Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: How To Solve The Clock Puzzle

Here you can know everything about solving one of the trickiest puzzles, the Clock Puzzle in-game!

Like many other puzzles, the Clock Puzzle proved to be extremely tricky in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. The Clock Puzzle has four different stages, and all of them are pretty tricky. However, there is a simple way of doing them, and I managed to do it pretty quickly.

Key Takeaways
  • The clock puzzle is a pretty tricky one in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • Players will have to complete three different purple gate puzzles to activate the clock.
  • Each of the purple gate puzzles requires you to shoot the purple object at the top middle.
  • After doing all of the purple gate puzzles, players will have to balance the clock.
  • The clock features three colors, and each of the three should be aligned together.
  • Players can align two together and then step on the third one to finish the clock puzzle easily.  

It’s worth considering eXputer’s video demonstration on the Clocktower Puzzle Solution step-by-step:

YouTube video

How To Solve The Clock Puzzle 

The clock puzzle can take a long time to complete, but using all of your abilities, you can make it pretty simple. 

The clock puzzle is divided into four segments, so first, you will have to pass through those purple gates. Each of those gates contains a puzzle, but they are pretty simple. After completing all of the purple gate puzzles, you will have to balance out the Clock, and that will be the last puzzle. 

The First Purple Gate

First Puzzle (Image By Us)

The final puzzle might seem tricky at first, but Dimensional Claw, double jump, rush, and shadow of the Simurgh are the powers you have to use here.

Follow these steps to solve the puzzle: 

  1. First, use the Dimensional Claw on the shining purple object.
  2. Then, throw it on the first core and jump on the platform. 
  3. Now, you have to be pretty quick on your feet here.
  4. Quickly use the Dimensional Claw again, and then double jump and rush to the left.
  5. Then climb up a little, double jump right in the middle, and use the Shadow of the Simurgh power. 
  6. Don’t worry about falling, and keep the purple shining object inside the dimension.
  7. Use the shadow power again and shoot the object right in the middle. 
  8. This way, the first puzzle will be solved. 

 The Second Purple Gate

Second Puzzle (Capture By Us)

It is the second step to solving the clock puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Also, this one is pretty easy, and it won’t take too long to solve.

So, here are the steps to do it:

  1. If the purple object isn’t placed in the lower core, then use the Dimensional Clow to do so.
  2. Then, using the wall on the side, climb up, use the double jump, and finally rush toward the middle.
  3. When you are a little above the core, use the Shadow of the Simurgh ability and dropdown.
  4. Use the Dimensional Claw on the purple object and throw it to the upper core.
  5. Now use the Shadow of the Simurgh again and use Dimensional Claw on the purple object.
  6. Then, instantly aim to the right above the core and throw it.
  7. With that, the second purple gate puzzle is done too.  

The Third Purple Gate

It is the last purple gate puzzle you will have to do. However, it will not be the last puzzle, as after this, one more is required to finish the whole clock puzzle.  

Follow my steps to finish the last purple gate puzzle: 

  1. Step on the left plate, and use Shadow of the Simurgh ability.
    Use Shadow of the Simurgh (Screenshot By eXputer)
  2. Then, step on the right plate to make the purple object move.
  3. After that, wait for it to go all the way to the right, then simply use the Shadow of the Simurg ability again.
    Use Again (Image Source: eXputer)
  4. The purple object will fall down, so use the dimension claw and insert it in the core.
  5. Then, double jump to the left and use the rush to reach the platform on the left.
  6. Then jump and strategically reach the middle and use Shadow of the Simurgh ability again.
  7. After that, go down and use the dimension claw on the purple object again. 
  8. Then, use the Shadow ability again; simply aim it and shoot it in the center above. 
  9. By doing so, you have successfully done all three purple gate puzzles.

The Last Clock Puzzle

Balance Them Out (Image Source: eXputer)

Now that you have successfully solved the purple gate puzzles, all you have to do is balance out the giant clock. That can take some time, but it is not difficult at all. I would recommend you time the Pink and Blue one accordingly and step on the yellow one until the pink and blue get aligned together.

The overall puzzle isn’t that hard. The design might intimidate players, but all the abilities make it pretty easy. However, the clock puzzle does take some time as it consists of 4 puzzles in total. That is almost everything you would want to know about the Clock Puzzle in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

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