Rimworld Best Bedroom Size Guide

Check out the best bedroom sizes in Rimworld to improve the impressive rating of your room, improving the mood of you colonits.

Building bedrooms is an essential part of the Rimworld gameplay. You would need to build a decent bedroom to get better mood ratings of your colonists. For that, you are required to build a bedroom having enough size for your colonists to live a comfortable life. In this guide, we will discuss the best bedroom size in Rimworld to effectively raise your colonists’ mood.

Key Highlights

The size of a bedroom in Rimworld affects the mood of the colonists.

  • Impressive and clean rooms boost mood most.
  • Small rooms suit beginners with limited resources.
  • Medium rooms are versatile for all players.
  • Large rooms need more resources to maintain cleanliness.
  • Extra-large rooms are luxurious but costly.
  • Consider resources and room environment for optimal mood.

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Many players get confused about the optimal size for a bedroom; A player can consider various size options most suitable for him. The more size you have, the more furniture you can place for a better lifestyle. However, you would have to manage space and your resources adequately. So, the key is to have a higher mood rating while spending as few resources as possible.

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Various bedroom stats

Rimworld best bedroom size
Bedroom stats [Image Credits: Francis John]
A player must consider various bedroom stats before building a good bedroom. Rushing into bedrooms sizes will create problems later, so a clear knowledge about what to pick and skip is mandatory to avoid issues later in the game.

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Ratings Impressiveness Value
awful < 20
dull >= 20 and < 30
mediocre >= 30 and < 40
decent >= 40 and < 50
slightly impressive >= 50 and < 65
somewhat impressive >= 65 and < 85
very impressive >= 85 and < 120
extremely impressive >= 120 and < 170
unbelievably impressive >= 170 and < 240
wondrously impressive >= 240

Impressiveness is crucial for colonists’ mood, with higher scores yielding better results. Aim for at least a “very impressive” rating, achievable even for rookies, though aiming higher might be challenging due to resource constraints. Larger rooms offer more opportunities for higher impressiveness scores.

Balancing impressiveness with resource management is key, especially in smaller rooms. This stat influences colonists’ mood and is interlinked with wealth, beauty, cleanliness, and space stats.

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Ratings Space Value
cramped < 12.5
rather tight >= 12.5 and < 29
average-sized >= 29 and < 55
somewhat spacious >= 55 and < 70
quite spacious >= 70 and < 130
very spacious >= 130 and < 349.5
extremely spacious >= 349.5

The more spacious a room, the less congested the colonists will feel. Choose a small room at the beginning of the game with less furniture. So, You should choose only the necessary furniture at the start. To maintain bedroom size, you do not want it more cramped than necessary.

Hence, a small room with a bed and a few necessities more than enough for you to maintain the room’s spaciousness. Remember that you would have fewer resources at the start, so you better spend them wisely.

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Ratings Room Cleanliness Value
very dirty < -1.1
dirty >= -1.1 and < -0.4
slightly dirty >= -0.4 and < -0.05
clean >= -0.05 and < 0.4
sterile >= 0.4

The cleaner a room is, the less sick the villagers will get. So regardless of your room size to it’s important to maintain cleanliness. You might want to choose smaller rooms at first to maintain this.

To maintain cleanliness, choose a good floor. For example, pick a sterile floor instead of a dirt floor or marshy soil. Choose the right floor according to the resources you have.


Ratings Wealth value 
impoverished < 500
somewhat poor >= 500 and < 700
mediocre >= 700 and < 2000
somewhat rich >= 2000 and < 4000
rich >= 4000 and < 10000
luxurious >= 10000 and < 40000
very luxurious >= 40000 and < 100000
extremely luxurious >= 100000 and < 1000000
unbelievably luxurious >= 1000000

This score is calculated based on the value of all the items you have placed in the room. This will depend on your resources to make the room’s floor, walls, and furniture.

You might not want to focus on wealth stat early in the game when you have limited resources. However, you can go for a luxurious room once you have more than enough. This isn’t an important stat unless you are focusing on raising the impressiveness of the room.

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Ratings Beauty Value
hideous < -3.5
ugly >= -3.5 and < 0
neutral >= 0 and < 2.4
pretty >= 2.4 and < 5
beautiful >= 5 and < 15
very beautiful >= 15 and < 50
extremely beautiful >= 50 and < 100
unbelievably beautiful >= 100

This stat depends on the overall environment of the bedroom. It would depend on the wall, floors, and other furniture. The more cramped a room is, the less would be its beauty stat, so choose an Ideal bedroom size to maintain a bedroom’s beauty. 

You should avoid placing a lot of furniture in a small room because a cramped room will have lesser beauty, negatively affecting the mood. This stat is not important unless you are looking to increase impressiveness. You should waste your resources on this stat unless you have a lot on hand. 

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Best Bedroom Size

Rimworld best bedroom size
Various bedroom sizes

Now that we have discussed various stats to consider while deciding a bedroom size, we will discuss the best bedroom size to manage these stats easily and boost the mood of the citizens.

Small Room

In early-game small rooms, dimensions like 3×3, 3×4, or 4×3 are suitable due to limited resources. Prioritize essential items such as beds for all colonists to maintain mood. Enhance impressiveness with decorations like flower pots and lights.

Consider using higher-quality materials for walls and furniture. Avoid overcrowding to prevent a cramped feel. Opt for materials like gold, steel, or marble for walls, and prioritize a royal bed for a higher impressiveness rating if resources permit.

Medium Room

Opting for a medium-sized bedroom, such as 5×5, 4×5, or 5×4, provides ample space for better furniture and amenities. Install heaters in all rooms for improved lifestyle and mood. Consider high-quality flooring like cream carpet to enhance stats. Golden or silver furniture can significantly elevate impressiveness, though steel or mud may pose challenges.

Medium rooms suit both beginners and veterans, requiring moderate resources. Compared to small rooms, they feel less cramped and offer more opportunities for furniture and higher ratings. Focus on cleanliness and space optimization for a decent score.

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Large Room

Building a large bedroom offers various benefits, but it’s crucial to consider resource availability and balance impressiveness with practicality. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Benefits of Large Bedrooms:
    • Ample space for furniture placement.
    • Higher impressiveness stats, positively affecting colonists’ moods.
    • Reduced crowding, leading to improved mood effects.
  2. Resource Considerations:
    • Large rooms require significant resources, which may be challenging to maintain.
    • Inadequate resources can lead to lower cleanliness and wealth ratings, negatively impacting impressiveness and mood.
  3. Optimal Bedroom Sizes:
    • Construct large bedrooms, typically sized at 12×12 or 32×12, when resources are plentiful.
    • Consider smaller sizes like 6×6, 7×7, or 8×8 later in the game when resources are more abundant.
  4. Materials and Decorations:
    • Utilize high-quality materials such as gold, silver, steel, or marble for walls to enhance impressiveness.
    • Decorate the room with items like golden sculptures or a royal bed.
    • Avoid overcrowding the room with decorations to maintain harmony and maximize impressiveness.

Extra Large Room

Rimworld best bedroom size
Extra-large bedroom

An extra-large bedroom offers luxurious, spacious accommodations suitable for experienced players with ample resources. Furnishing this room can yield impressive scores and greatly enhance colonists’ moods. Consider adding a royal bed and golden decorations for higher ratings. Optimal materials for walls and floors include gold, silver, steel, or marble.

Alternatively, prioritize high-quality furniture for increased luxury. With ample space, incorporate dining chairs, tables, grand sculptures, plant pots, and other furnishings to maximize beauty ratings.


This guide has discussed the best bedroom sizes in Rimworld suitable for beginners and veterans. It’s Important to consider your resources before you start making your bedroom. If you spend many resources making a large bedroom, there might not be enough resources left to craft walls, floors, and other good furniture.

Ideally, it’s recommended to go for a small or a medium-sized bedroom at the start of the game as they would leave you with enough resources to increase the impressiveness of the room. This would be effective in raising the mood of the villagers.

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