Spider-Man 2: Best Ways To Get Rare Tech Parts

Learn the best ways to acquire Rare Tech Parts in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 , crucial for upgrading suits and unlocking new content.

Rare Tech Parts are crafting items used to get more gear items for Peter and Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Getting them is not as easy as getting the Regular Tech Parts, hence, the term “Rare” is implied on the item type. I have found that there are five best methods to get Rare Tech Parts, each offering a varying degree of difficulty while offering more quantity of Rare Tech Parts as a reward. 

Key Takeaways
  • Rare Tech Parts are resources to upgrade the Suit Techs and Gadgets of both characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • This resource also unlocks new suits for Miles Morals and Peter Parker.
  • Without acquiring the Rare Tech Parts, the combat will feel overwhelming and you cannot upgrade your characters or unlock most of the new suits. 

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All The Best Ways To Get Rare Tech Parts In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Here is an overview of all the Rare Tech Parts rewards ranked from easy to difficult, showcased along with rewards for each method in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.  

Serial NumberRare Tech Parts MethodsTech Rewards
1Prowler Stash Missions3 Rare Tech Parts
2EMF Experiment Missions3 Rare Tech Parts
3Hunter Blind Missions5 Rare Tech Parts
4Unidentified Targets4 Rare Tech Parts
5Yellow Hunter Crates2 - 4 Rare Tech Parts

What Are Rare Tech Parts?

How to get Rare Tech Parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Rare Tech Parts is an in-game upgrade and unlock resource in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that unlocks various suits for Peter and Miles, new gadgets, and upgrades Suit Tech as well. 

This is a higher-tier version of the Regular Tech Part, which is mostly obtained by completing spontaneous activities such as catching goons running at high-speed car chases, stopping various reported crimes, and much more.  

Rare Tech Parts are used for unlocking and upgrading gear for Miles and Peter. Some gadgets will require Rare Tech Parts to be unlocked first, while others will need another form of resources. At the same time, Rare Tech Parts will also be used to further upgrade a gear’s tier from level 1 onwards, making them feel more powerful and useful in the field. 

Unlocking suits is a novelty in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. These are mostly cosmetics unlocks now as compared to the first Marvel’s Spider-Man, where almost every suit was tied to a unique power. Still, 

Best Ways To Get Rare Tech Parts In Spider-Man 2

There are five ways to get the Rare Tech Parts but not all offer equal quantity. Easier missions give fewer Tech Parts, while challenging ones usually offer more Rare Tech Parts.

1. Prowler Stash Missions

Prowler Stash missions [Image Taken by Me]
Prowler Stash missions are by far the best method to get the Rare Tech Parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

These missions only require you to complete a simple chain of puzzles. You unlock this mission type very early in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2; after that, the activities will be highlighted on the map. You can track each one manually and complete them to acquire the Rare Tech Parts. 

Completing each Prowler Stash mission rewards:

  • 3 Rare Tech Parts
  • 300 XP

2. EMF Experiment

EMF Experiment missions [Image Taken by Me]
EMF Experiment is another mission type that offers not only Regular Tech Parts but also Rare Tech Parts as well. You basically get two upgrade resource types in a single go. 

These missions are actually even shorter than Prowler Stash quests in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, that is, if you skip the puzzles. However, I recommend you do not skip the science puzzles the EMF Experiment mission offers and complete them to get the feel of earning rewards. 

Completing EMF Experiment missions gives the following rewards:

  • 3 Rare Tech Parts
  • 140 Tech Parts
  • 700 XP

3. Hunter Blind Missions

Hunter Blind missions [Image Taken by Me]
Hunter Blind and Bases missions offer the highest amount of Rare Tech Parts.

These are first introduced very early in the game, and then they can be seen spread across Spider-Man 2’s map. Taking out enemies quietly or via combat is the objective of completing Hunter Blind missions. Since these missions take much more time than the methods I have mentioned above, the rewards are also pretty high. 

Completing the Hunter Blind and Bases missions will reward the following:

  • 5 Rare Tech Parts
  • 150 Tech Parts
  • 1000 XP

4. Unidentified Targets

Unidentified Targets is another mission activity that rewards the player with Rare Tech Parts. This mission type is unlocked during the “Stay Positive” Main Story Mission, which is technically during the midgame.

The missions typically involve chasing Talon Drone via a slipstream and avoiding obstacles. There are 9 Unidentified Targets in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and completing each one offers the following rewards:

  • 900 XP
  • 4 Rare Tech Parts

5. Yellow Hunter Tech Crates

Blue Tech crate in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 [Image Taken by Me]
The best and fastest way to get the Rare Tech Parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is to collect them by finding and opening the yellow Hunter Tech Crates. They are very similar to the blue Tech Crates you see in the image above, except they glow in a yellow shade.

While this sure is the fastest way to obtain Rare Tech Parts, the only problem is to find these chests as they do not show on the map when you press the R3 button. However, this can be made easy by unlocking the “All Seeing” Traversal Suit Tech upgrade in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Once this is done, you can spot these Yellow Hunter Tech Crates and the Regular Tech Crates on the minimap.  

My Thoughts On Rare Tech Crates

Having played Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for more than 8 hours now,  I definitely find Prowler Stash missions the best way to get Rare Tech Parts. This is especially true if you are very early in the game. 

However, once you have progressed further in Spider-Man 2, completing the Hunter Blind and Bases missions will give you the highest XP and Tech Parts no other mission offers. 

That is everything I had to discuss about all the best ways to get the Rare Tech Parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Before you go, read Spider-Man 2: All Digital Deluxe Edition Suits, All Known Characters, and All New Features guides.  

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