Skyrim Leather ID: How To Get & Uses

Although Leather is easy to come by in Skyrim, but you'll find yourself running out of it. So, here is the Console ID of Leather in Skyrim.

One of the most important items when it comes to crafting in Skyrim is Leather. However, it does not valuable when you consider the huge number of items you can make with it; its true value shows. Using the Skyrim Leather ID console command in situations where you run out of the material will instantly replenish it in your inventory. Furthermore, you will need it in a fair quantity in order to craft and upgrade gear for your character.

Important: Players don’t need any specific character perk to unlock Leather Armor or Weapon crafting.
Key Takeaways
  • Leather is one of the many crafting materials available in the world of Skyrim, which allows players to craft and upgrade their gear.
  • Leather’s ID in the console commands is 000DB5D2.
  • To summon it in the player’s inventory, use the console command ‘Player.additem 000DB5D2 x’, and here ‘x’ is the number of Leather that the player would want to summon.
  • Players can Loot, Buy, or Steal Leather through various actions in the Skyrim world.
  • It is looted from dead animals such as Hide or Pelt, and then tanned on a tanning rack into Leather.
  • Merchants or Hunters sell Hide, Pelt, or Leather.
  • Once acquired, players can craft Hide Armor or improve armors made of Leather.
  • Alternatively, players can convert it into Leather Strips to use in almost all crafting.

Skyrim Leather ID

Although Leather is quite easy to find in Skyrim, you will come across it easily while exploring the world of Skyrim. But at times, you will find yourself running out of Leather. That is when you might have to go with the otherwise unethical way to get Leather. That is by using the ID for the Leather in the console commands.

The Leather ID is 000DB5D2. Now, to use it, you will have to use the command ‘player.additem 000DB5D2 x‘. Here, the X is the quantity of Leather that you’ll require. With that, you won’t have to go to Vendors again and again to get the required Leather.

Leather ID in Skyrim.
The Console command to summon Leather inside your inventory. [Image by eXputer]
Alternatively, if you don’t want all of it placed inside of your inventory, then you can use the console commands ‘player.placeatme 000DB5D2 x‘. That will place x amount of Leather right in front of you. And then you can pick it up to get on with your smithing. But that can become a hassle if you place hundreds of Leather right in front of you. First of all, picking them up will be a problem. And it will make the game lag a lot.

Other Methods To Get Skyrim Leather

You can get an unlimited amount of the material through the Skyrim Leather ID console commands. But at times, you don’t want to cheat or use such methods to acquire Leather. Instead, most players look for rather legitimate ways that don’t involve cheating. As Leather plays an important role in the game, there are a few different methods through which you can get it.

From Hunting

First of all, the best method is to go exploring. There, any animal you come across, you can hunt and then loot them for Pelt or Hide and other materials. To get successful at hunting animals and at ensuring that you get a kill on each hit, you’ll need to have the Best Bow and Arrow in Skyrim.

If you can’t seem to find Animals to hunt down, try checking out with Aela the Huntress. She will have Animal Extermination quests that will lead you to a creature. Now, not all creatures will be Pelt-dropping animals, but it is a good shot.

From Merchants

You can get Pelts and Hides from Merchants or Hunters. They will almost always have stock of Hides and Pelts ready to sell. The Merchants will also sell Leather to you. You can buy that and then use it in Crafting. That will save you a few steps, and it can be a little cheaper in some cases than buying Pelts or Hides.

leather buying from merchants.
You can buy leather from Merchants in the game. [Image by eXputer]

From Stealing

If you are just starting, and don’t have the money to buy them, then you can steal them from Merchants or Hunters. It will have Stolen written on it. But that will go away as soon as you craft them into something else.

stealing pelt from merchant.
Stealing is another method to get Leather. [Image by eXputer]

Leather From Pelts/Hides

Once you have your hands on a few Pelts or Hides, here is how much you’ll get from each of them. It will help you a lot in determining which animal you should hunt for. And if you’re visiting a Merchant or Hunter, which ones should you buy? With that being said, here are all the animals’ Pelts/Hides and how much leather each of these gives.

ItemNo. of Leather Produced
Bear Pelt4
Cave Bear pelt4
Snow Bear Pelt4
Cow Hide3
Deer Hide2
Fox Pelt1
Goat Hide1
Horse Hide3
Ice Wolf Pelt1
Sabre Cat Pelt4
Sabre Cat Snow Pelt4
Snow Fox Pelt1
Wolf Pelt1

Once you have acquired Hide or Pelt, you can then head over to any Tanning station. These stations are found at Blacksmiths. There, you can make Leather out of the Pelt. One thing to keep in mind is that Leather will take up additional space in your inventory. That’s why you should only make it into Leather when you need Leather for any project.

tanning station in Skyrim.
Use the Tanning rack to get Leather from Hides and Pelts. [Image by eXputer]

Uses Of Leather

The uses of Leather are limited, but it can give you an interesting Armor set. Players can make Hide Armor from Leather and Leather Strips. That is the early game Armor set, which will help you survive a lot in fights. You can then improve it on Workbench at any Blacksmith. With the Hide Armor, you can improve Leather Armor and Shrouded Armor.

hide armor.
Hide Armor is made from Leather. [Image by eXputer]
The Leather Armor can only be looted from bandits. Whereas the Shrouded Armor is given if you join the Dark Brotherhood.

In addition to all that, players can go on Tanning Rack and convert Leather into Leather Strips. Leather Strips are useful in making almost all Weapons and Armor pieces.

Final Words

In Skyrim, you are given the option to use Console commands. Although it will disable the achievements, it makes the game quite interesting. Using Skyrim Leather ID is one of the fastest methods to get Leather Armor.

With that being said, you can craft tons of Weapons or Alchemy potions too. It all depends on how you play the game. You can go on and hunt down Dragons and get the best Dragon Shouts. Or get a Wife and live a peaceful life in your own House.

This wraps up our guide, but one thing to note is that Skyrim’s gaming community doesn’t cheap on Mods that change the game. They keep the content in the game alive. A minor example of that will be tons of VR Mods and Eye Mods.

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