Skyrim: Best Two-Handed Weapons [Top 25]

The community won't consider you a true Dragonborn if you aren't wielding these two-handed weapons.

There is a vast array of weaponry in Skyrim, and they are all categorized into weapon types. You could find one-handed weapons or bows, and all can be used in combat effectively. The best two-handed weapons in Skyrim can be used to give those heavy blows in Skyrim. That gives the weapons an advantage over the enemy. It has a better and stronger swing.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 54 two-handed weapons in Skyrim.
  • There are three types of two-handed weapons, Battle Axes, Greatswords, and Warhammers.
  • Dual wielding is favored by some players for its efficiency in combat.
  • The Rueful Axe, Steel Battle Axe of Fiery Souls, Dragonbone Battle Axe, and Wuuthrad are among the best two-handed weapons in Skyrim. 

Author’s Note: With more than dozens of hours of experience in Skyrim, I feel more than obliged to provide you with hands-on experience on the topic below.

First and foremost, make sure to check out the Best two-handed weapons in Skyrim comparison table below:

WeaponTypeBase DamageWeightValueBest For
Drainblood Battle Axe21.05.0266.0Early slaying
The Rueful Axe Battle Axe22.010.0500.0Solid damage output
Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery SoulsBattle Axe18.021.0100.0Soul Gem collecting
Dragonbone Battle AxeBattle Axe26.030.03000.0Raw Power
WuuthradBattle Axe25.025.02000.0Annihilation of dragons
Daedric Battle Axe25.027.02750.0Early Access Axe
Tsun’s Battle AxeBattle Axe27.036.01000.0Beheading monsters
Headman’s AxeBattle Axe17.011.015.0Lengthy Lethality
The Woodman’s Friend Battle Axe17.020.028.0Most Accessible
Stalhrim’s Battle Axe Battle Axe24.025.02150.0Icy Dominance
Bloodskal BladeGreatsword21.016.01250.0Arcane Slicing
Orcish Greatsword18.018.075.0Robust Design
Stormfang Greatsword17.017.01175.0Unique looking
Ebony BladeGreatsword11.010.02000.0Agility
Dragonbone GreatswordGreatsword25.027.02725.0Dragonbone material
Silver GreatswordGreatsword17.012.0160.0Combo against undead
Stalhrim GreatswordGreatsword23.021.01970.0Chilly enchantments
Dawnguard Rune HammerWarhammer22.026.0500.0Fire Damage
Longhammer Warhammer21.018.090.0Swift attacks
Champion’s Cudgel Warhammer24.027.01767.0Elemental Damage
Volendrung Warhammer25.026.01843.0Deminishing enemy stamina
Dragonbone Warhammer Warhammer28.033.04275.0High physical damage
Stalhrim Warhammer Warhammer26.029.02850.0Stalhrim Material
AegisbaneWarhammer18.024.0180.0Faster swing speed.
Trollsbane Warhammer20.025.0121.0To use against Trolls

1. Drainblood 

Best Two-Handed Combo For Early Slaying.
Drainblood In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Drainblood – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I Recommend Drainblood Battle Axe: Drainblood Battle Axe excels early on, boasting high monster damage and a unique enchantment and its accessibility makes it an advantageous choice.







  • Unique Visual Design
  • High Base Damage
  • Powerful Enchantment
  • No Upgrade Needed
  • Useful for Early Game
  • Limited Availability
  • No Upgrade Option
  • Specialized Use
  • Enchantment Recharge
  • No Elemental Effects


The weapon is obtained during the “Staff of Magnus” quest in Labyrinthian, providing a structured way for players to acquire it as they progress through the storyline.

2. The Rueful Axe 

The Best Unique Designed Axe
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Rueful Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : The Rueful Axe – Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Prefer The Axe: The Rueful Axe stands out with a distinctive design, robust damage output, and an engaging quest that adds to its allure.







  • A Really Impressive Design
  • High Base Damage
  • Unique Stanima Damage Enchantment
  • Early-Game Viability
  • Anniversary Edition Inclusion
  • Unique Quest To Get It
  • Single Acquisition Method
  • Limited Enchantment Effect
  • No Upgrade Option
  • Quest-Related Difficulty
  • No Health Absorption


I found the Axe by doing the mission known as “A Daedric’s Best Friend.

3. Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls

Best Soul Gem Collecting Two-Handed Combo
The Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls – Image by eXputer
  • Why I Recommend It: Steel Battle Axe Of Fiery Souls impresses with its base damage, extra fire damage, and soul gem-filling enchantment, making it formidable.


Weight Cost
18 21


  • Runic and Elegant Design
  • Enchantments Like Fire Damage And Soul Trap
  • Effective Against Bosses
  • Good Availability To Acquire
  • Practical Soul Trap Enhancement For Soul Gems
  • Moderate Base Damage
  • No Upgrade Option
  • Enemies may have resistance to fire damage


The weapon can be found towards the end of the Ironbind Barrow along the word wall. 

4. Dragonbone Battle Axe 

Best Two-Handed Combo For Raw Power.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Dragonbone Battle Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Dragonbone Battle Axe – Screenshot Grab: eXputer


Weight Cost
26 30


  • Why I Suggest This: Dragonbone Battle Axe excels with outstanding base damage, rarity linked to dragon encounters, and early-game crafting availability, making it formidable. 
  • Exceptional Base Damage
  • Easily Craftable
  • Versatile
  • No Specific Location Requirement
  • Rare Crafting Material
  • Heavy Weight
  • Skill and Perk Requirements
  • Lack of Enchantment


If you kill even one of the keepers in Soul Cairn, you will be able to get it just like I did with ease.

5. Wuuthrad

Best Two-Handed For Annihilation.
Wuuthrad In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Wuuthrad – Screenshot Captured by eXputer


Weight Cost
25 24


  • Why I Always Opt For This: Wuuthrad earns distinction for its unique in-game impact on the Elven community, coupled with its high base damage for effectiveness.
  • Special In-Game Effect
  • High Base Damage
  • Community Consensus
  • Potential for Enchantment
  • Available Enough
  • Limited In-Game Effect
  • No Built-in Enchantment
  • Quest-Related Acquisition
  • Enchantment Skill
  • Resource Requirements


Wuuthrad is obtainable as part of the Companions questline, making it accessible to players who engage with this faction’s storyline.

6. Daedric 

Best Early Access Axe.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Daedric
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Daedric – Image Captured by us
  • Why I Selected Daedric: Daedric Battle Axe stands out with its aggressive design, early availability, and the potential for enchantments, offering a powerful combination.


Weight Cost




  • Incredible Power
  • Daedric Artifact
  • Aggressive Design
  • Early Availability
  • Enchantable
  • Random Loot and Dragon Kills
  • Limited Availability
  • Heavy Weight
  • Dark Aesthetic
  • No Inherent Enchantment Early On


It can be purchased from the Dremora Merchant with the Black Market power, there are other ways also but in my opinion this is the easiest one. 

7. Tsun’s Battle Axe 

Best Two-Handed Combo For Beheading Monsters.
Tsun’s Battle Axe In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Tsun’s Battle Axe – Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Prefer This: Tsun’s Battle Axe boasts unique lore, incredible base damage, and the prowess to defeat mythical monsters in Skyrim’s vast world.


Weight Cost
27 36


  • Unique Lore
  • Highest Base Damage
  • Mythical Monster Slayer
  • Availability through Mods
  • Customization through Mods
  • Inaccessible in Vanilla Game
  • Mod Dependency
  • Lack of In-Game Quest


I applied a mod to get it. 

8. Headman’s Axe 

Best Lengthy Lethality Two-Handed Weapon.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Headman’s Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Headman’s Axe – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • Why I Selected It For The List: Headman’s Axe impresses with its extended design, unique acquisition through Ahtar, and the potential for enchantments like Paralyze or Decapitation.


Weight Cost
17 11


  • Unique Design and Structure
  • Obtainable through Quest or Combat
  • Long Reach Advantage
  • Unique Weapon
  • Enchantment Potential
  • Versatile Offense
  • Moderate Base Damage
  • Limited Availability
  • Moral Dilemma
  • No Inherent Quest or Storyline


Players can acquire the Headman’s Axe either by defeating Ahtar in combat or by making him a follower and obtaining the weapon from his inventory

9. The Woodman’s Friend 

Most Accessible Two-Handed Weapon.
The Woodman’s Friend In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: The Woodman’s Friend – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  • Why I Prefer It: The Woodman’s Friend is easily accessible from any point in the game, serving as a convenient addition to a player’s collection.


Weight Cost
17 20


  • Early Accessibility
  • Collectible Value
  • No Level Requirements
  • Location Clarity
  • Modify with Mods
  • Moderate Base Damage
  • No Enchantments
  • Limited Growth
  • Not Ideal for Late-Game


Just move toward the southeast side of Conjurer’s Altar, and you will find it.

10. Stalhrim’s Battle Axe 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For Icy Dominance.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Stalhrim’s Battle Axe
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Stalhrim’s Battle Axe – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Suggest This: Stalhrim’s Battle Axe stands out with its sleek design, icy blue Stalhrim material, and strength that rivals Dragonbone weaponry.


Weight Cost
24 25


  • Stalhrim Material
  • Comparable Strength to Dragonbone
  • Enchantable
  • Additional 25% Strength with Stalhrim Material
  • Sheer Power
  • Weight
  • Resource Requirements
  • Limited Availability
  • No Unique Quest or Storyline


Can be crafted with Stalhrim Materials. 

11. Bloodskal Blade 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For Arcane Slicing.
Bloodskal Blade In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Bloodskal Blade – Image by eXputer
  • Why I Prefer Bloodskal Blade: Bloodskal Blade’s unique ranged attack enchantment distinguishes it, enabling the Dragonborn to engage enemies from a distance with a powerful surge.


Weight Cost
21 16


  • Unique Energy Surge Mechanism
  • Considered Best Against Multiple Projectiles
  • Visual Appeal
  • Quest-Related Acquisition
  • High Blast Damage
  • Reasonable Weight
  • Quest Requirement
  • No Enchantment Customization
  • Limited to Energy Surges
  • Not Ideal for Stealth


You will be able to find the quest to get the Greatsword in the Raven Rocks.

12. Orcish 

The Most Robust Two-Handed Weapon.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Orcish
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Orcish – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I Opted For Orcish: Orcish Greatsword excels with a robust design and formidable capabilities as a weapon, making it a reliable choice for warriors.


Weight Cost




  • Early Accessibility
  • No Fancy Enchantment Requirement
  • Rugged Aesthetic
  • Base Damage of 18
  • Underrated but Effective
  • Craftable by Blacksmiths
  • Lack of Enchantment
  • Limited Visual Variety
  • Mid-Range Base Damage
  • Common Availability


Players can craft the Orcish Greatsword at blacksmiths, providing an option for those who prefer crafting their own weapons rather than relying on random loot or quest rewards.

13. Stormfang 

Most Unique Looking Two-Handed Sword.
Stormfang In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : Stormfang – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  • Why I Recommend Stormfang: Stormfang earns praise for its electrifying enchantments and unique design, setting it apart as a distinctive and powerful two-handed weapon.


Weight Cost
17 17


  • Unique Long Sword-Like Design
  • Powerful Enchantment
  • Dual Damage Effect
  • Versatility
  • Accessible Early On
  • Moderate Base Damage
  • Single Acquisition Point
  • Weight of 17
  • Limited Enchantment Customization


If you want to have the weapon, just kill the Reaver Lord at Brodir Grove.

14. Ebony Blade 

Best Two-Handed Weapon Combo For Agility.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Ebony Blade
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Ebony Blade – Image by eXputer
  • Why I Find It Appealing: Ebony Blade is distinguished by its unique storyline, impressive speed, and impactful damage, making it a notable choice in Skyrim.


Weight Cost
11 10


  • Unique Storyline
  • Fast Greatsword
  • Damage Increase Mechanic
  • Retrieved from a Quest
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • The requirement to Kill friendly NPCs
  • Limited Accessibility
  • No Enchantment Customization


The blade is actually retrieved from “The Whispering Door,” quest and yes, it is as spooky as it sounds.  

15. Dragonbone 

Best Two-Handed Dragonbone Weapon.
Dragonbone In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Dragonbone – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
  • Why I See Potential In This: Dragonbone Greatsword, crafted from dragon bones, boasts an aesthetically pleasing appearance along with substantial base damage, making it formidable in battles.


Weight Cost
25 27


  • Sleek Design
  • Intimidating Appearance
  • Powerful Base Damage
  • Versatile Crafting Options
  • Potential for Enchantments
  • Crafting Materials Availability
  • Crafting Requirements
  • Heavy Weight
  • Limited Availability for Crafting
  • Potential for Overkill


In order to craft it, you will need ebony ingots, leather strips, and of course, dragon bones. 

16. Silver Greatsword

Best Two-Handed Weapon Combo Against Undead.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Silver Greatsword
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Silver Greatsword – Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Prefer This: The Silver Greatsword shines with its innate ability to deal greater damage to the undead species, making it an effective choice against them.


Weight Cost
17 12


  • Simple and Accessible Design
  • Effective Against Undead
  • Easy to Find
  • Potential for Additional Enchantments
  • Limited Visual Variety
  • Special Ability Limited to Undead
  • Availability Tied to Companions Questline
  • Not as Powerful as Some Unique Weapons


You will find the sword with the followers of the Silver Hand.

17. Stalhrim Greatsword 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For Chilly Enchantments
Stalhrim Greatsword In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Stalhrim Greatsword – Image Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Chose It: Stalhrim Greatsword stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship and chilling enchantments, making it a formidable choice in the world of Skyrim.


Weight Cost
23 21


  • Stalhrim Material
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Lightweight
  • High Base Damage
  • Crafting Potential
  • Crafting Requirements
  • Limited Availability in Early Game
  • Requires Specific Armor Build for Optimization


You can craft the Greatsword if you have 5 Stalhrims and about 3 leather strips and a smithing level of 80 is also required, so make sure you have your Alchemy skills right.

18. Dawnguard Rune Hammer 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For Fire Damage.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim Dawnguard Rune Hammer
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Dawnguard Rune Hammer – Image Captured by us
  • Why I Recommend This: Dawnguard Rune Hammer excels with its destructive enchantment, causing 50 points of fire damage, adding a potent element to its already powerful strikes.


Weight Cost
22 26


  • Destruction Magic Enchantment
  • High Fire Damage Output
  • Considered the Best Warhammer by Players
  • Part of the Dawnguard Side Quest
  • 17 Possible Locations in the Quest
  • Limited Availability
  • Single Enchantment
  • Potential for Overkill


If you want this weapon for yourself, you will find it whilst completing the DawnguardSide quest.

19. Longhammer 

The Best Two-Handed Weapon For Swift Attacks.
Longhammer In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Longhammer – [Image credit: eXputer]
  • Why I Always Opt For Longhammer: Longhammer impresses with exceptional speed and high effectiveness in combat, making it a notable choice for those seeking swift and deadly strikes.


Weight Cost
21 18


  • Incredible Attack Speed
  • Ongoing Effect
  • Enchantable and Upgradeable
  • Accessible Location
  • Reduced Weight Effect
  • Limited Availability
  • Single Enchantment
  • Potential for Overkill


You can locate this weapon near the corpse of Rahd. His body is found during the ongoing quest known as the “Liar’s Retreat.” 

20. Champion’s Cudgel 

Best Two-Handed For Elemental Damage.
One Of The Best Two-Handed Weapons In Skyrim The Champion’s Cudgel
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Champion’s Cudgel – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
  • Why I Chose Champion’s Cudgel: Champion’s Cudgel stands out for its versatile enchantment, providing a 50% chance of fire, frost, and shock damage, making it a formidable and unpredictable weapon.


Weight Cost
24 27


  • Versatile Elemental Enchantment
  • Stackable Elemental Damages
  • High Base Damage
  • Obtained Through a Quest
  • Hidden Gem in Skyrim
  • Limited Availability
  • Elemental Damage Based on Chance
  • Requires Quest Progression


It’s fascinating how a seemingly simple quest and a defeated general lead in the “March Of The Dead” quest to the acquisition of such a powerful weapon

21. Volendrung 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For Deminishing Enemy Stamina
Volendrung In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim :Volendrung – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  • Why I Suggest Volendrung: Volendrung is distinguished by its unique ability to drain the stamina of enemies upon striking, providing a tactical advantage in battles.


Weight Cost
25 26


  • Aesthetic Design
  • Improvable Base Damage
  • Impressive Speed
  • Stamina-Draining Ability
  • Quest Reward
  • Availability Tied to Quest:
  • Requires Ebony Ingots for Improvement
  • Limited Elemental Enchantments


I was able to retrieve the Volendrung by entirely completing the Cursed tribe quest.

22. Dragonbone Warhammer 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For High Physical Damage.
Dragonbone Warhammer In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : Dragonbone Warhammer – Image by eXputer
  • Why I Opted For It: Dragonbone Warhammer, crafted from dragon bones, boasts exceptional base damage, capable of crushing opponents with unparalleled force in combat.


Weight Cost
28 33


  • Dragonbone Material
  • Realistic and Cool Design
  • Craftable
  • High Base Damage
  • Alternative Acquisition
  • Crafting Requirements
  • Challenging Alternative Acquisition
  • Requires Enchantment for Additional Effects


Either you can just craft it yourself by using three dragon bones ebony ingots, and two leather strips, Or you can just defeat the keepers of the Soul Cairn which I personally did myself. 

23. Stalhrim Warhammer 

Best Stalhrim Crafted Two-Handed Weapon.
Stalhrim Warhammer In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Stalhrim Warhammer – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  • Why I Prefer It: Stalhrim Warhammer, crafted from prestigious Stalhrim material, delivers hefty base damage and gains an extra edge with frost damage enchantments, making it a powerful choice.


Weight Cost
26 29


  • Stalhrim Material
  • Impressive Design
  • High Base Damage
  • Frost Damage Enchantment
  • Craftable
  • Crafting Requirements
  • Limited Elemental Enchantments
  • May Not Appeal to Players Preferring Faster Weapons


In my opinion, the Stalhrim Warhammer is one of the best due to it only needing five Stalhrim and three Leather Strips to be crafted.

24. Aegisbane 

Best Two-Handed Weapon For Faster Swing Speed.
Aegisbane In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim: Aegisbane – Image by eXputer
  • Why I Chose Aegisbane: Aegisbane distinguishes itself with amazing agility and a faster swing speed compared to standard Warhammers, providing a unique advantage in combat situations.


Weight Cost
18 24


  • Agility for a Warhammer
  • Obtainable through a Quest
  • Family Heirloom Lore
  • Enchantment
  • Faster Swing
  • Low Base Damage
  • Limited Availability
  • Specific Enchantment FocuS


You will have to do the “Mourning Never Comes” quest in order to get the Aegisbane.

25. Trollsbane 

Best Two-Handed Weapon To Use Against Trolls.
Trollsbane In Skyrim
Elder Scrolls V | Skyrim : Trollsbane – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  • Why I Believe It’s Superior: Trollsbane’s invaluable ability to set trolls on fire and inflict additional fire damage makes it an exceptional weapon against these formidable foes in Skyrim.


Weight Cost
20 25


  • Effective Against Trolls
  • Enchantment
  • High Base Damage
  • Accessible Early in the Game
  • Specialized Use
  • Visual Design

My Opinion On The Best Two-Handed Weapons

As an avid Skyrim adventurer, I’ve wielded countless weapons, but a select few stand out as the best. The Ebony Blade reigns supreme with its sinister allure and life-draining power, followed closely by the Daedric Greatsword, a masterpiece of strength and craftsmanship. Rounding out the top choices is the Dragonbone Battleaxe, embodying the might of Skyrim’s dragons. These weapons aren’t just tools for combat; they’re symbols of mastery and power, essential for conquering the challenges that await in the vast and treacherous world of Skyrim.

Now you know about the Best two-handed weapons in Skyrim. There are no such honorable mentions because these are it. If you want to have the best two-handed weapons in your arsenal, these are the ones to go for. If you have trouble understanding quests such as In My Time of Need Quest or Blood On The Ice Quest, read out guides. We have also covered the places where you can find the Black Books in Skyrim

Also, make sure to check out our guides on How To Use A Bow and Fortify Enchanting. Do check our complete detailed review of Skyrim written by Asad Ahmed


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