Prince of Persia Lost Crown: How To Get Past Two Statues

The following is my take on how to get past the two statues in-game easily!

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown has many tricky puzzles that can frustrate a player. There are many abilities Sargon can use, so Two Statue puzzles can get pretty complicated. One of the trickiest puzzles in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is the two statues one as players are wondering how to get past it. Two Statue puzzle is tricky, but it can done within a couple of minutes if you figure out what to do.

Key Takeaways
  • Prince of Persia The Lost Crown features many challenging puzzles.
  • Players might be wondering about how to get past the two statues in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • While the Two Statue puzzle seems pretty challenging, it is not.
  • once players have figured out what to do, it can be solved in a couple of minutes.
  • The main abilities used in the Two Statue puzzle are throwing the Chakram and the Rush of the Smiurgh.
  • Unfortunately, the Two Statue puzzle doesn’t feature any rewards, but it is mandatory to complete.

Don’t forget to explore eXputer’s video walkthrough on the complete Upper City Two-Statue Solution:

YouTube video

How To Get Past The Two Statues

The Two Statues (Image By Us)

You will already have the ability to throw the Chakram, which helps you throughout in-game. This ability is extremely helpful, and it will play a major role in assisting in the two-statue puzzle.

To solve the Two Statue puzzle, follow these steps: 

  1. Firstly, throw the Chakram at the gear wheel above you.
  2. By doing so, the statues will move in the opposite direction.
  3. Now, head to the left side and use the wall to jump upwards and reach the pole.
  4. Then call back your chakram, let go of the pole, use Rush of the Simurgh, and grab the other pole.
  5. Now, get on the platform above, use your Chakram on the gear again, and quickly jump down to grab the pole.
  6. Wait for the statue to stop moving and then jump on the platform above.
  7. Now, jump up and reach the left side to interact with the trigger.
  8. Interact with it, and the platform will go down.
  9. Go down along with it and then go up from the left side.
  10. Use the same method to swing at the rod and then head upwards. 
    Move Upwards (Capture By eXputer)
  11. After that, use your Chakram on the gear above you.
  12. Get down on the wooden platform and simply crouch and press the jump button.
  13. Then, quickly use Rush of the Simurgh ability to grab the pole.
  14. Now, use the right angle to land on the platform above you and go up using the lift.
    Climb Up (Screenshot By eXputer)
  15. Then, stand on the platform right next to you and call back your Chakram.
  16. Now, you will automatically go up, and the Two Statue puzzle will be solved.
    Puzzle Solved (Image Source: eXputer)

My Experience With Two Statue Puzzle

At first, it was arguably hard to figure out what to do exactly, as the Two Statue puzzle was extremely tricky.

However, when you get to know the correct use of the abilities, you can easily figure out what to do. It did take me some time to figure out exactly what to do, but it was worth it. I managed to do the Two Statue puzzle on my own, and believe me, there is nothing more satisfying well except parrying. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about how to get past the two statues in Prince of Persia Lost Crown. While you are at it, you should check out these guides: how to parry in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. best Athra Surges, how to upgrade your weapon, and how to get more healing potions to increase your chances of survival.

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