Skyrim Dragon Locations & Word Wall Locations

Get the complete list and maps of Dragon lair spawn locations as well as Word Wall locations in Skyrim, and conquer the mythical beasts!

Beating dragons is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Skyrim, for which you need their lair and spawn locations along with marked maps. Dragons are iconic winged beasts who dominate the skies of Skyrim. They are among the biggest selling points for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Also known as the Dov of Tamriel, these are powerful and mysterious creatures with profound intelligence.

Key Takeaways
  • Each Dragon location also has a Word Wall, which gives you a Dragon Shout. Dragon Lairs have a chest with extra rewards as well.
  • Northwind Summit is near Riften, up on the mountainside. There’s an additional chest inside a nearby house as well.
  • For the Dragon lair at Bonestrewn Crest, head south from Windhelm or north from Northwind Summit, past a small hill.
  • Go to Ruins of Bthalft, and head south to Autumnwatch Tower at the lower end of the map. The chest is on top of the taller watchtower, and the word wall is across the bridge. 
  • Mount Anthor lair is in the northern part of the map, near Winterhold. Climb the mountain beginning from the passing trail to find it.
  • Take a left from the Ritual Stone near Whiterun, then take a right and proceed through the snow to reach Shearpoint dragon lair
  • To get to the Ancient’s Ascent dragon lair, head towards Helgen from Falkreath, take a right and go past Greywater Grotto.
  • Head northeast from Morthal and scale the mountain to get to the Skyborn Altar lair. The location is near the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.
  • For Eldersblood Peak dragon lair, head west of Skyborn Altar or find it near the flat part of the mountains by heading south from Morthal.
  • To get to Dragontooth Crater’s lair, proceed westwards from Markarth across the bridge. 

Initially thought to have been extinct, the reptilian race of dragons reemerged during the Skyrim Civil War. And now, only the Dragonborn can slay these beasts and put an end to their scheme. Aside from random encounters outdoors, dragons also spawn in different dragon lairs across Skyrim, which you will find marked on the maps in this guide. Additionally, defeating dragons also lets players learn Dragon Shouts by visiting Word Wall locations in Skyrim and learning the Words of Power for each shout.

Therefore, this Skyrim guide will take you through dragon lair locations as well as locations for the Word Wall to unlock every Dragon Shout in the game!

Skyrim Dragon Locations

Dragon LairHoldLocationQuestsWord Wall
Northwind SummitThe RiftNorth-west of Shor's StoneKill the DragonAura Whisper
Bonestrewn CrestEastmarchDirectly south of WindhelmN/AFrost Breath
Autumnwatch TowerThe RiftSouth of Ivarstead and west of Froki's ShackN/AMarked for death
Mount AnthorWinterholdSouthwest of WinterholdN/AIce Form
ShearpointThe PaleWest-southwest of Wimdhelm, due west of Irkngthand, northeast of WhiterunKill the Dragon, Dragon Seekers, Find the Source of PowerThrow Voice
Ancient’s AscentFalkreathDirectly southeast of FalkreathN/AAnimal Allegiance
Skyborn AltarHjaalmarchEast of Morthal,
South-West of Dawnstar
Dragon Seekers, Find the Source of Power, Find the Word of PowerFrost Breath
Eldersblood PeakHjaalmarchSouth of MorthalN/ADisarm
Dragontooth CraterThe ReachNorthwest of the Shrine to Peryite and KarthwastenDragon BountiesElemental Fury

Defeating a dragon after finding its spawn location has many benefits in the world of Skyrim, aside from the bragging rights associated with having taken down such a mighty beast. Each defeated dragon releases a Dragon Soul. These Dragon Souls are subsequently used to unlock Dragon Shouts, which give the player powerful magical effects mostly used in combat.

Moreover, players can loot defeated dragons to harvest their scales and bones. These materials can be crafted into powerful Dragon Armor. However, you can also sell them for a considerable cost to merchants and alchemists.

At each dragon location in Skyrim, you can also find Word Wall locations. These are ancient carvings etched into various locations throughout the game and are believed to be written in Dragon Language. However, these Word Walls and their locations have a much more important purpose in the game. They allow players to learn a Word of Power which can teach you a Dragon Shout.

These shouts are vocalizations used to create powerful magical effects. Hence, learning all the Shouts in the game will give you a good leg-up in all your Skyrim encounters! Moreover, these dragon lairs are also home to Chests that can net you some good loot depending on your level in the game.

Therefore, read on to find dragon lair locations on the map and their corresponding Word Wall locations in the world of Skyrim!

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Northwind Summit

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Northwind Summit Map

You can find a dragon lair location in Northwind Summit in Skyrim, as shown in the map above. This location is close to Riften, so you can take a caravan from the closest Stables you can find to travel there. Once you reach Riften, follow the trail leading North until you come across the mountain where Northwind Summit is located. You will eventually have to scale the mountainside, though. Once you do, you will be able to take on the dragon that spawns at the Northwind Summit lair location in Skyrim.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Northwind Summit

The Word Wall at this location in Skyrim is towards the back of the area where the temple is, next to the chest. It should be fairly easy to spot, as shown in the picture.

Northwind Summit Wall
Northwind Summit Word Wall

Additionally, one of the houses in this location will have a chest where you can search for some gold. So, stock up before proceeding!

Bonestrewn Crest

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Bonestrewn Crest Map

The next Skyrim dragon location marked on the map is Bonestrewn Crest. To reach this location, you can either get to Windhelm or travel straight down South from there. Alternatively, if you were just at the last Skyrim dragon spawn location of Northwind Summit, you can scale down the mountain and proceed North. Afterward, sidestep the small hill you encounter on the way, and on the other side should lie Bonestrewn Crest.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Bonestrewn Crest

Again, the Word Wall for this Skyrim location is off to one side of the area. You can find it in the picture below.

Bonestrewn Crest Wall
Bonestrewn Crest Word Wall

This dragon lair location is also home to many other Skyrim creatures such as giants and mammoths. Therefore, if you want some post-Dragon-slaying action, this is definitely a good location. Additionally, you can also mine some iron and find the main chest in the Bonestrewn Crest location.

Autumnwatch Tower

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Autumnwatch Tower Map

Our next dragon lair location for Skyrim is Autumnwatch Tower, and you can find it on the map above. The location is on the lower edge of the map, roughly South-West from Bonestrew Crest and Northwind Summit. It has paths leading to it from Riften, Iverstead, and Riverwood. You can use these paths to travel to the Ruins of Bthalft, and from there, it’s straight down to Autumwatch Tower. You can’t physically go past it since it marks the end of the map, so it will be difficult to miss! Just keep an eye out for a particularly ‘orange’ zone around Riften with lots of autumn-stricken trees.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Autumnwatch Tower

The watchtower at the back (the taller one) is where you want to go. You will come across the chest at the top of this watchtower. Subsequently, proceeding across the small bridge to the platform behind the tower will bring you to the Word Wall location for this dragon spawn in Skyrim.

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Mount Anthor

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Mount Anthor

The fourth dragon lair location in this Skyrim guide is Mount Anthor, located in the upper parts of the map. This is close to locations such as the Shrine of Azura, Winterhold, Septimus Signus’s Outpost, and Saarthal. Therefore, if you have been to the region, you may have come across Mount Anthor. If you haven’t, though, you can scale the mountainside from the front left or from the right, starting from the trail that passes along the mountain. Once here, you should find the dragon perched atop the stairs, waiting for a worthy opponent such as yourself!

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Mount Anthor

Once you have slain the beast, you can climb the stairs to the top to find the Word Wall location for the Mount Anthor dragon spawn in Skyrim.

Mount Anthor Wall
Mount Anthor Word Wall


Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Shearpoint Map

Among the first dragon lair locations, you can visit in Skyrim will be Shearpoint, which can be viewed on the map. It is incredibly close to Whiterun and lies just above locations such as The Ritual Stone, Valtheim Towers, White River Watch, and High Hrothgar. The area is easily accessible if you have progressed slightly into the main quest. As such, you should take the path to the left of The Ritual Stone and take a right to proceed into the snowy mountains. Finally, you can simply walk through the small patch of snow to reach Shearpoint.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map

After taking care of dragon-related matters, you can find the Word Wall location at Shearpoint to the right of a slender vertical rock structure.

<img class=”size-large wp-image-35759″ src=”×576.jpg” alt=”””

The location will also contain a Noctis Chest, which you can open for some cool loot. Additionally, the Tumble Arch Pass giants’ camp is also nearby, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go there to take care of some giants!

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Ancient’s Ascent

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Ancient’s Ascent Map

Up next in our Skyrim dragon lair locations guide, we have Ancient’s Ascent, which is located just to the right of Falkreath as shown on the map. Also, some other nearby locations include Lakeview Manor and Helgen. To reach the dragon lair, we suggest taking a caravan to Falkreath, and once you are there, follow the path going right towards Helgen.

Just before reaching Helgen, however, cut right to proceed towards Greywater Grotto. You can now get to Ancient’s Ascent from its right side. The Northern side has an overhanging cliff, which is why that side makes for a much more difficult approach.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Ancient’s Ascent

The Word Wall location for this Skyrim dragon spawn will be just behind the chest. You should be able to spot it easily opposite the gateway made by the two stone structures on each side.

On the subject of stones, check our Skyrim Quarried Stone guide and start building houses.

Ancient's Ascent Wall
Ancient’s Ascent Word Wall

Skyborn Altar

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Skyborn Altar Map

The next dragon lair location you can get to in Skyrim is at Skyborn Altar, marked on the map above. This location is easy to get to if you have just completed the quest from Mehrunes Dagon, where you get Mehrunes’ Razor. That is because this specific dragon spawn location is incredibly close to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon in Skyrim, which is where the quest takes you eventually. From there, you can simply walk over to Skyborn Altar within a minute.

However, if you are approaching the location from elsewhere, you can do so by first going to Morthal. Afterward, follow the path leading towards the East. At the junction, proceed Northwards for a short distance until you can scale the mountainside to your right to reach the required location.

Alternatively, you can also approach Skyrim’s Skyborn Altar dragon lair location from the Eastern side. To do this, you can travel to the Tower of Mzark or The Lord Stone and then proceed toward the location.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Skyborn Altar

As for the Word Wall location in this Skyrim dragon lair, look towards the side of the clearing where the mountain rises, and you should see the Word of Power inscribed. Also, close by, you can spot a dead Adventurer you can loot. And of course, you can find a Chest behind a stone pillar to the left of the Word Wall location in your Skyrim game.

Skyborn Altar Wall
Skyborn Altar Word Wall

Eldersblood Peak

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Eldersblood Peak Map

The Eldersblood Peak dragon spawn location in Skyrim is located due West of the previous location of Skyborn Altar and can be viewed on the map. You can head down from there towards Labyrinthian and proceed toward Eldersblood Peak. Conversely, you can also head towards Morthal and travel South from there towards the flat part between the mountains. From there, Eldersblood Peak is a pretty short walk with minimal scaling involved.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Eldersblood Peak

As always, once the dragon is down for the count, the Word Wall should be visible count prominently in this Skyrim location. You can additionally secure some loot from the Chest found to the right of the stairs that lead to the Word Wall.

Eldersblood Peak Wall
Eldersblood Peak Word Wall

Dragontooth Crater

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Dragontooth Crater Map

The last dragon lair location that we will be covering in this Skyrim guide is Dragontooth Crater, for which the map is provided above. You will find it close to locations such as the Shrine of Peryite, Mor Khazgur, Dragon Bridge, and Karthwasten. The closest major location that you can travel to is Markarth. If you start from Dragon Bridge, you can cross the bridge onto the Western side and will come across the dragon lair location.

Skyrim Dragon Lair Spawn Word Wall Locations Map
Dragontooth Crater

The Word Wall for this Skyrim dragon spawn location lies tucked away against the mountainside. You can also find the Chest here to loot.

Dragontooth Crater Wall
Dragontooth Crater Word Wall

That is all for this Skyrim guide on finding all the dragon lair and spawn location maps, along with the corresponding Word Wall locations! Be sure to let us know if you found these locations helpful and if the rewards were worth the fight! Also, be sure to check out our Skyrim Best Light Armors list!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of beating dragons in Skyrim?

Finding dragon lair locations and slaying the beasts in Skyrim lets you get Dragon Souls, which you can use to unlock Dragon Shouts that can also be harvested for scales and bones and crafting powerful Dragon Armor.

What are the dragon lair locations in Skyrim?

You will find that dragons spawn in the following locations: Northwind Summit, Bonestrewn Crest, Autumnwatch Tower, Mount Anthor, Shearpoint, Ancient’s Ascent, Skyborn Altar, Eldersblood Peak, and Dragontooth Crater.

What is Word Wall in Skyrim?

World Walls are ancient carvings etched into various locations throughout Skyrim, and they let players learn a Word of Power which is useful in learning Dragon Shouts.

Where are Word Walls located in Skyrim?

Word Walls are located near dragon lair locations in Skyrim, and you can find them next to each of the dragon spawn locations we mentioned in our list.

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