Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: How To Open Eye Doors

Learn how to open eye doors in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and get the hidden treasures behind these locked doors in the game.

While being captured by the jailer for the first time, Sargon is thrown into the Prison section of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown’s map. When you try to get out of this section, you will find a lot of doors with eye scanning if you have a certain key. By this time, you do not have the Holy Scholarship key in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown; hence, you can not open the eye doors. 

Key Takeaways
  • To open eye doors in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, you need Holy Scholarship Key.
  • You get this Key in the mid-game, specifically after obtaining the Clairvoyance Simurgh Time Power in the Sacred Archives.
  • This Time Power reveals invisible platforms, allowing unique traversal in the alternate dimension.
  • Defeat the Jailer in a multi-phase boss arena and unlock the Time Served Silver Trophy.
  • Upon victory, receive the Holy Scholarship Key to unlock eye doors across the game world.

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How To Open Eye Doors

You need to acquire the Holy Scholarship key in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown if you want to gain access to all of the doors with a blue scanning eye above them. 

Important: This key is not acquired until you have reached mid-game and go to Sacred Archives to obtain Clairvoyance Simurgh Time Power.

This time power gives you access to certain areas of the game’s map wherever you see invisible platforms. Basically, Sargon can tap into the alternate dimension and access these platforms that connect one area to another. 

Climb invisible walls[Image Credits: eXputer]
Once you have the Clairvoyance Simurgh Time Power, the next step is to follow the Jailer as you come out of the section after obtaining this time power. The Jailer goes to the upper section of the Sacred Archives, and to follow him, you need to go to the alternate dimension and climb the invisible walls. 

Platforming To Reach Jailer [Image Credits: eXputer]
The next few series of rooms will have you traverse the level and show off the Clairvoyance Simurgh Time Power. After that, you will eventually reach a room where the jailer will shut it off with an eye door. There will be no point in returning now, and the only way forward is to beat Jailer in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

Jailer Boss Arena

Jailer Boss Arena [Image Credits: eXputer]
In this boss arena, the Jailer mixes things up by bringing in waves of foes to fight against Sargon. First, there are archers and a tough brute to deal with. Head up to the high platforms to get rid of the archers first. The Jailer keeps chasing Sargon, so use that chance to lead it away from the brute. Also, be careful in the lower area to avoid activating traps. Once only the Jailer is left, focus on dodging its attacks until it gets tired and kneels, then use Clairvoyance to move on.

In Phase 2, things get trickier with sneaky-tailed assassins. Deal with them one by one, watch out for a teleporting enemy, and use jumping and special powers to keep control. After handling the new enemies, don’t forget to keep the pressure on the Jailer.

Phase 3 brings in dual-wielding enemies. Get them in the air and juggle them to take them out quickly. The key is to stay flexible and smart in each phase to beat the Jailer’s evolving challenges.

Trophy Unlock: You unlock the Time Served Silver Trophy on PlayStation after defeating Jailer in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.


Holy Scholarship Key [Image Credits: eXputer]
After defeating Jailer, you will get Holy Scholarship Key that allows you to get past the eye doors in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. There are a lot of doors in Prison, Sacred Archives, and the rest of the game’s map with an eye scanning anyone who tries to enter. Now that you have the key, you can pretty much sweep past the door without a problem. 

That is everything you need to know about how to open eye doors in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. If you find my guide helpful, then I suggest you do not skip reading these as well: Best Amulets in Prince of Persia The Lost CrownHow To Get Past Two Statues, Best Outfits, and How to Fast Travel in the game.

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