ESO Necromancer Build

In this extensive guide, you will get complete information about best Skills, Armor, Weapons, and Rotations related to a Necromancer Build.

The Necromancer class was introduced in Elsweyr Expansion of the Elder Scrolls Online, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Just like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is an Action driven RPG with certain adventure elements and a character development system inspired by the widely popular Open World games. ESO Necromancer Build is a component of this extensive character creation system that can be disturbingly complex for new players.

ESO Necromancer Build
Necromancer-The Master of Dark Arts

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So you want to unleash your wrath on the enemies by assuming the role of a Necromancer? Raising the Dead and bringing them back to life so that they could work by your side can be a phenomenal strategy. However, many amateur players encounter different complications related to the ESO Necromancer build primarily due to the numerous options that have various effects on your character. Choosing a balanced combination for your build can be difficult. However, this guide provides detailed solutions for such problems.

What is Necromancer Class?

Necromancer uses the art of Necromancy to utilize the resources from dead bodies. These corpses can also serve by fighting alongside Necromancers making them a potential threat to other enemies. It is one of the six classes in ESO, the other five being Sorcerer, Dragonknight, Nightblade, Warden, and Templar. You will get the Necromancer class with the Elsweyr expansion or you can buy it from the Crown Store.

ESO Necromancer Build
Necromancy-An act of Tormenting the Dead and draining every ounce of life out of their debilitated bodies

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This class instigated a unique and intriguing methodology to play as a particular character. Although the Templar class has a skill that uses the dead bodies, the Developers introduced an expanded Corpse System with the Necromancer class. With a potential ESO Necromancer Build, you can now utilize this Corpse system to achieve apparently impossible feats which makes it one of the best classes in ESO.

Is the Necromancer Class Worthwhile?

Necromancer is one of the most versatile classes in ESO. You will get overwhelmingly positive results with every ESO Necromancer Build be it Stamina, Healer, Tank, or Magicka. This build is based on certain skills that consume corpses to perform particular damaging effects on surrounding adversaries. Furthermore, an increased number of corpses have a synergistic effect on the Damaging aspects depending upon the particular ability in question.

ESO Necromancer Build
Enemy of Necromancer surrounded by vicious Corpses

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These skills make this class hilariously devastating for your opponents. The animation effects associated with these abilities are absolutely stunning. Moreover, you have to use a lot of these abilities while playing with this class so it leaves an alluring effect on players where they feel profoundly immersed in the character during combat.

How is Necromancer Class Different?

Many people consider the Necromancer class difficult mainly due to the distinct rotations associated with each ESO Necromancer Build. However, Magicka subclass out of four roles related to the Necromancer builds is a bit difficult to master. The rotations of Healer, Stamina, and Tank subclasses are fairly easy to comprehend. The Skill lines associated with the Necromancer make this class intensely powerful and different from others. The Ultimate and Passive abilities of these skill lines make these builds disastrous for your adversaries.

ESO Necromancer Build
Blighted Blastbones ability in action

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These Ultimate skills include the Frozen Colossus, the Bone Goliath, and the Resurrect abilities. Passive abilities like Rapid Rot and Disdain Harm are also included in the skill tree of Necromancers. These Ultimate and Passive abilities not only deal a huge amount of damage but also make your enemies more vulnerable to that extra damage besides fulfilling other purposes as well. The Necrotic Potency is another skill that can turn the tables for you. We will be covering the frequently asked queries regarding the suitable skills associated with Necromancer builds in the following section.

Skill Lineage of Necromancer Class

Skills are associated with Class, Weapon, Armor, World, Guild, Alliance War, Racial and Craft. However, in this section, we will discuss the Skill Lineage of Class only. There are three Skill lines related to the Class- Bone Tyrant, Living Death, and Grave Lord Skill lines. These Skill Lines further constitute Active, Passive, and Ultimate abilities.

Bone Tyrant Skill Line

This skill line should be your main focus if you are going for a Tank Necromancer build. There are a lot of options available when you have to select a particular set of abilities for Necromancers. Nevertheless, we will list only those abilities that are considered best for rotations.

Active abilities

There are five active abilities that are considered ideal for the Necromancer class.

Death Scythe

It can be morphed into Hungry Scythe or Ruinous Scythe. Hungry Scythe not only deals 3460 Magic Damage but also gives additional Health-related bonuses.

ESO Necromancer Build
Hungry Scythe

Ruinous Scythe, on the other hand, deals 3498 Physical Damage as well as provides extra Health Perks. 

ESO Necromancer Build
Ruinous Scythe

These two abilities are extremely important for Solo Necromancers especially for Tank Builds.

Bone Armor

Like Death Scythe skill, this ability can be morphed into Beckoning Armor or Summoner’s Armor. Beckoning Armor adds 5498 points to your Physical and Spell Resistances. This ability offers an extra corpse as well after the completion of its effect.

ESO Necromancer Build
Beckoning Armor

Summoner’s Armor has similar effects and provides an additional reduction in the cost of Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, and Spirit Mender by 12%.

ESO Necromancer Build
Summoner’s Armor

This ability is especially crucial for Healer Builds because you get to use the Spirit Mender a lot while playing as Healer.

Bitter Harvest

This ability is usually considered one of the best abilities for ESO Necromancer Builds. You can invest your skill points either in Deaden Pain or Necrotic PotencyNecrotic Potency utilizes the potential of corpses to provide you 6 Ultimate as well as 2300 Health. It also decreases the damage taken by 3% while it is activated. This ability can be used for Healer and Tank Builds. This attribute is especially important for Trials and Dungeons.

ESO Necromancer Build
Necrotic Potency

On the contrary, Deaden Pain offers 2 Ultimate only and can decrease the damage received by 10% when the Heal Effect is active.

ESO Necromancer Build
Deaden Pain

Necrotic Potency is preferred over Deaden Pain by most ESO players.

Bone Totem

Two morphs of Bone Totem are Agony Totem and Remote Totem. Agony Totem is yet another ability that is arguably one of the best abilities for Necromancer builds especially for the Tank role. It causes a reduction in damage taken by you and your allies by 5%. Furthermore, your allies can pair it with the Pure Agony synergy that will in turn deal 6186 Magic Damage to your enemies. It can also increase the vulnerability of your enemies by 5%. It is especially favorable for Tank builds.

ESO Necromancer Build
Agony Totem

Remote Totem is rather cheap but you can’t use the Pure Agony synergy with it.

ESO Necromancer Build
Remote Totem

Agony Totem is usually preferred over Remote Totem. 

Grave Grasp

It is another ability that is favorable for Tank Necromancers. You can invest your skill points either in Empowering Grasp morph or Ghostly Grasp morph. Empowering Grasp stuns and immobilizes your enemies. It also increases the damage and healing power of your Skeletal Mage and Spirit Mender by 40%. This Morph can be your best ally if you are going for Tank and Healer builds as it makes your enemies susceptible to damage, empowers your allies, and gives additional strength to your Skeletal Mage and Spirit Mender.

ESO Necromancer Build
Empowering Grasp

Ghostly Embrace morph comes with some similar effects but it doesn’t provide additional perks for Skeletal Mage and Spirit Mender.

ESO Necromancer Build
Ghostly Embrace

Empowering Grasp is a better alternative as compared to Ghostly Embrace.

Ultimate Ability

Bone Goliath ultimate ability morphs into Ravenous Goliath or Pummeling Goliath. Practicing these morphs in public is considered a crime and the justice system of ESO will act accordingly. Pummeling Goliath enhances your maximum health by 30,000 and instantly recovers 30,000 Health. What’s more, it restores health with successive Light and Heavy attacks. Moreover, your Bash attacks can hit numerous opponents and deal striking damage of 3618. These all perks make this ultimate ability an obvious choice for Necromancer builds.

ESO Necromancer Build
Pummeling Goliath

On the other hand, Ravenous Goliath offers similar effects except for Bash ability. It deals 3411 Magic damage instead.

ESO Necromancer Build
Ravenous Goliath

Both ultimate can be devastating depending upon the circumstances.

Passive Abilities

Death Gleaning ability restores Stamina as well as Magicka.

ESO Necromancer Build
Death Gleaning

It is favorable for all roles. Disdain Harm can reduce the damage taken by 15%. 

ESO Necromancer Build
Disdain Harm

Health Avarice can scale up your Health depending upon the abilities slotted in the Bone Tyrant skill tree. This ability is beneficial for Tank and Healer roles.

ESO Necromancer Build
Health Avarice

Lastly, the Last Gasp ability increases your maximum health by 1250.

ESO Necromancer Build
Last Gasp

These four Passive abilities are frequently used by the ESO players.

Living Death Skill Line

This is one of the most important skill lines as it plays a pivotal role to support the necromancer class. It is especially suitable for Healer builds.

Active Abilities

There are five Active abilities belonging to the Living Death Skill line that you should slot in the Skill bars especially if you are going for a Healer Necromancer. However, Spirit Mender ability is considered a crime, if practiced in public.

Render Flesh

You can spend your skill points either in Blood Sacrifice morph or Resistant Flesh. The Blood Sacrifice ability can heal your ally by adding 10034 points in the health bar. However, this act of benevolence comes with a hefty cost as your health recovery rate is reduced.

ESO Necromancer Build
Blood Sacrifice

Resistant flesh, as evident from the name, provides additional resistance to your ally as well.

ESO Necromancer Build
Resistant Flesh

Resistant Flesh is better because it provides additional resistances as well.


This ability can be divided into two morphs- Hexproof and Expunge & Modify. Hexproof removes the influence of four negative effects.  Additionally, it also decreases the cost of all abilities by 3% while it is active. On the contrary,

ESO Necromancer Build

Expunge and Modify removes two negative effects instead of four and restores Magicka and Stamina.

ESO Necromancer Build
Expunge and Modify

These abilities should be the focal point for Healer Builds only as it costs Health.

Life Amid Death

Like all other active abilities, this ability is also divided into two morphs- Enduring Undeath and Renewing Undeath. Enduring Undeath restores health over a period of time and this particular timespan can be increased by consuming more corpses.

ESO Necromancer Build
Enduring Undeath

Renewing Undeath offers restoration of health and it removes negative effects as well.

ESO Necromancer Build
Renewing Undeath

Most ESO players prefer Renewing Undeath over  Enduring Death. 

Spirit Mender

Practicing this ability is a criminal offense and it is further subdivided into two morphs: Intensive Mender and Spirit Guardian. Intensive Mender gives birth to a spirit that heals you and your associates for a certain time span. It is especially crucial for Healer and Tank builds.

ESO Necromancer Build
Intensive Mender

The Spirit Guardian not only restores health in a similar fashion but also reduces the damage taken by 10%.

ESO Necromancer Build
Spirit Guardian

These two abilities are frequently used in Rotations

Restoring Tether

It can be morphed into Mortal Coil and Braided Tether. Mortal Coil utilizes the corpse to restore Health and Stamina.

ESO Necromancer Build
Mortal Coil

Braided Tether adds additional points in the health bar of your allies but it doesn’t restore the Stamina.

ESO Necromancer Build
Braided Tether

The detailed stats of both abilities have been described in the above screenshots.

Ultimate Ability

The Reanimate Ultimate is one of the best Ultimate affiliated with the ESO Necromancer Builds. It can be subdivided into Animate Blastbones and Renewing Animation. Animate Blastbones can revive up to three allies at a time. Additionally, you can use 3 Blastbone abilities for each corpse consumed.

ESO Necromancer Build
Animate Blastbones

Renewing Animation not only revives three allies but also restores 5000 Magicka and Stamina for each ally resurrected.

ESO Necromancer Build
Renewing Animation

Animate Blastbones is usually preferred over Renewing Animation for Aggressive gameplay.

Passive Abilities

Curative Curse increases the healing effects by 8% when you are suffering from a negative effect.

ESO Necromancer Build
Curative Curse

Near-Death Experience causes an increase in the Critical Hit chance and Healing abilities by 20%.

ESO Necromancer Build
Near-Death Experience

Corpse Consumption can produce 10 Ultimate when you use an ability on the corpse. As a healer, you can pair this ability with Necrotic Potency and as a result, you can regenerate numerous Ultimate at a time.

ESO Necromancer Build
Corpse Consumption

Undead Confederate increases the Magicka and Stamina Recovery rate by 200 if your favorite abilities like Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, and Spirit Mender are active.

ESO Necromancer Build
Undead Confederate

These screenshots have detailed statistics of four passive abilities of the Living Death skill line.

Grave Lord Skill Line

It is the third skill line that is compatible with the Necromancer class. The abilities of this skill line are regularly included in the Skill Bar because they offer markedly enhanced damage over time.

Active Abilities

These abilities are specified as a core component of rotations associated with all Necromancer Builds. Nevertheless, practicing most of these abilities in the general public should be avoided at all costs as they are considered Criminal Acts.

Flame Skull

Ricochet Skull and Venom Skull are the two morphs of this active ability. Ricochet Skull deals a significant amount of Flame damage to a particular enemy and other enemies nearby.

ESO Necromancer Build
Ricochet Skull

Venom skull deals a notable amount of Poison damage to the targeted enemy and the impact of damage increases on the 3rd cast by 20%.

ESO Necromancer Build
Venom Skull

However, this ability has an associated learning curve that requires some practice.


This is another potent ability related to the ESO Necromancer build and can be subdivided into Stalking Blastbones and Blighted Blastbones. However, it is a criminal act to practice this ability in public places. Stalking Blastbones raises a skeleton from the ground that becomes a capable threat for your enemies as it explodes and deals a considerable amount of Flame damage to all enemies nearby.

ESO Necromancer Build
Stalking Blastbones

Conversely, Blighted Blastbones deals Disease Damage with an explosion of a similar skeleton. It also reduces the Healing Recovery rate by 16%.

ESO Necromancer Build
Blighted Blastbones

Blighted Blastbones is one of the best abilities for rotations.


Boneyard is one of the most frequently used abilities by the ESO players as it is considered a ‘’Panic Button” that can save you from misery in certain situations. It further comprises two morphs-Avid Boneyard and Unnerving Boneyard. Avid Boneyard deals Frost damage and it can increase the base level damage by 50% upon corpse consumption. Additionally, your teammate can activate and pair the Grave Robber synergy to increase the amount of Frost damage.

ESO Necromancer Build
Avid Boneyard

The Unnerving Boneyard skill additionally decreases the Physical and Spell resistance of enemies.

ESO Necromancer Build
Unnerving Boneyard

Both abilities are commonly considered favorite picks for rotations.

Skeletal Mage

This is another Necromancer skill that has consequences if you use it in public. It has two forms- Skeletal Arcanist and Skeletal Archer. While the Skeletal Arcanist is active, you can raise a mage from the ground that can serve you by dealing Shock damage to your enemies.

ESO Necromancer Build
Skeletal Arcanist

Nevertheless, Skeletal Archer deals Physical damage.

ESO Necromancer Build
Skeletal Archer

This damage scales to a higher value upon every successful hit.

Shocking Siphon

This ability can be morphed into Detonating Siphon and Mystic Siphon. Detonating Siphon deals Disease damage to your enemies to all the enemies surrounding the corpses. It increases your base damage by 3% while it is activated. When the Siphon ends, the corpse explodes to deal a huge amount of damage, making this ability another bad omen that can bring about the demise of your adversaries.

ESO Necromancer Build
Detonating Siphon

Mystic Siphon deals Shock damage instead of Disease damage.

ESO Necromancer Build
Mystic Siphon

It restores a considerable amount of Magicka as well.

Ultimate Ability

Frozen Colossus is the relevant ultimate of Grave Lord Skill Line of ESO Necromancer Builds and you can invest your skill points in Pestilent Colossus or Glacial Colossus. This is yet another ultimate that you can use to wipe the floor with your enemies. However, it has a drawback as legal action will be taken against you if you use this ultimate in public. Pestilent Colossus smashes the ground three times dealing markedly enhanced Disease damage each time. It also increases the vulnerability of your enemies to damage by 10%.

ESO Necromancer Build
Pestilent Colossus

Glacial Colossus has similar effects however it deals Frost damage instead of Disease damage.

ESO Necromancer Build
Glacial Colossus

Additionally, the enemies are stunned by the third blow.

Passive Abilities

Reusable Parts reduces the cost of your next Blast Bones, Skeletal Mage, and Spirit Mender by 50% given that you have already used these abilities before.

ESO Necromancer Build
Reusable Parts

Death Knell increases the critical hit chance by 4% per Grave Lord ability slotted for enemies with health below 25%. It can be your worthy accomplice in the final sections of any battle.

ESO Necromancer Build
Death Knell

Dismember increases the Spell and Physical penetration by 1500 provided that the Grave Lord ability is active.

ESO Necromancer Build

Rapid Rot increases the damaging impact by 15%.

Beginner Necromancer Builds 

This section gives a detailed description of all four roles related to ESO Necromancer Build. A key fact to remember here is that these builds are for beginners. You can always upgrade them to an advanced level that would be a piece of cake once you have information about relevant armor, weapons, jewelry items, enchantments, and rotations associated with each role.

ESO Necromancer builds are based on four roles- Stamina, Tank, Magicka, and Healer. The following section contains the prime combinations of Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Skills, and Rotation associated with each role.

Magicka Necromancer 

Mastering the rotation associated with Magicka builds can be a hard row to hoe as it has a definite Learning curve. However, we have mentioned a balanced combination of different skills that you should consider while building your character. This unique combo will help you with your Rotations.

ESO Necromancer Build
Magicka Necromancer Build

Additionally, pairing the Magicka role with the Breton race can be a good strategical approach while going for a solid Magicka build.

ESO Necromancer Build
General stats of a Magicka Necromancer

The screenshot describes the general statistics for a beginner-level Magicka Necromancer.


There are two sectors where you can slot your skills-Front Bar and Backup Bar. There are Five slots for Normal abilities and One Slot for Ultimate ability in each bar.

Front Bar: The front bar which contributes to the main damage should have Hungry Scythes, Stalking Blast Bones, Inner Light, Force Pulse, Mystic Siphon, and Pestilent Colossus Ultimate.

Backup Bar: Unstable Wall of Storms, Necrotic Potency, Inner Light, Skeletal Arcanist, Avid Boneyard, and Thunderous Rage Ultimate are considered the best choices for the Backup bar of Magicka Necromancers.

Armor Set

Different Armor sets offer different levels of resistance. They increase the resistance against certain Damage related effects. They add extra points in the Magicka attribute as well as increase the impact of effects associated with Mundus Stone if they are coupled with Magicka Enchantment and Divines respectively. However, we have mentioned only those armors that should be the prime choice for a beginner-level build.

In that regard, Mother Sorrow armor is considered the ideal option as it offers the best resistance for an amateur build. It adds significant points in Spell critical and enhances the maximum Magicka as well if you have paired it with Magicka Enchantment. You should also get your hands on Valkyn Skoria’s Helm because you can summon a meteor that deals with a tremendous amount of Flame damage.

Overwhelming Necklace and Rings are excellent picks for accessories as they add considerable points in Magicka Recovery, Spell Damage, and Maximum Magicka. It can also deal Shock damage to the enemies. You can keep your rings with Arcane or you can pair them with Bloodthirsty to increase the overall damage.


Overwhelming Lightning Staff can be your trustworthy associate in the battle arena as it deals an enormous amount of Magic damage and restores Magicka as well. It also gives tons of Spell damage and increases the Maximum Magicka. Just like Overwhelming Necklace and rings, it can also deal Shock damage.


As stated earlier, the rotation related to Magicka builds can be tough but we have simplified it by arranging the abilities in a specific order. Following is the ordered combination of skills that is considered a challenging rotation for your opponents as it allows you to deal a huge amount of damage.

  • Skeletal Mage
  • Boneyard ability(Your teammates can pair it with Grave Robber synergy)
  • Wall of element
  • Blighted Blastbones
  • Force Pulse(3 Times)
  • Mystic Siphon
  • Switch bars

Repeating the above-mentioned steps can do wonders for you while you are playing with a Magicka Necromancer.

Healer Necromancer 

Necromancer Healer is one of the best ESO Necromancer Builds as it can be paired with the Living Death Skill line to achieve insanely positive results.

ESO Necromancer Build
Healer Necromancer Build

Moreover, due to the simplified rotation strategy, Healer Necromancer is usually preferred by ESO players.

ESO Necromancer Build
General stats of Healer Necromancer

This screenshot describes the general statistics for a starter Healer Necromancer.


Following skills are of prime importance for Healing necromancers:

Front Bar: You should integrate Healing Springs, Combat Prayer, Blood Sacrifice, Energy Orb, Enduring Undeath abilities, and Renewing Animation Ultimate ability in the Front Bar.

Backup Bar: A blend of Blockade of Storms, Elemental Drain, Intensive Mender, Necrotic Potency and Unnerving Boneyard abilities and Glacial Colossus Ultimate ability can prove a lethal threat for your enemies.

Armor Gear

The Sanctuary armor should be preferred for a starter Healer build. It not only adds points to increase the Maximum Magicka but also increases the effects of the Mundus Stone when it is paired with Magicka Enchantment and Divines. Furthermore, it adds points in Healing abilities as well which are considered Core attributes for Healer builds. Additionally, you can use the Sentinel of Rkugamz’s Visage paired with Maximum Health Enchantment and Divines to gain extra Health-related perks.

Amulet and Ring of Winter’s Respite should be the obvious choices for the Accessory bar as they enhance the Maximum Magicka and Magicka Recovery if conjoined with the Magicka Recovery Enchantment and Arcane. These items also create a Healing Frost Circle that can heal you and your allies while you are inside this circle. That’s why it is a reliable choice for Healers.


Restoration Staff of Winter’s Respite and Lightning Staff of Winter’s Respite are perfect picks for this role. They can be paired with Absorb Magicka Enchantment and Precise to achieve better statistics. Just like the relevant armor gear, these weapons add points in Magicka Recovery and Maximum Magicka. They also create a Healing Frost circle in a similar fashion that will restore Health while you and your allies are inside the rim.


The rotation associated with the Healer build is quite simple. The following steps are a simplified order of skills that constitute a solid rotation for Healer Necromancers.

  • Combat Prayer(This ability is obligatory throughout the rotation so it should be activated right away)
  • Wall of Elements
  • Unnerving Boneyard
  • Intensive Mender

Repeat these steps to inflict a great amount of damage while utilizing limited resources.

Tank Necromancer 

Like the other two builds stated above, this build is going to be a Starter Tank build. It is one of the simplest ESO Necromancer Builds due to the subtle rotation strategy of this role.

ESO Necromancer Build
Tank Necromancer Build

However, modifying it to an advanced level would not be difficult if you know what you are doing.

ESO Necromancer Build
General Stats of Tank Necromancer

This picture describes the general statistics for an amateur Tank Necromancer. Following combo of skills, Weapons, Armor Gear, and Rotation are considered favorable for a solid Tank build.


A blend of the following abilities and Ultimate is considered an elite choice for Tank necromancers.

Front Bar: You should have Pierce Armor, Silver Leash, Spirit Guardian, dAgony Totem, Hungry Scythe abilities, and Pummeling Goliath ultimate skill slotted in the front bar.

Backup Bar: A fusion of Blockade of Frost, Empowering Grasp, Necrotic Potency, Beckoning Armor, Unnerving Boneyard skills and Glacial Colossus Ultimate skill can be your ideal choice for Backup bars.

Armor Gear

Once again the game throws at you several options but we will go with the best option. Leeching Armor Set would be the ideal choice for a starter Tank build provided that you have paired it with Maximum Health Enchantment and Divines. This unique combination will add points to your Maximum Health. It also forms a cloud that deals Poison damage and restores your Health depending upon the damage dealt. Lord Warden Dusk’s Mask and Epaulets can be a nice addition to the above-mentioned gear. You can gain Maximum Stamina and increase the Armor value given that you have paired the Mask and Epaulets with Maximum Stamina Enchantment and Reinforced. It also creates a cloud that enhances the Spell and Physical Resistance of you and your teammates.

For Accessories, Amulet and Ring of Winter’s Respite are again the best choices due to the associated perks that have been mentioned in the former section of this guide.


Sword and Shield of Winter’s Respite are the weapons that you should add to your arsenal if you want to build a steady Tank build. What’s more, pairing them with Maximum Stamina or Magicka Enchantment, Precise, and Divines will further add the relevant additional effects that have been described earlier.


Following abilities used in an ordered form will constitute a sturdy rotation strategy that can deal considerable damage.

  • Intensive Mender
  • Agony Totem
  • Empowering Grasp
  • Wall of Elements
  • Unnerving Boneyard

Repeating these steps will simplify the combat if you are playing as a Tank Necromancer

Stamina Necromancer

The unique combination of Skills, Weapons, Armor Gear and Rotation related to a substantial Stamina Necromancer build is described in this section.

ESO Necromancer Build
Stamina Necromancer Build

Stamina Necromancer has a slightly different Rotation that requires some practice.

ESO Necromancer Build
General Stats of Stamina Necromancer Build.

The above-mentioned screenshot visualizes the general statistics for a beginner-level Stamina Necromancer.


The skill setup for Stamina builds is mainly based on the Damage over time effects so the following skills are best in this regard:

Front Bar: This bar constitutes those skills that will be your Spam Buttons dealing a lot of damage over time. Ultimate Pestilent Colossus and abilities like Camouflaged Hunter, Brawler, Stampede, Blighted Blastbones, and Avid Boneyard are important skills for this bar.

Backup Bar: Back Bar should have Arrow Barrage, Summoner’s Armor, Intensive Mender, Razor Caltrops, Skeletal Archer abilities, and Flawless Dawnbreaker Ultimate.


Like all other builds that are mentioned so far, the armor and accessories combination will be in accordance with the fact that we are focussing on a basic starter build and that these gears are just templates that can be modified later.

Dagon’s Jack Armor Gear is the most suitable armor for this build that can be coupled with Maximum Stamina Enchantment and Divines to achieve even better outcomes. It offers enhanced Weapon damage and Maximum Stamina. Thurvokun’s Mask in association with Stamina enchantment and Divines can increase the Maximum Stamina and impact of the Mundus Stone. It can also add points to the Maximum Health and can afflict Disease damage to enemies. Additionally, it reduces the Health Recovery Rate and Damage done by your enemies making it a substantial pick for a complete Armor Gear.

Necklace and Ring of the Vicious Ophidian are desirable accessories for this build as they can be paired with Robust and Recovery Enchantments to increase the Maximum Stamina and Stamina Recovery. These accessories provide numerous other perks as well. For instance, they increase your Weapon Critical, add points to your Weapon Damage, and reduce the Cost of Stamina abilities.


Maul of the Vicious Ophidian paired with Absorb Stamina Enchantment and Precise can be your best option here as you can deal markedly enhanced damage. It restores your Stamina and increases the Weapon and Stamina Critical. The Maelstrom’s Perfected Bow can be another alternative if you pair this weapon with Absorb Stamina Enchantment and Infused.


The combination of various abilities that are of prime importance in rotations are listed in the following steps:

  • Skeletal Archer
  • Arrow Barrage
  • Razor Caltrops
  • Switch Bars
  • Avid Boneyard
  • Blighted Blastbones
  • Brawler(3 times)

Repeat and practice the above-mentioned rotation strategy for optimal outcomes.

Briefly speaking, Necromancer uses the assets from dead creatures to dominate the battle arena. Three main Skill Lines are considered superlative for the Necromancer Class. The Starter ESO Necromancer Builds of all the four roles with their relevant rotation for each role has been described earlier.

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That’s all you need to know about Necromancer Builds. Do you want an advanced guide of all these ESO Necromancer Builds? Do you agree with our Rotation strategy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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