How To Romance Judy As Male V Through Mod

Modders filling the gap left by CD Projekt, or is that so? - Potential Spoilers Below

Perhaps one of the most tingling and weird problems in Cyberpunk 2077 is the ability to romance with only one option. Thankfully, a new mod unlocks the ability to romance both Panam and Judy with whatever gender V you decide to play on.

The Mod as released and part of Cyber Engine Tweaks can be downloaded from here. It is entirely safe, and we have also tested it on our PC.

How To Romance Judy As Male V

The download instructions are shared below, and subsequently, enter the following command in the console.


Once done, the game unlocks the ability to romance both options, and due to spoilers, I won’t breakdown this subject further. You can use the same command, and instead of writing Judy, you can also type characters like River, Kerry, and Panam, resulting in the opposite effect. Remember that this is a mod, and it does not matter which gender V you have select at the start.

According to CyberMods, the correct voice lines according to the gender will be experienced, “so you can see some immersion-breaking moments.”

Remember, this Cyber Engine Tweak mod also has other options, like increasing money, changing an item’s rarity, and enhancing levels, skills, or even changing the dynamics of the entire story. These command options that you can enter in the console can be once again found on the same platform.

Note: This option is exclusive to PC players.

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