Spider-Man 2: Advanced Suit [2.0 Variant & Colors]

Learn everything about Peter Parker's Advanced Suit in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, along with its newly designed 2.0 design.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac has over 60+ suits for both the main protagonists, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales, but if you’re a fan like me of the first game, you might be interested as to what’s changed with Peter’s Advanced Suit in the sequel along with it’s updated 2.0 redesign.

Key Takeaways
  • The Advanced Suit was the original outfit for Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 and returns in the newly released 2023 sequel.
  • The previous Advanced Suit retains its notable features, especially the slightly orange color grading and visible web pattern.
  • However, the 2.0 variant of Spider-Man 2 is vastly improved, supporting a cleaner look with an accurate red color grading.
  • Both of the suits also feature alternate styles/colors to customize them even more to your preference.

What Is The Advanced Suit In Spider-Man 2

spiderman 2 advanced suit
Original Advanced Suit (Image by Me)

The Advanced Suit was the signature outfit of Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2018, and as shown in the image above, the original suit is back in Spider-Man 2 to purchase and equip.

  • Crafting Cost: 20x Tech Parts, 1 City Token

The suit mostly received a positive reception from fans back on release as it not only showed that Insomniac’s version of the Web-swinging superhero was more experienced and ahead of its origins but that it had to be unique from any past Spider-Man video game adaptation.

However, it is worth noting that there were minor controversial opinions on the suit as it oddly had an orange tint to it upon closer inspection. As a fan of the original game back in 2018 with the Platinum Trophy in hand, it didn’t annoy me too much per se, but it was rather weird not to see a proper red color grading on the suit.

Following are the alternate colors/styles available for the Advanced Suit in Spider-Man 2:

spider man 2 advanced suit
Advanced suit Alt colors (Image by Me)
  • Blue and Red
  • Black
  • Red and Green

If you ask me, I love the Black color the most because it reminds me of the Symbiote suit for Peter Parker.

The New Advanced Suit 2.0

advanced suit 2.0
Advanced Suit 2.0 (Image by Me)

As shown in the image above, the Advanced Suit is back in Spider-Man 2 as Peter’s signature suit with a new, redefined design with its 2.0 version. The key difference between both Advanced Suits is that the 2.0 now has transparent web details, no more leg linings on the sides, and a vibrant red color grading by default. The suit is unlocked by default as soon as you start up the game in it’s opening segments.

Plus, of course, like its old design returning in the sequel, this suit also has 3 different unlockable color schemes, which are the following:

advanced suit 2.0
2.0 Alt colors (Image by Me)
  • Red and Black
  • Blue and Red
  • Yellow and White

During the initial reveal of the suit back with the pre-release trailers, I was happy that Insomniac Games addressed the color grading fault of the original Advanced Suit, plus the newly added color schemes for the 2.0, especially the Black and Red variants have to be my favorite one.

What I Think Of The Advanced Suit

I think Insomniac Games’ version of Spider-Man and their original design of the Advanced Outfit in both iterations of Spider-Man entries is done splendidly. There are countless suits for Spider-Man shown across animation, movies, and comic books, but this one definitely takes the cake for being a modern classic.

While I instantly switched to other suits in my current playthrough, the Advanced Suit is still a favorite for me and many other players of Spider-Man 2.

This concludes my brief guide on both suits and their differences in-game. If you enjoyed reading, then be sure to let me know which one is your favorite so far and if you have any other favorite in mind, too! To know my thoughts on the game, be sure to check eXputer’s Review of Spider-Man 2. I have also covered an extensive guide to the Best Skills in Spider-Man 2 for both Miles and Peter.

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