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This Sea Of Thieves Walkthrough will go into detail about tips and tricks, ritual skulls, curses, and more.

A lot of players’ expectations for ship navigation and sea battles are refined by Sea of Thieves, which raises the stakes for combat and engagement. Players control a randomly created character that travels in a boat with other passengers on open waters. You run into other ships that other players online control since the world is multiplayer. This Sea Of Thieves Walkthrough will go into detail about tips and tricks, ritual skulls, curses, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure pirate simulator game. It is a multiplayer game where players can explore an open world via a pirate ship from a first-person perspective. 
  • Sea of Thieves was released for Windows and Xbox One on March 20, 2018. The game was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios.
  • The time it takes to complete Sea of Thieves can vary greatly depending on the player’s playstyle and how much they want to explore. The main story of Sea of Thieves can be completed in about 10-20 hours. However, there is much additional content to explore, such as side quests, challenges, and world events. 
  • Some genres of Sea of Thieves are action-adventure, pirate simulator, and open-world.

Beginner’s Guide

Sea Of Thieves Character Customization
Beginner’s Guide (Image By eXputer)

Since Sea of Thieves’ debut, many new players have shown interest in playing it. A game that allows you to embark on a pirate ship and sail the high seas, you can travel throughout the oceans. But occasionally, especially without a tutorial, It can be rather confusing.

We’ll be covering basics like how to prepare for your first voyage which requires picking a set of three trips from each of the three factions; all of these trips are free because they are Starter Voyages. Furthermore, we’ll cover things like how to sail for which you should ensure you are traveling along the proper path, you should always refer to the map.

The waters are rough, so you’ll need to recalculate your route frequently while you go to your objective. We’ll be covering more essentials a beginner needs in the guide below.

Tips And Tricks

Sea of Thieves Tips
Tips And Tricks (Image By: eXputer)

There is a lot to discover in Sea Of Thieves because it takes place in an open-world scenario. You can’t survive if you don’t explore different areas and gather items. To help you out, we’ll be helping you with tips like using harpoons like barrels which gives you a variety of resources, therefore it’s crucial to harpoon every barrel you encounter.

As well as taking care of animals otherwise, they’ll die. Therefore, be careful to take care of them and feed them at the right times if you don’t want to carry dead animals on your ship. This wiki lists more of these tips and tricks in the guide below.

How To Use Ritual Skulls

Ritual Skulls
How To Use Ritual Skulls (Image By eXputer)

In Sea of Thieves, the Ritual Skull is a special kind of Bilge Rats Treasure. These skulls are required to carry out rituals.  The Skulls are important to the Bilge Rats, who will pay Bilge Rat Doubloons to purchase them. They were formerly described as Dark Relics, but their description has subsequently been altered to Bilge Rats Treasure.

To approach the Fort of the Damned, a special fortress that comes with great treasure, you need this rare collectible. Our Sea Of Thieves Walkthrough will go into detail about all of its uses so you can find all the treasure you can need.

All Curses

Sea Of Thieves Curses
All Curses (Image By: eXputer)

Curses are very rare cosmetic items. They are hard to come by and cannot be purchased. They are only responsible for giving your character’s appearance special effects. The Curses are only cosmetic items with no gameplay advantages, to put it another way.

Makeup and scars will be covered by the effects of the curse but are not replaced. Scars will seem golden anywhere they overlap if the Shores of Gold Curse is applied. We’ll be going into detail about them in our Sea Of The Thieves Wiki and teach you how to unlock them.

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