Skyrim: 30 Potential Wives & How To Marry Them

Learn all about the potential marriable NPCs and how to marry them in our guide.

Skyrim allows the player to pick wives from a select variety of NPCs. It is required to either complete or progress to a certain level in the NPC’s questline in order to marry them.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can marry wives in Skyrim, after doing a favor for them.
  • To get married, players have to speak to a priest called Maramell at the Temple of Mara.
  • Once done, speaking to any of your potential wives with the Amulet of Mara allows you to marry them.
  • The marriage ceremony takes place 24 hours later at the Temple of Mara.

How To Marry In Skyrim?

Marriage has to be unlocked by the player in order to have wives. This can be done by speaking to the priest called Maramel at the Bee and Barb or The Temple of Mara in Riften. Pick the dialogue option that inquires about marriage, and you will unlock the ability to marry in Skyrim.

Maramel Skyrim
The Priest Maramel | Screenshot By Us

To marry an NPC in Skyrim, you need the Amulet of Mara. This can be bought from Maramel for 200 gold. Alternatively, you can also obtain it by completing the quest called The Book Of Love.

After proposing to an NPC, the marriage ceremony will occur exactly 24 hours later. You can skip the waiting time by meditating for 24 hours and then heading straight to your ceremony.

skyrim temple of mara
The Temple of Mara | Image By Us

A benefit of marrying is that if your character sleeps in the same home as your spouse, they attain a 15 percent increase in experience points gained that lasts for 8 hours. Your wives can also cook you a homemade meal that increases the regeneration of your Health, Stamina, and Magicka.

Wives In Skyrim

AnwenRedguardsTemple of Dibella
Complete The Heart of Dibella
AeriNordAnga’s MillBring her Firewood
Aela The HuntressNordJorrvaskrComplete The Companion’s Storyline
Avrusa SarethiDunmerSarethi FarmComplete Smooth Jazbay
Borgakh The Steel HeartOrcMor KhazgurAcquire her as a Follower
Brelyna MaryonDunmersCollege of WinterholdComplete Brelyna’s Practice
Camilla ValeriusImperialsRiverwoodComplete The Golden Claw
Dravynea The StoneweaverDunmersKynesgroveComplete Dravynea’s Frozen Salts
Ghorza gra-BagolOrcMarkarthComplete Skilled Apprenticeship
GilfreImperialsMixwater MillGive her Firewood
HilundNordsThirsk Mead HallComplete Hilund’s Spears
IonaNordsRiftenPurchase the Honeyside estate
JenassaDunmersThe Drunken HuntsmanPay her 500 gold
Jordis The Sword-MaidenNordsSolitudePurchase the Proudspire Manor
LydiaNordsDragonsreach keepComplete Dragon Rising
Mjoll The LionessNordsRiftenComplete Grimsever’s Return
MorwenNordsSolstheimComplete Morwen’s Request
MuiriBretonsThe Hag’s CureKill the optional target during Mourning Never Comes
Njanda StonearmNordsThe CompanionsComplete Glory of the Dead
OrlaNordsTemple of DibellaComplete The Heart of Dibella
RayyaRedguardsFalkreathPurchase the Lakeview Manor
RiaImperialsWhiterunComplete Glory of the Dead
SennaBretonsThe Temple of DibellaComplete The Heart of Dibella
ShahveeArgoniansWindhelm DocksComplete Shahvee’s Amulet
SlygjaNordsShor’s StoneComplete Mine or Yours
TaarieAltmersRadiant RaimentComplete Fit for a Jarl
Temba Wide-ArmNordsIvarsteadComplete Grin and Bear it
Uthgerd The UnbrokenNordsThe Bannered MareDefeat her in a duel
Viola GiordanoImperialsWindhelmComplete That Was Always There
YsoldaNordsDragonsreachComplete Rare Gifts

There are quite a lot of female NPCs you can marry in Skyrim. We will be going through each NPC and how to initiate marriage with them.

Anwen (Redguard)

  • Found in Temple of Dibella or Markarth.
  • Marry with Amulet of Mara after completing “The Heart of Dibella” quest.
  • Opens a shop and provides daily profits of 100 gold.
Anwen Skyrim
Anwen | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Aeri (Nord)

  • Found in Anga’s Mill.
  • Marry after giving her firewood and using Amulet of Mara.
  • No significant benefits for marrying her.
Skyrim Aeri
Aeri | Screenshot By Us

Aela The Huntress (Nord)

  • Join The Companions and become a werewolf to marry her.
  • Complete The Companion’s storyline and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Aela can follow you into battle and is a strong fighter.
Skyrim Wives
Aela The Huntress | Image By eXputer

Join The Companions

You are required to join The Companions and become a werewolf in order to marry Aela. Follow these steps for this endeavor.

  • Head to The Companion’s base in Jorrvaskr. It is near the skyforge on the eastern side of Whiterun. 
  • Interact with the companions there until they tell you about Kodlak Whitename.
  • Now, you have to seek Kodlak Whitename. After talking to him, he will test your skills in a training session. 
  • He will tell you to complete some additional tasks after wrapping up your training
  • After completing this, you will finally become a member of The Companions and a werewolf.

Complete The Companion’s Storyline

Now you must complete The Companion’s side quest storyline. This questline starts from Blood’s Honor and ends at Glory of the Dead. Once that last quest is done, you are ready to marry Aela.

Avrusa Sarethi (Dunmer)

  • Complete the “Smooth Jazbay” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Can’t fight, limited benefits.
wife avrusa
Avrusa Sarethi | Image By eXputer

Borgakh The Steel Heart (Orc)

  • Pay off her dowry or pass a test to marry her.
  • A strong warrior and useful follower.
Borgakh Skyrim
Borgakh The Steel Heart | Image By eXputer

Brelyna Maryon (Dunmer)

  • Complete the “Under Saarthal” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • A powerful mage and follower.
Wife Brelyna
Brelyna Maryon | Screenshot Credit: eXputer

Camilla Valerius (Imperial)

  • Complete “The Golden Claw” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Opens a shop and provides daily profits of 100 gold.
Skyrim Camilla
Camilla Valerius | Screenshot By eXputer

Dravynea The Stoneweaver (Dunmer)

  • Complete the “Dravynea’s Frozen Salts” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Teaches alteration magic, limited benefits.
Dravynea Skyrim
Dravynea The Stoneweaver | Image By eXputer

Ghorza gra-Bagol (Orc)

  • Complete the “Skilled Apprenticeship” quest or pass a test.
  • Can teach you smithing, useful for crafting.
Skyrim Ghozra
Ghozra gra-Bagol | Image By eXputer

Gilfre (Imperial)

  • Give her firewood and use Amulet of Mara.
  • No significant benefits for marrying her.
Wife Gilfre
Gilfre | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Hilund (Nord)

  • Complete “Retaking Thirsk” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • A strong fighter and versatile.
Hilund Skyrim
Hilund | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Iona (Nord)

  • Complete “The Raid” quest, become Thane, and purchase Honeyside.
  • Skilled follower, can use sword and bow.
Wife Iona
Iona | Image Credit: eXputer

Jenassa (Dunmer)

  • Pay her 500 gold and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Skilled in combat and stealth.
Jennasa Skyrim
Jennasa | Screenshot By eXputer

Jordis The Sword-Maiden (Nord)

Wife Jordis
Jordis The Shield Maiden | Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • Complete specific quests in Solitude and purchase Proudspire Manor.
  • Skilled follower, useful in battle.

Lydia (Nord)

  • Become Thane of Whiterun and complete “Dragon Rising” quest.
  • A strong warrior but not good at stealth.
Skyrim Lydia
Lydia | Image By Us

Mjoll The Lioness

  • Complete “Grimsever’s Return” quest for her.
  • Can open a shop and provide daily profits or be a follower.
Wife Mjoll
Mjoll The Lioness | Screenshot By Us

Morwen (Nord)

  • Complete “The Fate of the Skaal” and “Morwen’s Request” quests.
  • A member of the Skaal Tribe, limited benefits.
Skyrim Morwen
Morwen | Picture By Us

Muiri (Breton)

  • Join the Dark Brotherhood and complete “Mourning Never Comes” quest.
  • Skilled alchemist, can be useful in crafting.
Wife Muiri
Muiri | Image By Us

Joining The Dark Brotherhood

  • In order to join the Dark Brotherhood, head to any inn in the world and talk to the innkeeper about any gossip in town. The innkeeper will tell you about a young boy in Windhelm practicing a Dark Brotherhood ritual called Black Sacrament.
  • Find and speak to the young boy in Windhelm, and he will give you the Innocence Lost side quest.
  • After completing this quest, a courier will bring a message to you after 24 hours.
  • Once you have received this note, head to any bed and sleep.
  • The player character will get abducted by the Dark Brotherhood and be offered a chance to join.

Marrying Muiri (Breton)

  • Join the Dark Brotherhood and complete “Mourning Never Comes” quest.
  • Skilled alchemist, can be useful in crafting.

Njanda Stonearm (Nord)

  • Join The Companions and complete related quests.
  • Skilled in blocking, pickpocketing, speech, and stealth.
Skyrim Njanda
Njanda Stonearm | Image By eXputer

Orla (Imperial)

  • Complete “The Heart of Dibella” quest in the Temple of Dibella.
  • No significant benefits, stays at the Temple.
Wife Orla
Orla | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Rayya (Redguard)

  • Complete quests to become Thane in Falkreath and purchase Lakeview Manor.
  • A strong warrior and housecarl.
Wife Rayya
Rayya | Image By eXputer

Ria (Imperial)

  • Join The Companions, complete quests, and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Skilled in combat and dual-wielding weapons.
Wife Ria
Ria | Image By Us

Once this quest is done, Ria will be available as a candidate for marriage with the use of the Amulet of Mara. The ceremony, as usual, takes place 24 hours later in the Temple of Mara.

Ria is a warrior, so naturally, she is a decent pick for combat. She can follow you into battle, so it is a good choice to bring her along. Her specialty is the ability to dual-wield weapons.

Senna (Breton)

Skyrim Senna
Senna | Image By eXputer
  • Complete “The Heart of Dibella” quest in the Temple of Dibella.
  • No significant benefits, stays at the Temple.

Shahvee (Argonian)

  • Complete “Shahvee’s Amulet” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Gives daily profits and unique race.
Skyrim Shahvee
Shahvee | Image Credit: eXputer

Slygja (Nord)

  • Complete “Mine or Yours” and “Special Delivery” quests.
  • Provides daily profits and is considered attractive.
Slygja Wife
Slygja | Screenshot Credit: eXputer

Taarie (Altmer)

  • Level Speech to 70, complete “Fit for a Jarl” quest.
  • Provides daily profits but not recommended.
Taarie Skyrim
Taarie | Picture By eXputer

Temba Wide-Arm (Nord)

  • Sell her firewood or complete “Grin and Bear it” quest.
  • No significant benefits, not recommended
Wife Temba
Temba | Image Grab: eXputer

Uthgerd The Unbroken (Nord)

  • Defeat her in a duel and use Amulet of Mara.
  • Skilled warrior and follower.
Uthgerd Skyrim
Uthgerd | Screenshot By eXputer

Viola Giordano (Imperial)

Wife Viola
Viola | Image By Us
  • Complete “That Was Always There” quest and use Amulet of Mara.
  • No significant benefits, not recommended.

Ysolda (Nord)

  • Complete “Rare Gifts” quest by bringing her a Mammoth Tusk.
  • No combat skills, limited benefits.
Skyrim Ysolda
Ysolda | Screenshot By Us


Skyrim is an open-world RPG released by Bethesda in 2011. It is hailed as one of the best games ever made because, during 2011, no other game accomplished what Skyrim did. It boasts a vast open world, various builds, and are well written NPC characters. Skyrim has aged like a fine wine, which is why it is played and beloved to this day.

And there you have it; with our guide on all marriable women in Skyrim, you will be able to pick the spouse of your dreams from Skyrim’s unique catalog of wives.

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