Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: Masked Monster In Depths

The Masked Monster is intimidating in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown & it does not let you get past unless you don't get a certain Time Power.

The Depths area in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is the darkest and one of the lowest levels of Mount Qaf. There are a lot of creepy creatures and dark hallways that Sargon must explore for hidden treasures. Most of the areas are connected by tunnels and this is where you will spot a stone-masked monster who seems to be invincible to your attacks. However, there is a way to beat this enemy and continue exploring further. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, the Depths area in Mount Qaf is really dark and has creepy creatures.
  • There’s a tough monster with a stone mask in the tunnels that you can’t beat from the front.
  • To get past it, you need the Shadow of Simurgh Time Power.
  • Use this power to teleport behind the monster.
  • After that, attack the red part to defeat it.

It’s worth mentioning that eXputer has a video guide available for defeating the Masked Monster:

YouTube video

How To Go Behind Masked Monster

Stone Monster Encounter In Tunnels of The Depth Area [Image Credits: eXputer]
The only way to get past the masked monster or even kill it in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is to acquire Shadow of Simurgh Time Power.

The masked stone-faced monster can not be killed by attacking from the front, and there seems to be no way of getting behind it. However, this changes when you acquire Shadow of Simurgh time power, which allows you to crystallize Sargon in a certain action or position and then recall your physical self back to it from another location or position. 

Every time you attempt to get close to the stoned-mask monster, it will try to crawl towards you with one hand and stab you using a large dagger with another hand. After acquiring the time power I mentioned above, do the following steps:

  1. Approach the masked monster by getting very close to her.
  2. As she tries to reach you or attack you, run in the opposite direction.
  3. Press L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox / Switch) to crystallize your current position. 
  4. Keeping luring the masked monster in the other direction. 
  5. Once the worm has crossed your crystallized form, you are safe to recall. 
  6. Press the L1 button again to return from the physical location to the crystal one.
  7. Doing this correctly will teleport you behind the masked monster

Can You Kill Masked Monster In Depths

Recalling Sargon Back At Crystallized Positon [Image Credits: eXputer]
Yes, you can kill the masked monster in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. 

After you have got past behind the monster using the Time Power I have mentioned above, the next step is to run back at it and attack the red bulge of the monster. I will take some 6 – 8 slashes to kill the stoned-mask face monster, and you only get 8 Time Crystals, which is not much if you ask me!

That is everything I had to discuss about how to get behind Masked Monster and kill it. If you find this guide helpful, then I suggest you also check Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review


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