Prince of Persia Lost Crown: How To Get More Arrows

The bow is the best ranged weapon of Sargon in Prince of Persia Lost Crown and you must learn how to upgrade and get more arrows for it.

You unlock Menolias’s Quiver, which is basically a chakram & bow and arrow weapon in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, after making the story progression in the first few hours. However, you only have 10 arrows available to fire on your targets, and they do not deal significant damage right off the bat. That is why you must upgrade your bow and get more arrows in Prince of Persia Lost Crown to take down targets from a distance. 

Key Takeaways
  • Once you get the Menolias’s Quiver, you unlock Kaheva’s Forge area in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • The forge can be accessed through a golden glowing door near the Mage in The Haven.
  • Each Menolias’s Quiver upgrades increase the five arrows count.
  • Every upgrade also costs more, and after the first purchase, you will also need Azure Damascus Ingot besides the Gems. 

eXputer’s YouTube channel also has a concise video on increasing your max arrow capacity, so it’s worth checking out:

YouTube video

Kaheva’s Forge Location

First Bow And Arrow Upgrade from Kaheva’s Forge [Image by Me]
Right after you find an alternate Sargon’s body collapsed under rubble with Menolias’s bow and arrow, you also unlock another key location in The Haven region, Kaheva’s Forge. 

This is where you can upgrade your existing melee weapons and increase the overall arrow count for Sargon in the game. If you still can’t find Kaheva’s Forge, then follow these steps:

  1. Reach the Mage’s shop in The Haven
  2. Climb two wooden platforms there that also lead to Artaban on the right.
  3. Look for a Golden glowing door.
  4. Inside this door, you will find a secret location where Kaheva’s Forge is situated. 

If you do not have enough gems to make a purchase at Kaheva’s Forge, then there is an elite enemy near the Wak-Wak Tree of The Haven. Beat him, and you will get 30 gems each time you kill the enemy. Rinse and repeat this process, and you will get plenty of gems very early in the game. 

Important: The second Menolias’s Quiver costs 200 gems so that you can farm currency from the elite enemy. However, you will need Azure Damascus Ingot, a very rare upgrade material, to get more bow and arrow upgrades.

Be mindful that each upgrade to get more arrows in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown will increase the cost of subsequent upgrades, so you must stock a lot of gems to be able to get the vital weapon enhancements early on.

Prince of Persia Lost Crown Arrows
Azure Damascus Ingot is a rare in-game upgrade currency [Image by Me]
Kaheva will give you a side quest when you interact with her for the first time, but completing it is not required at all to upgrade your bow and increase arrows from 10 shots to 15 and onwards. Completing Kaheva’s side quest will bring in more items and upgrades for you at Kaheva’s Forge, so it is a wise choice in the early game to take time and finish her quest.

Should You Get Arrows Upgrade – My Take

Yes, you should definitely get the early-game arrows upgrade in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, considering the tough boss fights and a wide variety of enemies. Having extra bow ammo gives you an edge in taking out some targets or landing the killing blows instead of risking getting hit and dying whenever you are low on health. 

That sums up my guide about how to get more arrows in Prince of Persia Lost Crown. You can always prioritize upgrading your melee weapons, but the cost is very steep when you compare it to upgrading arrows. 


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