Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: Three Gongs Puzzle [SOLVED]

The following is my take on how to solve the Three Gongs Puzzle with ease in-game!

The puzzles in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown are no joke. Most of them are pretty difficult and take a lot of time. Among them, The Three Gongs Puzzle in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown has proven to be pretty tricky. To complete the puzzle, you will have to slam the 3 gongs, and then the gate will open, leading you to a new place featuring a boss fight in the upper area.

Key Takeaways
  • The Three Gongs Puzzle is an end-game puzzle that features pretty difficult fights. 
  • Players will have to slam the three gongs in three different places to complete the puzzle.
  • Each of the places will feature a battle with different enemies. 
  • The path to go to the second and third Gong is pretty complicated.
  • After completing the Three Gong Puzzle, the door will open. 
  • Entering the door and heading straight up will result in a boss fight.

How To Complete The Three Gongs Puzzle

The Three Gongs Puzzle (Image By Us)

In order to complete the three gongs puzzle, players will have to slam the three gongs spread throughout the Tower of Silence. 

The three different places have a gong that you would need to slam, but it isn’t that simple. First of all, finding the three places is hard on its own. Secondly, each of the places features a battle, and none of them features an easy fight. So, you would need to be fully prepared before slamming each gong.  

The First Gong

The first gong is just above you, so use the Fabric of Time Power and simply head up. 

After that, follow these steps: 

  1. You can restore the time travel machine first but then head to the platform just below u.
  2. You will notice a small space between the left wall, so slide in there.
  3. As soon as you enter the room, an enemy will spawn. 
  4. He is a troublesome foe, so don’t let it hit you.
  5. After you defeat the first one, another one will spawn.
  6. Defeat him, too, and then the area will unlock.
  7. Then, simply slam the gong, and one-third of the quest is already done.
    First Gong (Image By eXputer)
  8. You have now done the simplest one, as the next two will give you some trouble. 

The Second Gong

You will have to go through some tricky platforms in order to do the second puzzle. After completing the first one, head down to Wak Wak Tree and heal yourself.

After that, follow these steps to complete the second part of the Three Gongs Puzzle in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown:

  1. On the right side of the Wak Wak Tree, you will notice a different area.
    Go Right (Capture By Us)
  2. Use your Fabric of Time Power to head over there and cross the tricky platform. 
  3. You have to go to the right side, where another ice enemy is awaiting you.
  4. You can skip it if you want and continue going downwards. 
  5. Before the end, you will notice a platform on the right side, so get on it and go that way.
  6. Make sure not to get hit by the ice boulders. 
  7. Then, go right and go down from the platform.
  8. Keep going down until you reach the other area featuring the second gong.
  9. Slide in and fight all the enemies.
  10. Do keep in mind this area will feature so many more enemies, so it is going to be the hardest one.
    Second Gong (Image Source: eXputer)
  11. After defeating everyone, simply head left to slam the gong.  

The Third Gong

It is the last you need to slam in order to complete the Three Gongs Puzzle in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. After slamming the second gong, head right and use the Fabric of Time Power to head upwards. 

Then, the following steps will guide you to the third gong: 

  1. Go up, left, and then continue going up until you get back to the three gongs puzzle area.
  2. Then, simply go down from the same platform you went from before.
  3. Go right, down, and the left.
  4. You will need to use the Fabric of Time and Shadow of Simurgh power to go up.
  5. Then head left until you come across the Ice Foe. 
  6. You can skip the enemy and head downwards. 
  7. Use the Fabric of Time power to cover the distance and keep heading left. 
  8. Now keep heading down, and when you get to the arrows refill, go left.
  9. Now, go down and use the Fabric of Time Power to go down again.
    Go Right To Reach Third Gong (Image By Us)
  10. There will be more enemies, but you can ignore them and head right.
  11. Now, head right until you reach the last puzzle area.
  12. The battle will start, and it is also going to be a challenging one.
  13. Defeat all the enemies and slam the last gong. 
    Third Gong (Image Credits: eXputer)
  14. Now that you have slammed all three gongs, the puzzle has been completed. 
  15. So, head back to the Wak Wak Tree, heal yourself, and go through that door.
  16. I won’t spoil you by telling you who awaits you, so just go up and see for yourself.   

My Experience With The Three Gongs Puzzle

The Three Gongs Puzzle was difficult and time-consuming, so it took me a while to complete it.

The first one was pretty easy, but that was just bait to make players think the Three Gongs Puzzle would be easy. The other two areas were pretty far away and featured tough fights. However, it is an end-game puzzle, so the difficulty is justified. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about The Three Gongs Puzzle In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. While you are at it, you should check out the guides on how to open Eye Doors, along with how to solve the Clock Puzzle. After that, you should read the guides on All Time Powers and how to get Rashnu’s Judgment

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