Skyrim: Best Two-Handed Weapons [Top 25]

The community won't consider you a true Dragonborn if you aren't wielding these two-handed weapons.

There is a vast array of weaponry in Skyrim, and they are all categorized into weapon types. You could find one-handed weapons or bows, and all can be used in combat effectively. But there is a certain type of weaponry known as the Two-handed weapon, which is best used to give those heavy blows in Skyrim. That gives the weapons an advantage over the enemy. It has a better and stronger swing.

Key Takeaways
  • Two-handed weapons are used to cause an amazing amount of damage with the cost of defense.
  • There are three types of two-handed weapons, Battle Axes, Greatswords, and Warhammers.
  • Out of all the Battle Axes, Drainblood is arguably the best one due to its enchantment.
  • When it comes to talking about the best ongoing effect weapon, the Bloodskal Blade is incomparable.
  • Judging from the sheer strength and base damage, the Volendrung probably takes the lead.
  • The Rueful Axe has an enchantment that lets you take 20 stamina points from your enemies.
  • Like all Dragonbone-based weapons, The Dragonbone Axe has an extremely powerful base damage of 26.
  • Wuuthrad is a good choice of weapon to use against Trolls in the early levels of Skyrim.
  • The Ebony Blade has an interesting storyline along with a good 30 HP taking enchantment.
  • If you want a fast-swinging blade with high base damage, Stalhrim Greatsword is the one for you.
  • Champion’s Cudgel has by far the best enchantment, as there’s a 50% chance for you to get fire, shock, and frost damage.
  • You can add two or more enchantments to the Dragonbone Greatsword.
  • The Longhammer is the fastest and most agile Warhammer in the game.
  • As an early-game weapon, the Woodman’s Friend is pretty amazing due to its speed. 

Battle Axes

The two-handed weapons are further categorized into three types of two-handed weapons, each best in its own right. This section will be talking about the Battle Axes, which of course, upon first sight, you can see are really cool. Along with looking cool, they give great damage to the many monstrous creatures

These Battle Axes are more forceful and sharper than a Warhammer. Thus giving an amazing amount of damage with an incredible swing power. All of the Battle Axes mentioned here are the best two-handed weapons you can probably acquire, especially in the early stages of the game. 


Drainblood In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Drainblood – [Image credit: eXputer]







When you look at the Drainblood Battle Axe, you can see how stunning it really is. Just judging visually is enough for any Skyrim player to want to get their hands on it. The weapon has a translucent blue hue to it making it a bit unique when compared to other Battle Axes. Drainblood is the type of two-handed weapon that can be considered best for close combat ranges. You can easily kill heavy beings with a single blow.

You cannot upgrade the weapon on the Grindstones, but to be honest, the weapon doesn’t really need one. Its enchantment and base damage is best used against Monsters earlier in Skyrim, which makes the Drainblood Axe a good choice for an early weapon.

You don’t need the upgrade unless you are at a really high level which I doubt. Okay sorry. But yes, the weapon can prove to be great against foes. The Drainblood is a pretty rare two-handed type of weapon and is the best ethereal blade out of all four in Skyrim.

Things To Know

  • The Drainblood can be found while you’re on the “Staff Of Magnus” quest in Labyrinthian.
  • You can give about 21 damage to the opponent, which is pretty good.
  • The best thing about this two-handed weapon is its enchantment.
  • There is particular recharging required for the weapon, and it gives about 15 points of health damage.
  • Each swing will take 15 points, and it’ll be continuous without any charge plus, you will be able to absorb that health. 

The Rueful Axe 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Rueful Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : The Rueful Axe – Image Captured by eXputer







The Rueful Axe is certainly a pretty-looking axe design-wise, as it looks more and more intimidating with its grim look. Rueful Axe is surely contending for the top spot of the best two-handed weapon types, as it is also the anniversary edition weapon.

You can see how beautifully the axe is designed, with two howling wolves surrounding its main axe. That is an ode towards to continuation of the story of Sebastian’s daughter becoming one.

Many players have different opinions about The Rueful Axe and its significance. That includes Reddit users that are not too keen about calling Rueful Axe the best two-handed weapon type in Skyrim. Their doubt arises from the fact of how slow its swing is.

It cannot be fixed as well because it cannot be upgraded via the Smithing Perks. Now, the plus point about the weapon is the damage. Some might say that the base damage and the enchantment damage are not enough, but they can be a real pain to the enemies, especially in the beginning.

Things To Know

  • Rueful Axe deals about 22 damage per swing, which is good enough to kill bigger opponents like dragons.
  • The best part about the two-handed weapon is its enchantment, through which you can deal stamina damage of about 20 points.
  • The two-handed weapon type can be best used in the early stages.
  • There is only one way you can get the two-handed weapon, and that is by doing the mission known as “A Daedric’s Best Friend.” 

Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls

The Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls – Image by eXputer




The Axe we are talking about now is rather simple and elegant with the design of a runic axe. You could see how much thought was put into designing the battle axe.

Us saying that it simply not only compliments Fiery Soul Axe’s design but its features as well. Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls is basically a steel battle axe which is a rather strong component to use with an axe. One of the main reasons why it is called the best two-handed weapon type axe is because of the enchantment it has.

There have been many speculations on Reddit as to why it is considered one of the best two-handed weapon-type battle axes in Skyrim. Most of the bosses, like the dragon priests, can be slayed easily with the help of the steel axe.  See, sometimes steel is better than making gold by transmute spell. Okay, these were the base facts about the weapon, but there is more!

Things To Know

  • The base damage is just 18 points, but wait for the extra bonuses it has.
  • You get another 10 points of fire damage that can literally become the difference between winning and losing.
  • Opponents being laid on fire get bonus damage as well, making it easier to kill smaller foes. 
  • Its enchantment allows you to fill up the soul gems for each kill, which, if you think about it, is pretty nifty.
  • As Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls can absorb the target’s soul, you can think of it as a great early-game two-handed weapon type.
  • You also have the option to disenchant it and give the enchantment to any other two-handed weapon.
  • The weapon can be found towards the end of the Ironbind Barrow along the word wall. 

Dragonbone Battle Axe 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Dragonbone Battle Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Dragonbone Battle Axe – Screenshot Grab: eXputer




You can find the Dragonbone material in almost every category of weapons in Skyrim. Especially the heavy weaponry with strong and agile strikes like the Battle Axes. The Dragonbone material can be really hard to find, considering what you have to go through to get it.

The substance can be crafted into powerful two-handed weapons and is as rare as a Dragon Priest Mask. What you should craft with the material is the Dragonbone Battle Axe. The statistics of the two-handed weapon type are mind-boggling, considering it is best with raw power.

Things To Know

  • While it might sound like a stretch to go all to craft it, you will find that it’ll be worth it.
  • If you have good practice with the Dragonbone weapons, you will definitely be able to cause severe damage.
  • The base damage of the Dragonbone Battle Axe is 26, which is amazingly high. If you are looking for a reason to craft it, the damage is enough reason.
  • The axe cannot be found at a specific location like the other weapons. If you kill even one of the keepers in Soul Cairn, you will be able to get it.
  • The two-handed weapon type is not only retrieved from their killing, but you can craft the best version of it in, even early in the game. 


Wuuthrad In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Wuuthrad – Screenshot Captured by eXputer




Now onto more of the special kind of two-handed weapons in the game. The Wuuthrad is easily one of, if not the best two-handed weapon-type battle axe in Skyrim, as suggested and agreed upon by many users on Reddit. What’s special about the Wuuthrad is the in-game effect it has on the Elven community. 

If you want Wuuthrad, you will have to join and ally with the Companions in the Whiterun. The next step will be to engage with the main quest and bring it to an almost end.  The Wuuthrad was an older legendary weapon, so it will have pieces scattered around the quest. 

The Wuuthrad is a pretty “rad” choice of a two-handed weapon type, and it is best if you have some sort of enchantment added to it, so it becomes the best of its potential. When it comes to Wuuthrad, you can see apart from the oh-so-good effect as you can add another enchantment to it.

Things To Know

  • You know, getting into this list makes each weapon a worthy weaponry to be yielded.
  • You can specifically find them in the “Glory Of The Dead” quest.
  • Just bring every single piece to Eorlund Gray-Mane, and he will remake it for you.
  • It is actually not any sort of enchantment, but it is just a 1.2x damage multiplier for the two-handed weapon type, which can be deadly in the early stages of Skyrim. 
  • Once you have done that, you’ll be in a totally different league, kid. Enchanting Wuuthrad won’t remove the Elven damaging effect too.
  • Wuuthrad has a base damage of 25 in Skyrim, which is plenty to kill bigger foes. 


One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Daedric
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Daedric – Image Captured by us






As of now, the Daedric artifacts have been seriously powerful, especially seeing these two-handed weapons. They have dominated each field of weaponry whilst competing with rare materials such as the Dragonbone and Skyforge Steel. 

Lookswise, the Daedric Battle Axe is a bit aggressive of the designers, but it is incredibly powerful. The Daedric Battle Axe is especially powerful in the hands of a two-handed weapon character type, so best use them.  

Their base strength is immense, considering how they are even stronger than most Warhammer. You can just simply wear light armor and let the powers of the Axe do their job. 

Many Reddit users have confirmed that if you are an early player, the two-handed weapon type is the best choice for you in Skyrim. They said it because you can literally wipe out enemies with a singular swing. In order to get the weapon, you won’t really have to do much.

Things To Know

  • You can easily get the two-handed weapon type early on in Skyrim, but it won’t be enchanted.
  • Later in the game, the two-handed weapon type can be enchanted, so best do it to the core.
  • Most of the chests in the world will start giving out the Daecric Battle Axe after you reach level 30.
  • However, you can always just simply kill off a dragon to get the enchanted version.

Tsun’s Battle Axe 

Tsun’s Battle Axe In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Tsun’s Battle Axe – Image Captured by eXputer




Easily the best two-handed weapon is Tsun’s Battle Axe which is introduced in the game early on.  Tsun has been seen wielding this amazing axe, and it looks absolutely magnificent in his hands. Emphasis on “his hands” because you cannot wield the axe on your own in the game. The game has made it somewhat inaccessible for the players to wield the weapon on their own.

It was pretty much a drag until the game code and schematics were leaked so that various mods could be made. You can find various mods of Skyrim on Reddit and now wield the two-handed weapon type easily.  Normally you won’t go out of your way just to get a battle axe, but it is something interesting that the game can deliver. 

Things To Know

  • The Interesting Lore of Tsun’s battle axe is why it is worth mentioning in the list.
  • The base of damage of 27 makes the weapon the most powerful battle axe.
  • In the world of Skyrim, you can pretty much use this weapon to defeat every mythical monster! 

Headman’s Axe 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Headman’s Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Headman’s Axe – Screenshot Grab: eXputer




Now onto the more normally obtainable weaponry, we have the Headman’s Axe. This unique Battle Axe proves that you need more than sheer base strength to kill foes. If you look at the design and structure of the weapon, you can see it is pretty long. Yes, long enough. You can use this structure to your advantage because now you have more Damage area. That area of damage is needed to maintain a good amount of distance from huge monsters. 

In order to get the weapon, you must either just kill off Ahtar or make him a follower. You could kill him off and just take the weapon. It’ll be more humane of you to just take it from his inventory after making him a follower, just like Serana. You will have yourself a unique weapon at hand afterward, so either way, it makes it worth it. The Paralyze or Decapitation are good enchantments to go with Headman’s Axe, plus the Nightingale Armor will provide a much-needed defense.  

Things To Know

  • The length advantage also comes along to push away the close-ranged attackers of Skyrim, such as trolls.
  • The unique battle style of the two-handed weapon type makes it a worthy candidate to add to your arsenal in Skyrim, especially if you add the best enchantments for it.
  • You can kill Ahtar to attain Headman’s Axe quicker. 
  • Headman’s Axe has just damage of 17. 

The Woodman’s Friend 

The Woodman’s Friend In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: The Woodman’s Friend – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer




Most of the weapons discussed can be a little hard for beginners to obtain right away. That is where Woodman’s Friend shines because it can be achieved and taken from any point in the game. With the help of Reddit, you can even modify the two-handed weapon type to your best liking in Skyrim. Early on, this two-handed weapon can best damage the trolls and other smaller beings

As a collector of weapons, you should definitely at the weapon to your arsenal. If you’re not a beginner, of course, you won’t need it, but having one will improve your collection.

Things To Know

  • The main base damage of the axe is about 17, which is more than a normal Iron Ore one.
  • You cannot make enchantment over the two-handed weapon, so it’s best to stick to mods for it in Skyrim.
  • There is only one way of finding the Woodman’s Friend, and its literal name hints at it.
  • Just about moving towards the South East side of Conjurer’s Altar, you will find it.
  • It will be found lying on the dirt, ready to be picked up and used in battle. 

Stalhrim’s Battle Axe 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Stalhrim’s Battle Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Stalhrim’s Battle Axe – Screenshot Captured by eXputer




Now, who doesn’t like a Stalhrim-based weapon in their hands? The blue-stoned material can pretty much make any weapon type into the best version of itself, especially when it comes to the two-handed ones in Skyrim. While most Reddit users argue about using the material for the two-handed Greatsword weapon type, one could always choose the Battle Axe over it. That is because the material compliments the striking ability of a battle axe well. 

The Greatsword version may be just a tad fast, but the incredible power that the axe provides is indomitable. You can pretty much dominate each opponent “double” handed with just its sheer strength. The Battle Axe is much more damaging than most Warhammer because of the Stalhrim material. Stalhrim Battle Axe is strength-wise identical to that of a Dragonbone material which is famously gathered in the world of Skyrim. The damage for the Stalhrim Axe is pretty decent, and although the speed is a little slow, the damage is enough to do the job.

Things To Know

  • The weapon can be enchanted with a Freezing powered enchantment such as Frost Damage.
  • It is 25% stronger when set on weapons crafted from Stalhrim material.
  • So it is better you use it to increase your chances of survival in the cruel yet fun world of Skyrim.
  • The main base damage of the weapon is 24, with a weight of 25.


The famous Greatswords have been part of Skyrim and dominated the battlefield when held by the Dragonborn. When compared to the normal single-handed weapon, the Greatswords are much more powerful. The damage done by the Greatswords is worth the slow swing it has. That occurs because of heavy the Greatswords have been designed to be. In comparison to the other two-handed weapons, Greatswords are much faster. 

Bloodskal Blade 

Bloodskal Blade In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Bloodskal Blade – Image by eXputer




This two-handed weapon is special at heart and has been considered one of the more preferred choices of weapon. Not only does the weapon look incredible, but it can also deal a massive amount of damage. The damage is in the form of an energy surge.  The main aspect of the weapon is the strong attack enchantment it has.

The two-handed weapon type has a ranged power attack enchantment which is best used against multiple projectiles in Skyrim.  That is why Bloodskal Balde is considered one of the best two-handed weapon types in Skyrim by the users of Reddit. 

With just a single swing, you can pretty much wipe out armies of minor enemies and obstacles. If you have Steel ingots, you can even upgrade the Bloodskal Blade to improve upon its power. In order to find the Greatsword, you must do a certain quest. You will be able to find the quest in the Raven Rocks. When you just arrive at the place, you will find yourself a warrior named Crescius Caerellius. 

Things To Know 

  • You must investigate his Great Grandfather in the quest known as “The Final Decent.”
  • After wandering in the mines for a while, you will find his Great Grandfather’s corpse along with the Bloodskal Blade you want so dearly. 
  • And yes, it’s not grave digging if the body isn’t buried, so you are doing nothing wrong. The energy enchantment can travel a range of 15 miles, making it so you can hit enemies further away.
  • You inflict damage of 30 with the blasts, and it destroys anything coming in its path.
  • The Blood Red blade has damage of about 21.
  • The weapon’s weight is just 16, which is why Bloodskal Blade is so fast with an outlandish swing.


One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Orcish
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Orcish – [Image credit: eXputer]






Onto the more commonly used Greatsword, we have the Orcish. It is special not just because of its rugged look but its capabilities as a weapon. You can get the two-handed weapon type early on in Skyrim as it requires no such best fancy enchantment. The Orish is simply a weapon for the beginners of the game that are looking to find a nice Greatsword.

If you know how to keep a Greatsword well and intact, you can figure out a use for the Orcish Greatsword. It receives its spot in the list as many Reddit users agree upon how the two-handed weapon type was best known for its attack power early in Skyrim.

Things To Know

  • The blade has a base damage of 18 which is better than most of the Greatswords available.
  • We would say that the blade is pretty underrated, as you can get Orcish after just crossing level 6.
  • Getting such a tool of chaos that early should be regarded as superior nonetheless.
  • You can easily find the Greatsword around the world of Skyrim.
  • Most of the time, you will just find it in some random chest lying around the town.
  • Even some blacksmiths can help you craft it. 


Stormfang In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : Stormfang – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer




Well, for the most the Stormfang is quite a nifty weapon, especially when you first get it in the game. It has an extremely cool long sword-like design that somewhat resembles the structure of real-life old swords. When playing with the Greatsword, you will realize it has the potential to become one of, if not the best two-handed weapon type in Skyrim primarily because of its enchantment.

It is sort of unique in that way since the base damage isn’t quite impressive. Now with this hell of a combination, you are sure to defeat major trolls and priests in the game. In Skyrim, each weapon brings its own charm to each battle.

This is why collecting each type of weapon can be extremely fun. It isn’t necessarily fast but also not slow, just between that sweet spot, you know? As said before, its enchantment is what makes it the star of the show.

Things To Know

  • You will get a base damage of 17 along with a weight of 17 as well.
  • The enchantment helps deal 30 shock damage to the target.
  • It also does 15 Magicka damage to just really finish off the smaller opponents you face. 
  • If you want to have the weapon, just kill the Reaver Lord at Brodir Grove.

Ebony Blade 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Ebony Blade
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Ebony Blade – Image by eXputer




If you are a gamer that researches well, you may know about the hype around this two-handed weapon type and how it is arguably the best.

The main reason for Ebony Blade is that this weapon has a special storyline connected to it. Apart from its famous lure, it is pretty fast, considering it is a Greatsword. Greatswords are meant to be heavy and damaging. Ebony Blade is amazing in that aspect, as it deals a good amount of damage as well. 

The blade can deal massive damage to opponents, specifically when it’s upgraded. Yes, Ebony Blade can be upgraded and should be. Once you go to the blacksmith and get it enchanted well, you will have yourself an amazing weapon in your arsenal.  Many different enchantments can be set onto the weapon, so choose wisely.  

Things To Know

  • You can maximize the amount of power the weapon has by killing 10 of your friends.
  • Well, as they say, the hardest choices require the strongest will! Upon killing your companions, your blade will now have the ability to take 30 HP from your opponents.
  • Now isn’t that worth killing a bunch of innocent people? You answer that one. 
  • The blade is actually retrieved from a very famous quest among players.
  • It is known as “The Whispering Door,” and yes, it is as spooky as it sounds.  


Dragonbone In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Dragonbone – Screenshot Captured by eXputer




Ah, yes, the Dragonbone Greatsword. It is, without a doubt, a great two-handed weapon, even without any need for enchantment. This is a perfectly sleek-looking weapon that can intimidate even yourself. It looks amazing being hilt on the back of the Dragonborn.

But the Dragonbone Greatsword is not just a good-looking sword; in fact, it is extremely powerful. If you want to go the simple way, just eliminate Keepers in the Soul Cairn. If you want to craft the Dragonbone Greatsword instead, then it’s really up to you. You will need to go to a forge in order to make it. You can get the weapon through plenty of ways in the game. Some are rather tedious, but some are easy to do.

Things To Know 

  • The weapon does not hold back against pitiful enemies like Trolls.
  • It obliterates enemies with its amazing balance and swing. The sword has a base damage of a whopping 25.
  • Adding one or two enchantments won’t do any harm too. The more, the merrier!
  • In order to craft it, you will need ebony ingots, leather strips, and of course, dragon bones. 

Silver Greatsword

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Silver Greatsword
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Silver Greatsword – Image Captured by eXputer




Now towards the simpler design of the games and even simpler playstyle, we have the silver Greatsword. While the Silver might not look exactly very mythical like the others but it sure can deal damage. The Silver Greatsword is made up of a silver alloy hence the name.

You can make devastating blows with the weapon, especially in the early game. It is why the sword is considered the best early-game two-handed weapon type you can choose. 

Silver Greatsword is also really easy to find the sword. If you are doing quests for companions, make sure to check out their strongholds. There you will find the sword with the followers of the Silver hand. It is really that easy to get this wonderful weapon. 

Things To Know

  • It is also not that simple when it comes to sheer abilities. The ability it has helps you deal greater damage to the undead.
  • The undead is beings like Vampires and Werewolves.  The Dragonborn can even turn himself not a werewolf with it.
  • These abilities are set apart from the enchantment so that you can add your other enchantments.
  • Nothing will happen to these abilities as well once you’ve added your enchantments. 

Stalhrim Greatsword 

Stalhrim Greatsword In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Stalhrim Greatsword – Image Captured by eXputer




Well, by now, you must understand that the Stalhrim weapons never fail to do the job. They can be incredibly powerful, especially when they are crafted to become a Greatsword.  The sword resembles every Stalhrim weapon with its icy blue shade stone. The Stalhrim Greatsword is quite pretty to look at and is strength-wise dominating. There are times when this weapon comes really in handy and defeat bigger, better opponents.

This is just because of the Stalhrim material, making it an even better option to use in Skyrim. You can make an amazing build with the Greatsword if you manage to choose the right armor. It will not only look aesthetic in your character’s back hilt but serve you with good amounts of kills. 

Things To Know 

  • Although the blue sword isn’t physically stronger than the Battle Axe variant, it is faster. With a weight of 21, it is one of the lighter two-handed weapons in the game.
  • Even the damage from the weapon is 23. That is definitely more than one should ask for.
  • You can craft the Greatsword if you have 5 Stalhrims and about three leather strips.
  • A smithing level of 80 is also required, so make sure you have your Alchemy skills right. 
  • If you put a frost enchantment on the Greatsword, then the ability will gain a 25% rise in its power.


Now we definitely need to talk about this big hunky weaponry that should be kept away from your wives.  Not only does it have an advantage because of its sheer strength, but some have the ability to knock back enemies. Warhammers are definitely the strongest of the two-handed weapons.

The base damages are some you’ve never seen. Look-wise, the Warhammers are, well, like Warhammer! These chunky, maybe blunt or spiky, ended weaponry with incredible weight. 

Dawnguard Rune Hammer 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Dawnguard Rune Hammer
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Dawnguard Rune Hammer – Image Captured by us




Starting off with something big, we have the Dawnguard Rune Hammer. It is spelled with Destruction Magic which is used to create chaos on the battlefield. The enchantment can be compared to that of the Bloodskal Blade. Both have these unique enchantments to them that cannot be worn off each time it’s used.

It is actually the opposite of the enchantment the Dawnguard hammer has. It is because every time you use it, the Destruction skill increases.

Each time the enemy triggers the rune, they will get caught in the blast. But of course, they have to be in proximity of the rune, or else it won’t deal damage.

Gamers on Reddit have described this two-handed weapon to be the best Warhammer they have used in Skyrim. If you want this weapon for yourself, you will find it whilst completing the DawnguardSide quest.

Things To Know 

  • What the enchantment does is that it places fire runes at each place it is swung.
  • These fire ruins are kind of like explosives or trip mines. If the enemy or monster is close enough, it will trigger the explosion.
  • Upon the destruction, the damage that the being will take will be around 50.
  • Yup, it causes about 50 fire damage which, if you think about is insane. You cannot place more than one rune at a particular time.
  • If you do, the other first one will disappear. 
  • It will be found in one of the 17 locations in the quest.


Longhammer In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Longhammer – [Image credit: eXputer]




Now it is known about the war hammers that they are incredibly slow but have great damage. Quite the opposite can be said for the Longhammer. The Longhammer is a unique weapon to use in the open world of Skyrim. What’s unique about it is that the Longhammer is incredibly fast. When we say fast, we mean fast! Longhammer can even beat most of the Greatsword’s speed in the game. That is due to its ongoing effect, which is indefinite in the game.

You can further enchant the weapon and even upgrade it with Steel ingots. It’ll make the weapon more invincible. There is a simple way of finding out the location of the weapon. You can locate this weapon near the corpse of Rahd. His body is found during the ongoing quest known as the “Liar’s Retreat.” 

Things To Know

  • The long hammer has a weight of 18 which is quite good on its own.
  • When it’s topped off by the effect, which essentially reduces the weapon’s weight by 30%, you have yourself a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Many Reddit users have compared the speed of the two-handed weapons and have found that the Longhammer is definitely one of the best and fastest.
  • When the Dragonborn uses the weapon, his reaction time will be increased due to the speed. 

Champion’s Cudgel 

One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Champion’s Cudgel
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Champion’s Cudgel – Screenshot Captured by eXputer




The creative intent put towards designing the Champion’s Cudgel was definitely amazing. For the most part, the cudgel is an all rounding damaging weapon. Champion’s Cudgel can be called the Avatar of the two-handed weapons due to its enchantment.  It is really interesting when you look at the enchantment of the weapon because it comes to mere chance. There is a 50% chance of getting a fire, frost, and shock damage. It’ll be a burst amount of surges of the elements.

Many users on Reddit have described the enchantment of the two-handed weapon to be the best in Skyrim. We agree. It is why even the game lets you disenchant the weapon so that you have the option of applying it to another weapon. Although if you do that, you will destroy the Champion’s Cudgel in doing so. It is why we suggest you just stick to the hammer because the Cudgel is not bad on its own. 

After speaking with Captain Veleth during the “March Of The Dead” quest, he will send you to defeat General Falx Carius. You will be dispatched toward Fort Frostmoth, where you will kill the general. Upon looting his body, you will get your desired weapon. 

Things To Know

  • Focus on the fact that we said fire, frost, AND shock damage. This means there is no “or” and “either” when it comes to this enchantment.
  • The 50% chance applies to each individual element damage.  If you are lucky enough, you could stack up multiple elemental damages together.
  • Each elemental damage will have 25 damage points.
  • Meaning if you manage to draw a combination of frost, fire, and shock altogether, then the damage would be 75 points. 
  • Champion’s Cudgel has a base damage of 24, which is good enough. 


Volendrung In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim :Volendrung – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer




Up until the debate about the best two-handed weapon or Warhammer has been pretty rough. The competing warhammers have proved why they are worthy of being considered the best. The Volendrung can be expected to top the chart of this debate. First of all, the visual aesthetic of the weapon is mesmerizing. Volendrung truly has the look of a Warhammer.

Another bonus of the weapon is that the base damage can be improved upon. You just have to acquire some Ebony ingots in order to do that. Even the speed of the weapon is amazing, so what more could you want? Soul Gems are an amazing way to push the limits of the weapon. 

Things To Know

  • The sole reason for Volendrung to be the best is the enchantment it possesses.
  • You can drain the enemy of 50 points of stamina and use it yourself.
  • You have to see the depth of this ability if you see how stamina-exhausting two-handed weapons are.
  • Each strike of the weapon will earn you enough stamina to use the weapon almost indefinitely.
  • As far as the damage goes, well, you shouldn’t be worried. That is because the base damage of the Volendrung is 25 points.
  • You will be able to retrieve the weapon by entirely completing the Cursed tribe quest.

Dragonbone Warhammer 

Dragonbone Warhammer In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : Dragonbone Warhammer – Image by eXputer




Yet again, the Dragonbone comes to make a weapon so incredibly powerful. Well, that was the real purpose of this material. To dominate every type of weapon in the game. The Daedric artifacts or The Stalhrim materials are always left pale in comparison.

This time around, we have the Dragonbone Warhammer. The Warhammer kind of resembles what the tibia of a Dragon would look like. The design is extremely realistic and cool to look at. Not only that, but the weapon has immense power.

There are two ways to get the Dragonbone Warhammer. Either you can just craft it yourself by using three dragon bones and ebony ingots, and two leather strips, Or you can just defeat the keepers of the Soul Cairn but remember that this won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Things To Know

  • The best part about the weapon is how it exceeds its potential if you have your enchantments sorted out.
  • Apart from the heavyweight, there are no such known drawbacks to the weapon itself.
  • Dragonbone Warhammer has a base damage of 28, so it can have that devastating impact on your opponents.
  • Just by the look of the weapon, you can determine how much potential it has.
  • Just make sure to enchant it with a good enchantment like Chaos damage. 

Stalhrim Warhammer 

Stalhrim Warhammer In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Stalhrim Warhammer – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer




Every Skyrim player knows that a Warhammer is supposed to be slow. This makes them not want to choose a Warhammer over a fast, two-handed weapon like a Greatsword. But never underestimate the damage caused by a Warhammer. They can wreck any opponent scaling from a troll to a dragon. That is primarily because of their sheer strength and power.

What you need to think about is the damage a Warhammer can cause if it’s made from the Stalhrim stone. The design alone is good enough to cop the weapon while going on a hunt for monsters. The blue hue always compliments the weapon well. 

Things To Know 

  • As far as the Stalhrim Warhammer goes, it deserves its spot on our list because of its sheer strength. It should be on yours too.
  • Stalhrim Warhammer does about 26 damage per swing.
  • Apart from that, if you enchant it with frost damage-based enchantments, you will have an extra 25% damage rate. 
  • In order to craft the weapon, you must have five Stalhrim and three Leather Strips. 


Aegisbane In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Aegisbane – Image by eXputer




The lure attached to the Aesisbane is quite interesting and fascinating. Along the same lines, we have another reason to get this weapon which is its effectiveness in battle. If you are a beginner, then you should definitely try out the Aegsibane. Aegisbane is more agile than the standard used Warhammers like the glass one. Furthermore, you will be able to understand the schematics of a Warhammer from it.

In its lore, it is actually considered a family heirloom to a clan from Windhelm. They were known as the Shatter-shield clan. You will have to do the “Mourning Never Comes” quest in order to get the Aegisbane. When you join the Dark Brotherhood, you will be sent to kill Alain. Alain will have your desired weapon, so take it off of his corpse.

Things To Know

  • The best part about the weapon is not even its agility but its enchantment.
  • You will be able to do 5 points worth of frost damage to your opponents because of it.
  • Alongside that, you will be able to do five damage to their stamina.
  • Aegisbane has very low damage of 18 but is faster than most hammers
  • If your opponent’s power depends on their stamina, they will be no match for the Aegisbane. 


Trollsbane In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : Trollsbane – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer




The next in line is Trollsbane, whose power is meant to be guided against the Trolls in the game. Visually Trollsbane is not that special; I mean, what do you really expect from a weapon named Trollsbane? But when it comes to situations where those pesky little trolls are messing with you, you pull it out. Trolls are very easy to get rid of, but when there is a whole bunch of them, they can be a big pain. That is where the Trollsbane comes really handy and saves you the trouble.

In order to find the weapon, you may have to travel to the city of Markarth. Head on the east from there, and you will find yourself the Cradle stone tower. West from there, you will find two trolls guarding a corpse. Frofnir Trollsbane is a lying dead person, and you can retrieve the Trollsbane from his body.

Things To Know 

  • Its enchantment basically sets the Trolls on fire.
  • As they are burning, they are dealt about 15 points of fire damage.
  • So yeah, Trollsbane? More like Troll in PAIN. Okay, bad joke. Keep in mind that this is specific to Trolls.
  • Such beings as vampires or other undead will not be affected. Apart from that, Trollsbane has a base damage of 26.
  • Now that is not bad for the hammer that can be found early in the game. Plus, when compared to Aegisbane, Trollsbane has a higher damage output. 

Final Words 

Many Reddit users have confirmed that if you are an early player, using dual weapons is the best choice for you in Skyrim. They said it because you can literally wipe out enemies with a singular swing. In order to get the weapon, you won’t really have to do much.

Now you know about the best of the best two-handed weapons in the game. There are no such honorable mentions because these are it. If you want to have the best two-handed weapons in your arsenal, these are the ones to go for. If you have trouble understanding quests such as In My Time of Need Quest or Blood On The Ice Quest, read out guides. We have also covered the places you can find the Black Books in Skyrim

Also, make sure to check out our guides on How To Use A Bow and Fortify Enchanting. Do check out our guide over the ESO Necromancer Build if you haven’t already. 

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