrets. I had it on the whole time I played, and it always let me know when there were treasures nearby. If you want to find lots of treasure, I would recommend you to get it, as it helps a lot. Keep in mind you will need to spend some extra amount to get the Prosperity Bird Amulet.

This is all there is to know about the Prosperity Bird Amulet. While you are at it, make sure to go through the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Review By Usama Mehmood, and read useful guides like Lower City Wheel Puzzle, Pirate Captain Parrot Location, and How To Unlock New Time Power.

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