RimWorld Muscle Parasites: How To Cure Them?

Medical Help Required.

RimWorld Muscle Parasites are among the many different diseases, injuries, and other physical conditions that can affect your colonists in this game. And like most status effects of this type, these parasites significantly inhibit the performance of anyone that is infected with them.

Key Highlights
  • Muscle Parasites is a disease in RimWorld that affects colonists, particularly those in warm and moist areas.
  • Infection can occur through combat wounds, animal bites, or other physical conditions.
  • Symptoms include pain, decreased manipulation and movement speed, and increased rest fall rate.

Muscle Parasites Guide

RimWorld Muscle Parasites
A Colonist With Muscle Parasites.

Each disease in RimWorld varies significantly in how dangerous it is and the status effects it gives colonists. Some of these take a really long time to treat, while others can be healed almost instantly if you have a skilled enough doctor.

You also have little control over how and when someone might get infected. Injuries like combat wounds and animal bites all have a completely random chance of giving your colonists a disease. The only thing you have some influence over is the cleanliness of your base, which should always be maintained anyway, and how and when you provide treatment.

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So if someone in your colony has Muscle Parasites, don’t get startled. Unlike the real-life muscle parasite disease, Trichinosis, which can be lethal, the in-game version is simply a minor hindrance. You can see the full list of symptoms below:

  • Pain: +20%.
  • Manipulation: -30%.
  • Movement Speed: -30%.
  • Rest Fall Rate: +100%.

And although you should get it treated as soon as possible, it thankfully does not have any advanced symptoms. Now let’s look at how to cure this disease.

How To Get Rid of Muscle Parasites?

RimWorld Muscle Parasites
A Hospital.

When a colonist gets any disease in the game, they should rest in an environment specifically designed to help them recover. It’s easy to designate an area of your base as the hospital, but making sure that you get benefits from it is another matter altogether.

To get the most out of your hospital, create a building somewhere easily accessible and divide it into however many sections you require. Make sure the rooms are well lit and that the floor is built with a Sterile Tile. This is the cleanest surface in the game, and it minimizes the chances of an infection spreading in a hospital or any food preparation area.

Now instead of regular beds, place Hospital Beds in each of the rooms since they help increase the speed at which a character recovers from their illness. And if you can afford it, also place Vitals Monitors next to the beds. These really improve the rate of immunity gain and treatment speed. If the weather is too hot or too cold, then you might also have to install Coolers or Heaters to make the space pleasant.

The picture seen above will give you a much better idea of the layout we’re talking about. You will also require a bunch of RimWorld Components to build all of these items. 

Now once a colonist develops Muscle Parasites, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click on the infected character and then order them to go rest in a Hospital Bed.
  2. Make sure that you have some Medicine in your stockpile. It can be crafted at a Drug Lab using 3x Cloth, 1x Herbal Medicine, and 1x Neutroamine. You can grow the base component of Herbal Medicine, Healroot, with a RimWorld Hydroponics system.
  3. Find a character with proficiency in the Medical skill to be your doctor. It’s even better if their Medical Tend Quality stat has been maxed out.
  4. Select the doctor, then right-click on the patient and choose the option to tend to them.
  5. Wait until the bar fills up and the treatment has been completed.
RimWorld Muscle Parasites
A Patient Being Treated.

Now, this might seem a bit confusing, but Muscle Parasites are only cured when the treatments performed on them reach an accumulative quality of 300%.

So a doctor could completely cure the disease with three treatments of 100% quality, or four treatments of 75% quality. The point is that a total of 300% has to be reached, and that can happen over multiple treatments depending on the doctor’s skill and the environment. This has been eXputer’s Muscle Parasites guide.

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