Rimworld Wildman: How To Tame Guide

Many players try but get frustrated when they fail. Well, we have gathered all the ways you can put to test to tame the Rimworld wildman.

With Rimworld’s player base increasing daily, many of the newcomers find it a complicated video game. Specifically, the part where they have to take care of the wildman that has just entered their colony. In this guide, you will find out ways to capture Rimworld Wildman.

Key Highlights
  • A wildman is a person who has lived among wild animals and has adapted their traits and habits.
  • A person from your colony can become a wildman due to hardships.
  • There are four ways to tame a wildman in RimWorld: rescuing, arresting, taming, and enslavement.
  • The wildman can be unconscious when entering your society because of changes in the environment. You can rescue the wildman without any resistance.
  • You can arrest the wildman and make them a prisoner. In the process, the wildman might attack you if he is hurt in the arresting process.
  • You can also tame the wildman like an animal (minimum Animals skill level 10). For this, you must set him free in some area where he can not run away.
  • You can also enslave the wildman and attempt to recruit them.

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Learn how to tame Wild Man in Rimworld
Rimworld Wild Man

How One Becomes Wildman/Woman?

A person is called a wildman who has lived among wild animals and has adapted their traits and habits. They can randomly enter your colony. These are called naturally spawned wildman and have never been part of your colony.

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Someone from your own colony can become a wildman/Woman as well. This is caused by the hardships they face in their lives. When things start going south, and they are unable to handle the stress, pressure, and anxiety, they turn into a wildman.

How To Tame Wildman In RimWorld

There are four ways that you may be able to get hold of the wildman and perhaps turn him/her into a functioning member of society. Here are all three ways to tame Rimworld Wildman.

NOTE: Not every wildman can be made use of. In that case, harvesting their organs is the best plausible option.

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A wildman has appeared, and you have to get hold of him as soon as possible. What do you do? In some cases, a wildman may not be able to survive the weather and climate of your colony and fall unconscious. You can rescue him and hope he doesn’t have much resistance in that scenario.

Arrest Him/Her!!

When a wildman decides to make an entry into your colony, you are immediately alerted. You head straight for them and go on a journey to hunt them down. The second way we recommend is to arrest him/her. There is a 50 percent chance that the wildman attacks you when he is harmed when attempting to arrest him. You can make them your prisoner and hope their animal behavior changes, and they come back to their human nature. If they do, you can recruit them and make them functional members of society.

Tame the wildman

The most popular way of getting a wildman in Rimworld is taming, like an animal. Wildmen are essentially animals, and, in most cases, the above two ways to make them a colonist may not even apply to them. In this scenario, you are advised to tame it. The minimum Animals skill level required is 10.

If you have the required skill level, then you can tame them like an animal after releasing it first. It is highly recommended that you release the wildman in a place where they don’t have an opportunity to run away for good. Remember if the taming fails, there is a 10 percent chance that the wildman comes back to attack you.


In some current patches, you can even enslave them. After enslaving the wildman, attempt to capture them; lastly, see if the recruit options appear. If it does, you should be able to recruit them and make good use out of them.


In conclusion, these are all the ways you can tame a wildman in Rimworld. Let us know if you think we missed anything related to Rimworld wildman. If you want to see more guides related to Rimworld, check our other articles. If there is something that you want us to write about Rimworld, comment down below.

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