The 13 Best Horses In Skyrim: A Definitive Guide

Gallop Into Adventure: A guide to the best horses in Skyrim.

Explore the vast world of Skyrim and discover the best horses available in the game. With ten years of players delving into the game’s secrets, hidden weapons, questlines, and Easter eggs from other Elder Scrolls titles, players can uncover some of the game’s most special horses. To unlock these hidden horses, players must complete faction questlines or DLC missions. Each horse has its own set of abilities, stats, and a unique appearance. These horses may be easily obtainable, but their presence can easily be overlooked due to the game’s expansive nature.

Key Highlights
  • Skyrim features various unique and powerful horses obtained through quests, purchases, and taming.
  • Horses can help players level up skills through their abilities, like Shadowmere’s health regeneration and Arvak’s re-summoning.
  • Shadowmere is legendary for its speed and agility.
  • The Daedric Horse, summoned from Oblivion, boasts high health and damage resistance.
  • Both horses have unique abilities, including increased speed, health, and defense.


Shadowmere in Skyrim
Skyrim – Shadowmere (image credit: eXputer)

Shadowmere is one of the most sought-after mounts in Skyrim, obtainable during the “The Cure for Madness” Dark Brotherhood quest. Astrid gives Shadowmere to the Dragonborn at the start of the quest as a means to catch Cicero as quickly as possible.

Key Characteristics

  • Very high maximum stamina
  • Very high health pool
  • Ability to regenerate health quickly
  • Striking appearance with a pitch-black coat and piercing red eyes


Arvak in Skyrim
Skyrim – Arvak (image credit: eXputer)

Arvak is a unique horse in Skyrim that players can obtain by finding its skull on an altar in the Soul Cairn. After finding the skull, a spirit will appear and teach the player the “Summon Arvak” spell. From then, the player can summon the spectral mount across Skyrim, except in walled cities like Solitude.

Key Characteristics

  • A Skeletal horse
  • Obtained by finding its skull in the Soul Cairn
  • Can be re-summoned upon death
  • Can be used to level up certain damage-related skills like one-handed weapons or Destruction magic


Frost in Skyrim
Skyrim – Frost (image credit: eXputer)

Frost is a unique horse that players can obtain by completing the “Promises to Keep” questline. This quest involves stealing lineage papers from the Black-Briar family and returning them to Louis Letrush. Once back with Louis, players can convince him to hand over the payment reward, as well as Frost, by threatening him.

Key Characteristics

  • Higher stamina and health compared to standard horses
  • More aggressive during combat encounters
  • Tan brown coat with a white mane

Dwarven Horse

Dwarven Horse in Skyrim
Skyrim – Dwarven Horse (image credit: eXputer)

The Dwarven Horse is a unique mount that can be built piece-by-piece by the players, providing a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. To acquire the Dwarven Horse, players must go to the entrance of the Runoff Caverns and activate a piece of the horse, which will start a quest for players to collect all the pieces of the mechanical mount.

Key Characteristics

  • Mechanical horse
  • Acquired through a quest
  • Unique design similar to other dwarven creations in Skyrim

The Unicorn And Other Wild Horses

The Anniversary Edition of Skyrim offers players the opportunity to acquire a variety of special horses through the “Horse Whisperer” quest and the “Creature of Legend” quest. One such mount is the Unicorn, a wild horse that can be found to the west of the Lost Prospect mine. Players can tame the Unicorn by successfully mounting it for a certain amount of time.

Key Characteristics

  • Available through the “Horse Whisperer” and “Creature of Legend” quests
  • Found to the west of the Lost Prospect mine
  • Tamed by successfully mounting it for a certain amount of time
  • Return to the College of Winterhold’s courtyard when another horse is set as the main mount

Daedric Horse

Daedric Horse in Skyrim
Sykrim – Daedric Horse (image credit: eXputer)

The Daedric Horse is a powerful mount that can be acquired by completing the “The Cause” quest, which is part of the “Creation Club” content in the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. Players can conjure the Daedric Horse by using a spell found in the quest line.

Key Characteristics

  • Conjured by using a spell found in the “The Cause” questline
  • Obtained by defeating Daedric enemies in the deadlands
  • Unique appearance with a color scheme reminiscent of Oblivion portals


Skyrim offers a wide variety of horses for players to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. From the powerful Shadowmere to the majestic Unicorn, players can acquire the 13 best horses through a variety of means such as questlines, purchasing them from stables, or taming them in the wild across both the vanilla Skyrim as well as the Anniversary Edition. With so many options to choose from, players are sure to find the perfect horse to accompany them on their adventures in Skyrim.

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