Prince of Persia Lost Crown: Best Amulets [Top 7]

After 25 hours in-game experience, here is my take on the 7 best amulets!

Amulets are accessories you equip to give passive and active buffs to Sargon in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. There are a lot of amulets that you can buy from vendors such as Kaheva and The Mage, but the powerful ones can be unlocked by opening chests scattered throughout the map. While not all amulets are super effective, here are the 7 best amulets in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, which you should not skip.   

Key Takeaways
  • Amulets offer passive and active buffs or effects in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • You get amulets from vendors or merchants that are useful in the early game. 
  • For powerful amulets and their effects, you must find chests located across the game’s map. 

If you’re still in the starting phase of Prince of Persia, take a look at eXputer’s take on the best early-game amulets:

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Best Amulets In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Here is a list of the top amulets showcased, along with the effects and utility of each one in Prince of Persia’s The Lost Crown.

No.Amulet NameAmulet EffectsUtility
7Prosperity BirdPrevents missing collectibles during explorationExploration aid
6BlessingProvides an additional health barHealth boost
5Void BladeGrants a ranged energy wave attackRanged damage
4Zurvan's VoiceImproves Chakram aim by slowing down timeImproved Chakram aim
3Shield of MithraSlows down time upon successful parryTime manipulation
2Dragon KingGrants a free extra life upon a killing blowExtra life protection
1Four Royal StarsIncreased damage in air attacksAir damage amplifier

7. Prosperity Bird

Best Amulet For Exploration And Item Acquisition.
Prosperity Bird Amulet [Image By Me]
This is one of the earliest and the best amulets you can get in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. There are plenty of Xerxes coins, Azure Damascus Ingot (rare upgrade currency), and treasure chests containing amazing Amulets you need to obtain while exploring the game’s world.

All of these can easily be ignored as the game is 2D, and there is not much visibility beyond a few platforms. That is why having a Prosperity Bird amulet equipped ensures that you do not miss any collectibles whenever you are nearby. 

Why I Chose This: Exploration is the biggest element in the game, and the Prosperity Bird amulet allows you not to miss out on any valuable item whenever you’re near it.

6. Blessing

Best Amulet For Exploration And Item Acquisition.
Blessing Amulet [Image By Me]
When you start Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, you only get three health bars. This is a very low-health pool of Sargon, especially when you encounter bosses that require you to time dodge and parry mechanics timely. You will die a lot in the early hours of the game, and you will wish for a bigger health bar. 

Blessing is one of the early game Amulets in the game that gives Sargon an additional health bar. This is a temporary one that is not replenished when you consume healing potions in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. But it will appear automatically whenever you visit a Wak-Wak Tree checkpoint. 

Why I Chose This: Having high health in the early hours is important, and equipping the Blessing Amulet is the easiest way to get an extra health bar.

5. Void Blade

Best Amulet Granting Ranged Damage.
Void Blade Amulet [Image By Me]
Sargon’s dual blades are excellent in any situation, but not having more arrowd in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown sometimes feels underwhelming. There are a lot of moments where you need a strong ranged weapon, and the Void Blade amulet can just about give you that. Equipping the Void Blade amulet sends a ranged energy wave in the direction of attack

This is an excellent tool, as you can send this ranged wave in any direction. I have extensively used it against bosses and a lot of elite enemies in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

Why I Chose This: The energy wave can be sent in any direction, making the Void Blade amulet an excellent accessory in the game.

4. Zurvan’s Voice

Best Amulet For Improving Chakram Aim.
Zurvan’s Voice Amulet [Image By Me]
The bow and arrow are not the only ranged weapons in Sargon’s arsenal, and Chakram is an amazing weapon, too. However, the aim speed is very slow. The aim is improved when you equip Zurvan’s Voice amulet. You can slow down time while aiming the Chakram after equipping the Zurvan’s Voice amulet.

Chakram can hit multiple enemies at once, but aiming it right is required. Zurvan’s Voice ensures you send this ranged weapon in the right direction and hit as many enemies as possible. 

Why I Chose This: I struggled to maintain a steady aim, and using Chakram and Zurvan’s Voice significantly helped me improve the aim. 

3. Shield of Mithra

Best Amulet To Slow Time.
Shield of Mithra Amulet [Image By Me]
Slowing down the time was not the only trick found in previous Prince of Persia games, and The Lost Crown features this, too, in combat. Equipping the Shield of Mithra and landing a successful parry, Sargon creates a time bubble that basically slows down all enemies inside it.

I have found this mechanic very useful in situations where you’re surrounded by multiple targets. Not only does the effect look cool, but this also gives you enough frames to move fast and land a couple more hits on bosses or tough enemies. 

Why I Chose This: The Shield of Mithra slows down time and allows being defensive or offensive, which is useful against bosses and elite enemies.

2. Dragon King

Best Amulet Granting Free Extra Life.
Dragon King Amulet [Image By Me]
Prince of Persia The Lost Crown does not have easygoing combat. If you are in boss fights or encounters against elite enemies, there is a lot of attack variety, and you will die frequently. Amulets like the the Dragon King give you one more chance, a protection against killing blow, just so you can land that last attack and defeat your target.

I have found the Dragon King Amulet’s best usage during boss fights. There are many instances when I am just a few hits away from defeating a boss, but then Sargon gets hit and dies. Except he doesn’t because I have Dragon King equipped, which gives a small amount of health back instead of Sargon dying. 

Why I Chose This: If any accessory gives free life in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, the Dragon King amulet is it. This is my go-to amulet as you get one more chance to finish a fight you started.

1. Four Royal Stars

Best Amulet For Increased Damage In Air.
Four Royal Stars Amulet [Image By Me]
Sargon packs a lot of air movesets using his dual blade weapons, the Chakram and the bow and weapon. The melee weapon damage can further be amplified if you equip the Four Royal Stars amulet that enhances air attacks. I pair this amulet with Void Blade for a more powerful energy wave attack in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

Be it boss battles or fighting a group of enemies, landing the air combo attacks hits them hard if you have this Four Royal Stars amulet equipped. This is easily my number-one amulet in the game right now.  

Why I Chose This: Landing air combos protect you from enemy hits, and you can amplify this damage by equipping the Four Stars Amulet.

My Thoughts

Amulets in Prince of Persian The Lost Crown are an interesting mechanic to provide passive buffs and active ones such as increased health, slowing down time, fire arrows, and much more. There are a lot of air combos, and that is why Four Royal Starts is the best amulet in the game for me. 

That is pretty much everything I had to discuss about Prince of Persia Lost Crown Best Amulets. Before you go, I recommend you read Usama’s take on Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Review.


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