Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: How To Parry

Learning how to Parry in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is very important as there are a lot of enemies and bosses with unique attacks.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is a 2D game, but the overall combat and exploration offer enough challenges to make you want to get good at it. The boss fights, elite enemies, and even the standard foes all come with unique attack patterns, and one must learn their attack animation. That is because you can always parry these attacks and hit back harder. However, this is only possible if you know how to parry in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. 

Key Takeaways
  • Pressing L2/LT/ZL in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown timely will parry attacks, preventing health loss and stunning enemies.
  • The parrying difficulty is tied to game difficulty, and it is adjustable from the pause menu.
  • Normal attacks are parryable.
  • Yellow glow attacks can be parried for execution moves.
  • Red glow attacks require dodging.
  • Parrying is high-risk, high reward, and dodge doesn’t give the enemy stunning animation.
  • Balancing both mechanics is recommended for effective combat.

How To Parry Melee & Ranged Attacks

In Prince of Persian The Lost Crown, you can parry enemy attacks by pressing the L2/LT/ZL button just before they hit you.

Timing is super important, and if you press too early or too late, your character Sargon, will get hurt. Parrying has lots of benefits – it keeps Sargon from losing health, stops the enemy, and sometimes stuns them.

Important: The difficulty you choose at the start affects how easy it is to parry. You can always change the game’s difficulty at any point and this will make parry timing a little easier than before.

There are three types of attacks that you must be vigilant of Normal attacks, Yellow Glow attacks, and red glow attacks. The first two can be parried, while the last one can be dodged only. 

1. Normal Attacks

Blue Glow – Normal Parry [Image Credits: eXputer]
Regular enemies commonly employ normal attacks by swinging weapons once or two times in a row. Successfully parrying these attacks requires careful observation of the enemy’s weapon movements and timing. The best tip I can give you is to keep an eye on the enemy’s weapon and your finger on the L2 or LT button. As soon as the weapon is about to strike Sargon, click the button like a reflex, and the attack will be parried. 

Additionally, Sargon can also deflect the incoming arrows shot by archers. I, for one, never waste an opportunity to send their projectiles back. However, this only works if you do it carefully. 

2. Yellow Glow Attacks

Yellow Glow Parry [Image Credits: eXputer]
Yellow glow attacks hold significant importance in combat scenarios of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Almost every regular enemy and boss utilizes these attacks. A successful parry of a yellow glow attack triggers an execution move capable of swiftly defeating small enemies instantly.

On the other hand, parrying a yellow glow attack of a boss will inflict substantial damage. This is something I try never to miss. If you want to take down bosses easily in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, get good at parrying the yellow attacks. 

3. Red Glow Attacks

Red Glow Attacks Must Be Dodged Only [Image Credits: eXputer]
Red glow attacks are typically associated with main bosses or large-sized elite enemies. Unlike other attacks, these cannot be parried at all, and the only way to be on the safe side is to either get out of the attack zone or use the dodge button.

Should You Parry Or Use Dodge?

Parrying is one of the important mechanics in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, but you can completely bypass it and always rely on dodge. That is because if you fail any parry, you will get hit and potentially die. But if you time it right, the enemy will be stunned for a short duration, giving you enough time to land a few slashes. This makes Parry a high-risk and high-reward mechanic.

On the other hand, I do not recommend relying extensively on the dodge mechanic alone. Sure, there is no risk involved as a dodge has more i-frames, and you are guaranteed to avoid getting hit. But there is no reward in it. 

That is all I had to discuss about how to parry in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. If you found this guide helpful, the I suggest you do not skip reading: Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review


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