Skyrim Light Armor: Best Light Armors Ranked

Do you know the best light armors in Skyrim? No? Check out our light armor guide here and learn the top 13 armors you should have.

Rising to the level of Black Dragon Alduin in Skyrim will require a tremendous amount of preparation and an arsenal of weapons and armor types. Since the game features light and heavy armor sets, our light armor guide will entail the top 13 armors we think players should have in their playthrough of Skyrim.

Aside from the obvious advantages of wearing light or heavy armor, the armor rating is the core variable that matters in Skyrim. This armor rating highlights how much of defensive characteristics an armor can provide. Players can reach the armor cap on an armor type by upgrading the set pieces or enchanting them.

Best Light Armors Comparison Table

No.Armor SetBase ArmorWeightBase Value
1Dragonscale Armor Set111263600
2Glass Armor Set387900
3Stalhrim Light Armor Set397925
4Guild Master's Armor Set7617700
5Chitin Armor Set8516780
6Nightingale Armor Set6918-
7Imperial Light Armor Set6515245
8Dawnguard Armor Set6110.5365
9Scaled Armor Set6412665
10Shrouded Armor Set58131480
11Morag Tong Armor Set5310.5212
12Hide Armor Set5513120

Best Light Armor In Skyrim

Light armors in Skyrim are arguably the best for dealing with sneak attacks and consuming less stamina. Moreover, they are also a great option to go with while diving into the game for the first time. Skyrim features many armor types, out of which many can be crafted while a few can be acquired or bought through certain means.

Our light armor guide entails the top 13 armor that players can get starting from the beginning. We have listed a few weak armors in this as well, but that is because they are easy to acquire very early in the game.

Dragonscale Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
111 26 3600 Dragon Armor

The Dragon Scale Armor Set stands out as the top choice for light armor in Skyrim, offering exceptional defense and mobility. Players might start finding pieces of this armor before reaching level 50 if they unlock the Dragon Armor perk early on. After level 50, Dragonscale armor pieces begin to appear in random loot chests throughout the game, though the drop rate is moderate.

For crafting the Dragonscale armor, you’ll need iron ingots, leather strips, and dragon scales. Achieving a Smithing level of 100 and obtaining the Dragon Armor perk are prerequisites. Wearing this armor allows players to efficiently withstand enemy attacks with minimal concern.

Skyrim Light Armor
Dragonscale Light Armor

Glass Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
38 7 900 Glass Smithing

We think Glass armor seconds the Dragonscale armor by a small margin and nevertheless is still another great light armor. Unlike the latter, the former can be purchased from Blacksmiths and General Good Merchants as well. Other than that, you can also craft the armor pieces and find them inside random loot chests found in the rich open world of Skyrim.

While playing the game and beating bosses at level 30 or below, the boss’s loot chests have high chances to drop Glass armor. Moreover, the enchanted and unenchanted versions of the Glass armor start to drop in the game once players cross level 36. Thalmor soldiers also have a high chance of dropping the Glass. So, target this enemy type and loot the corpse to get all armor pieces quickly.

When it comes to crafting the Glass armor, players need to hit at least level 70 in Smithing and acquire the Glass Smithing perk.

Skyrim Light Armor
Glass Light Armor

Stalhrim Light Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
39 7 925 Ebony Smithing

The Stalhrim Light Armor Set offers a unique aesthetic with shiny white material and provides excellent damage resistance. With a base armor of 39, weight of 7, and value of 925, it’s accessible through Ebony Smithing. To obtain it, players must be level 35+ and visit Solstheim. It’s sold by Baldor Iron-Shaper in Skaal Village and Glover Mallory in Raven Rock, or found in loot chests. Crafting it requires the Ebony Smithing perk and a Smithing level of 80+.

Skyrim Light Armor
Stalhrim Light Armor

Guild Master’s Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
76 17 700 None

Guild Master’s armor is a slightly better version of Thieves Guild armor in terms of visuals and defensive attributes. Players who want to wear an all-black leather look-a-like armor in the game will find this light armor to their liking.

One of the easiest ways, other than crafting the armor, is to acquire it by speaking with Tonilia while embarking on “Under New Management” questline. The other unpopular way to obtain Guild Master’s armor pieces is by pickpocketing them from the members of the Thieves Guild. The only downside between the former and the latter method is that you can always improve the armor rating if you get Guild Master’s armor set from Tonilia.

Skyrim Light Armor
Guild Master’s Light Armor

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Chitin Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
85 16 780 Elven Smithing

The Chitin Armor Set blends exceptional protection with agility, distinguished by its bronze color. It’s not part of the base game, so players need the DLC to access it. Obtainable by defeating Reavers, Slitters, or Teldryn Sero, or purchasing from Glover Mallory in Raven Rock, this armor offers a robust defense.

Crafting Chitin armor requires a Smithing level of 30 and the Elven Smithing perk, alongside materials like Iron Ingot, Chitin Plate, and Netch Leather. This set is ideal for players looking for a balance between armor rating and mobility without compromising on either.

Skyrim Light Armor
Chitin Light Armor

Nightingale Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Perk
69 18 None

Nightingale armor, by far, is the best-looking light armor in the game. It shines in the vanity department and performs equally better in providing decent defense against enemies’ attacks. From head to toe, no light armor in the game comes close to how Nightingale armor’s visual appeal and the striking image it reflects. The armor set, being part of the base game, is probably another best part about the Nightingale armor set.

One of the easiest ways to acquire the complete armor set is to play “Trinity Restored” quest in Skyrim. Karliah, an ex-Thieves Guild member and a dunmer thief, gives complete armor set to the protagonist during the said quest.

Skyrim Light Armor
Nightingale Light Armor

Imperial Light Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
65 15 245 None

The Imperial Light Armor Set draws inspiration from Roman soldiers, with details like shoulder padding and wrist plating highlighting this influence. It provides good protection against both heavy and light attacks. Players aligned with the Imperial Legion can acquire it through crafting (with Steel Smithing), looting from fallen Imperial soldiers, or automatically upon leaving Helgen. This set, notable for its historical aesthetic, also boasts 68 attribute points for enhanced defense capabilities.

Skyrim Light Armor
Imperial Light Armor

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Dawnguard Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
61 10.5 365 Advanced Armor

The Dawnguard Armor Set, available with the Dawnguard DLC, provides moderate protection, ranking between the Imperial Light Armor and the Scaled Armor Set. This set is easily accessible and comes in three variations, each featuring different colors and designs. The variations include a dark brown and faded crimson without long sleeves or pauldrons, and a grey variant with one pauldron and long sleeves.

The quickest way to obtain it is by completing the “A New Order” quest, where Gunmar rewards the player with the set. Alternatively, Gunmar sells it, or pieces can be found near Fort Dawnguard. The set includes two enchanted pieces: a helmet and a shield. Upgrading requires steel ingots and the Advanced Armor perk.

Skyrim Light Armor
Dawnguard Light Armor

Scaled Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
64 12 665 Advanced Armors

The Scaled Armor Set, part of Skyrim’s base game, does not require DLCs. It offers solid protection and features a design with shoulder padding, exposed arms with wrist armor, a fancy belt with animal fur, and a torso piece resembling a skirt paired with long boots.

To quickly acquire it, complete the “With Friends Like These” Dark Brotherhood quest and loot Fultheim the Fearless for three pieces. Alternatively, defeating higher-level Bandits after reaching level 20 in the game can also yield Scaled armor pieces. Crafting is an option for obtaining the set, requiring a Smithing level of 50 and the Advanced Armor perk.

Skyrim Light Armor
Scaled Light Armor

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Shrouded Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value
  • 58
  • 72 (alt. version)
  • 13
  • 7.5 (alt. version)
  • 1480
  • 1555 (alt. version)

The Shrouded Armor Set, designed for assassins, is a fully covered light armor that comes exclusively in enchanted versions, enhancing mobility and defense. To obtain it, one efficient method is by joining the Dark Brotherhood, where the player is awarded the full set upon first arrival at the Sanctuary by Astrid.

Alternatively, players unwilling to join can acquire the set by defeating and looting Astrid during the quest “With Friends Like These.” The set includes variations with and without a face mask, and its appearance adjusts slightly depending on the player’s character gender.

Skyrim Light Armor
Shrouded Light Armor

Morag Tong Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
53 10.5 212 Advanced Armor

Morag tong armor is a slightly toned-down version of Chitin armor in terms of aesthetic appeal and defensive characteristics. This light armor is also a part of Dragonborn DLC and can be acquired after installing the add-on content on the system.

The Morag Tong assassins wear the full armor set. So killing and looting their corpse will yield armor set pieces. However, inside the sleeping quarters in Ashfallow Citadel, players can acquire the complete armor set.

Players cannot craft this armor; however, they can upgrade and improve the overall base armor rating through Smithing. Although, players will need to acquire leather and the Advanced armor perk to upgrade the armor pieces.

Skyrim Light Armor
Morag Tong Light Armor

Fur armor

Like the Hide armor set, the Fur armor is also another light armor that is pretty easy to acquire very early in the game. In terms of armor rating, the Fur armor ranks a tad bit better than the Hide armor.

Players cannot buy this light armor from merchants nor can craft it. The only way to acquire armor set pieces is by looting Hold Guards or Bandits in the early game.  

Skyrim Light Armor
Fur Light Armor

Hide Armor Set

Base Armor Weight Base Value Perk
55 13 120 None

Hide armor is a base game light armor that is pretty common in the game and drops every now and then from chests and enemy loot in the early game. Visually, the entire armor is made of leather and probably is the main reason it does not offer decent defense against enemy attacks. Moreover, it also costs relatively less as well.

Players can obtain all set pieces of the Hide armor set by looting chests, and enemies’ corpses at the beginning of the game. As a started armor, you can also buy it from Blacksmiths and Good Merchants – better to have some defense than nothing at all. Arvel the Swift wears the complete set, and players can obtain full Hide armor set by killing him during the “The Golden Claw” quest.

Skyrim Light Armor
Hide Light Armor

Since the armor is found very early in the game and does not cost much while buying from the merchants, the same is the case for crafting it. There is no Smithing level required nor a perk acquisition to craft the complete Hide armor set. All you will need is a few leather and leather and leather strips.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about light armor in Skyrim. So share your experience with us in the comments section below and tell us which one out of the 13 light armors we mentioned above is your favorite.

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