Sea Piece Codes [WORKING April 2024]

Use the codes below and become the best adventurer in the Seven Seas.

Growing Stronger in Sea Piece is all about collecting the best devil fruits and leveling up, however, that can require hours of farming on the players’ end. For that reason, I have decided to write this guide that will help you attain freebies such as Beli, XP boosts, Candy, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Sea Piece’s codes can be redeemed for Candy, XP Boosts, Beli, and more.
  • Beli is the main currency in Sea Piece and can be used to purchase Devil fruits and various other items.
  • HappySpooktober is currently among the many active codes for Sea Piece.
  • These codes can be redeemed by clicking on the Codes button located in the lower left corner, entering an Active Code, and pressing Enter key on your keyboard.
  • To find additional codes, players can join the Official Discord Server for the game and join the Official Roblox Page as well.
  • Players should bookmark this page and visit from time to time in to stay up to date with the latest codes.
  • Should you encounter any problems while redeeming the codes, make sure to check out the Ultimate Code Guide.

Active Sea Piece Codes

The list below contains all the active codes for the game. The codes are updated on a regular basis, so you can rest assured that you will find all the working codes below. However, these codes can expire without any warning whatsoever from the devs, so make sure to not waste any time redeeming the codes.

  • Last Checked On: April 1st, 2024.
Codes Rewards
THANKYOU Redeem this code and get your hands on some rewards.
AWAKENEDMERA! This code can be redeemed for XP Boost and Candy.
WORLDS2022! Claim for exclusive in-game freebies.

ٰExpired Sea Piece Codes

Separating active codes from expired ones can prove to be a hassle, and that is why we took the time to do this for you. All the codes that have expired over the past few months can be found below.

Codes Rewards
HappySpooktober Redeem the code for 666,666 Beli.
40kBigOnes Redeem for free Candies.
UPDATE3! Obtain 1,000,000 Beli and other rewards.
caughtemlackin Attain 600,000 Beli.
CommonW Redeem for free Candy.
cat! Redeem for double XP for 15 minutes.
SOUL Use the code for 666,666 Beli.
Sorry! Claim the code for a 2x XP boost for 10 minutes.
Update7! Redeem for Free 246,810 Beli.
10kLikes! Utilize the code for 10,000 Beli.
Update8! Claim for free in-game rewards.
Millionare! Claim for 500,000,000 Beli.
APOLOGIES! Redeem for 2x XP for 2 hours.
Billionare! Redeem for 100,000,000 Beli.
SECONDSEA! Attain Free Boosts and Beli.
fishlol Redeem for Beli and other freebies.
woopsmbgang! Claim for 150,000 Beli and 2x XP for 15 minutes.
1000Likes Obtain XP boosts and Beli.
AWAKENEDMOCHI! Obtain free Candy and more.
500Likes Claim for Beli and Stat Reset.
Update6! Redeem for double XP boost for 5 minutes and a Stat Reset.
SorryAbout10K! Obtain 350,000 Beli.
Big20 Claim for 1 million Beli.
SORRYFORSHUTDOWN! Redeem the code for XP boosts.
BackToSchoolNerds Redeem for Stat Reset and 123,456 Beli.
Sub2Kaijoh26 Use the code for a double EXP boost for 10 minutes.
Update5! Claim for 1 million Beli.
UPDATE4! Obtain double XP boost for 5 mins.

How To Redeem Sea Piece Codes?

Claiming Latest Sea Piece Codes
Redeeming Codes

Once you have acquired your active codes, the next step is to redeem them. Fortunately, redeeming the codes only requires a few easy steps. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch Roblox.
  2. Launch Sea Piece.
  3. Click on the Codes button located in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  4. Copy an active code from the list and paste it into the text box that appears.
  5. Hit Enter to redeem your codes.

What Is Sea Piece?

Inspired by One Piece, Sea Piece is a Roblox adventurer experience that provides players the opportunity to explore and travel a lot of islands (11 in total). Players can choose from plenty of races such as Fishmen, skypiean, cyborgs, humans, and more. The fastest way to grow stronger in Sea Piece is to level up and complete quests.

Additionally, players can also purchase various devil fruits from NPCs for Beli which is the main currency in Sea Piece. Haki is another combat ability that allows you to deal a lot of damage to your other opponents. Furthermore, there is a PvP mode that allows players to test their abilities against other players.

That is everything I have for you regarding Sea Piece’s codes. I hope you were able to get your hands on some exclusive freebies to help you advance in your adventure. If you have another request, make sure to leave it in the comment section below. While you are at it, make sure to check out the Most Popular Roblox Games from the year 2018 to 2024. Who knows? Maybe you will find your next favorite Roblox experience in the list.

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