Spiderman 2: Best Suit Tech Upgrades [Top 7]

Discover the best suit upgrades for Peter and Miles in Spiderman 2 with my expert picks.

The tech suit upgrades in Spiderman allow you to increase the efficiency of both Peter and Miles in terms of combat, traversal, health management, and more. However, with up to four different trees, it is worth knowing what are the Spiderman 2 best Suit Tech upgrades so that you can invest your tech parts in the right upgrades. 

Key Takeaways
  • Suit Tech Upgrades are general boosts that increase the overall stats of both Spidermen in different ways.
  • The game provides a total of 40 Suit Tech Upgrades.
  • These upgrades are related to Health, Damage, Traversal, and the use of the Focus Bar. 
  • They provide advanced stats like more damage, better health regeneration, faster swinging, and much more.
  • They make dealing with enemies and other challenges a lot easier and give a sense of progression as you get closer to the endgame. 
  • The disadvantage of these suit tech upgrades is that they require lots of Tech Parts and other materials to unlock, which can be tedious to gather. 

For more insight, you can learn the best ways to get rare Tech parts in Spider-Man 2 from the following video by eXputer:

YouTube video

Best Suit Tech Upgrades Comparisons

Here is an overview of the best Suit Tech upgrades in Spiderman 2, showcased along with their description and unlock cost.

Upgrade NameDescriptionCostBest For
Confidence BoostHeals on Perfect Dodge moves, improving survivability during battles.Tech Parts: 205, City Tokens: 4The Best Upgrade For Defensive Healing
Life LinkHeals per web-shooter hit, especially useful against larger enemies.Tech Parts: 225, Rare Tech Parts: 4The Best Upgrade To Heal At A Range
Ultimate-Health 2Doubles overall health to 200, providing more endurance in tough fights.Tech Parts: 240, Hero Tokens: 10The Best HP-Boosting Upgrade
Air MarshalBoosts damage during aerial combat, enhancing mid-air attacks against foes.Tech Parts: 205, Rare Tech Parts: 7The Best Upgrade For Aerial Combat
Focused ParryIncreases damage output after successful parries, especially useful against certain attacks.Tech Parts: 205, Rare Tech Parts: 7The Best Upgrade For Offensive Parry Strats
The Floor Is LavaIncreases damage output during consecutive mid-air hits, stacking up to 50% more damage.Tech Parts: 225, Rare Tech Parts: 8The Best Upgrade For Sustained Aerial DPS
Ultimate-Damage 2Boosts overall damage output by 170%, making battles against tougher foes more manageable.Tech Parts: 240, Hero Tokens: 10The Best Upgrade For Damage Buff

1. Confidence Boost

The Best Upgrade For Defensive Healing.
Spiderman 2 all the Best Suit Tech Upgrades for peter and miles
Confidence Boost Best Suit Tech Upgrade in Spiderman 2 Showcase [image by eXputer]


-Tech Parts: 205
-City Tokens: 4
  • Why I Chose This: Confidence Boost provides great support if you have mastered Perfect Dodge as it heals you with every dodge.

In Spider-Man 2, the Confidence Boost is a suit upgrade that helps you during tough battles.

  • It helps you heal a little bit when you do a move called a Perfect Dodge.
  • A Perfect Dodge is when you dodge an enemy’s attack at the last second, and it lets you shoot a web at the enemy automatically.
  • The Confidence Boost upgrade makes this move even better by giving back some of your health.

The primary method of healing is by using the Focus Bar. However, waiting for it to fill up before healing can be tedious. As per my experience, having the option to heal while dodging enemies’ attacks can help you in situations where there are too many hard hitters. 

  • Very helpful for healing if your Focus is not full.
  • When forced to dodge on critical health, it helps get back to offense quickly.
  • The timing of a perfect dodge can be difficult to execute.
  • Not suitable for players who prefer a parry-heavy playstyle.

2. Life Link

The Best Upgrade To Heal At A Range.
Life Link suit tech upgrade [image by eXputer]


-Tech Parts: 225
-Rare Tech Parts: 4
  • Why I Chose This: Life Link is very useful for healing at a safe distance and used with Web shooters, thus trapping the targeted enemy.

Another Suit Tech upgrade that is related to health is known as the Life Link. 

  • Life Link allows you to heal slightly per every web-shooter hit. 
  • You only get 10 web-shooter hits at a time before you need to wait for them to recharge.
  • Regardless, they’re enough to get your health out of the critical zone.
  • Web shooters are used against the larger enemies in Spiderman 2, so being able to heal as you deal with them acts as a powerful bonus. 

The rare tech parts might be one hurdle while trying to unlock the upgrade. I recommend checking Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 how to get Rare Tech Parts guide and learn how to unlock the upgrade. 

  • Allows you to both heal as well as trap enemies.
  • Can help you escape critical health.
  • Heals for a pretty low amount.
  • Can not be healed if you run out of Web.

3. Ultimate-Health 2

The Best HP-Boosting Upgrade.
best health suit tech upgrades in spiderman 2
Health Upgrade [screenshot by us]


-Tech Parts: 240
-Hero Tokens: 10
  • Why I Chose This: Ultimate Health 2 raises your HP to the max value, and more health is always a useful upgrade to have against hard-hitting enemies.

There are many tech suit upgrades related to increasing the overall health. But the best tech suit ability in Spiderman for the health bar is the Ultimate-Health 2. 

  • It increases your overall health to 200.
  • As the starting health is 100, the upgrade doubles your overall health.
  • The upgrade is at the end of the tree, requiring a huge investment of tech parts. 
  • You will likely need to be near the endgame to be able to unlock the Ultimate-Health 2.
  • Greatly increases your maximum HP.
  • Allows you to tank the hits of endgame enemies more effectively.
  • Acquired pretty late in the game.
  • Not necessary if you want more challenge in your gameplay.

4. Air Marshal

The Best Upgrade For Aerial Combat.
Best Suit Tech Upgrades Spiderman 2
Air Marshal [image by us]


-Tech Parts: 205
-Rare Tech Parts: 7
  • Why I Chose This: Air Marshal is an optimal choice if you like the aerial combat which is also very versatile in Spider Man 2 and allows intricate combos.

The Air Marshal is another useful suit upgrade in Spider-Man 2, as it helps you when you are fighting enemies in the air.

  • The Air Marshal upgrade makes your attacks in the air stronger by dealing more damage than usual. 
  • As Spiderman, the majority of your combat will be done mid-air, allowing you to use the extra upgrade throughout each fight.
  • The best way to utilize the upgrade is to launch enemies in the air by holding the attack button.
  • Alternatively, you can swing in the air and pull the enemies towards you by holding the triangle button. 
  • The upgrade is most efficient against enemies with melee weapons and flying drones. 
  • Enchances all your attacks to enemies in mid-air.
  • Pairs great with Gadgets like the Upshot.
  • Doesn’t provide any dmg buff on non-airborne foes.
  • Usefulness slightly diminished in combat scenarios with aerial restrictions.

5. Focused Parry 

The Best Upgrade For Offensive Parry Strats.
peter and miles best tech suit upgrades in spiderman 2
Focused Parry Description [image by us]


-Tech Parts: 205
-Rare Tech Parts: 7
  • Why I Chose This: If you like parrying attacks and also wish to stay on the offensive, Focused Parry is a great choice to help you spam your abilities.

Focused Parry is great for players who love being on the offensive and don’t want to get too caught up in dodging. Spiderman 2 introduces the parry mechanic that can deflect almost any attack, and I had a ton of fun with it.

  • Focused Parry enhances that by increasing your damage output after each successful parry.
  • Certain attacks, such as those from enemies with swords, cannot be dodged and must be parried.
  • In those situations, the Focused Parry becomes an extremely useful upgrade. 
  • Increases the offensive benefits provided by Parry.
  • Can be used to spam abilities more efficiently.
  • The timing of parry can be somewhat difficult to master.
  • Not suitable for players who do not use parry as a defensive measure.

6. The Floor Is Lava 

The Best Upgrade For Sustained Aerial DPS.
The Floor is Lava Upgrade [image by eXputer]


-Tech Parts: 225
-Rare Tech Parts: 8
  • Why I Chose This: The Floor is Lava demands to steer clear of the ground and buffs you up heavily for doing so, as well as saving you from attacks down below.

The Floor is Lava is yet another Suit Tech upgrade that takes advantage of Spiderman’s ability to fight mid-air. 

  • Each consecutive hit whilst mid-air increases the overall damage output.
  • The effect stacks up to a 50% increase in damage output.
  • If you land on the ground, the bonus resets. 
  • Combining this upgrade with Air Marshal can make Spiderman extremely powerful in mid-air.

I personally relied heavily on those two skills, as while being mid-air, not many enemies can destroy your flow. Furthermore, remaining mid-air is easier than you might think, so I always had the extra damage boost. 

  • Makes aerial combat a lot more effective.
  • Rewards juggling enemies continuously and helps avoid danger as a plus.
  • Effectiveness diminishes against enemies with anti-air weaponry.
  • Forces you to stay airborne and discourages landing.

7. Ultimate-Damage 2

The Best Upgrade For Damage Buff.
best damage suit tech upgrades in spiderman 2
Best Suit Tech Upgrades in Spiderman 2 [image by us]


-Tech Parts: 240
-Hero Tokens: 10
  • Why I Chose This: Damage buff from any source is always welcome to dispatch enemies more efficiently, and Ultimate Damage 2 is invaluable for achieving that.

Each skill tree has its ultimate final upgrade, and for the damage, it is the Ultimate-Damage 2.

  • It increases your overall damage output by 170%. 
  • As enemies get tougher while you progress through the game, it is important to work towards the ability.
  • Otherwise, enemies begin to feel like sponges, eating up all your attacks.
  • Ultimate-Damage 2 is likely an upgrade that you’ll unlock near the endgame. 
  • Increases your maximum dmg multiplier.
  • The dmg boost affects every type of dmg source, including skills.
  • Acquired very late in the game.

Other Honorable Mentions

Here are some other Suit Tech Upgrades in Spiderman 2 that I did not include in my list but are worth mentioning.

  • Rejuvenating Parry: Helps you heal without depending on Focus, easily by staying on the defensive.
  • Healing Focus: Increases the healing you get from a Focus Bar.
  • The Best Defense: A free-flow combat-style upgrade that helps you stay alive in the game for the long run.
  • Combo King: After every tenth combo hit, this upgrade charges your abilities a bit.

My Thoughts On Best Suit Tech Upgrades 

Personally, I focused on the damage and health tree the most in my Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 playthrough. Having the basics nailed, such as having the maximum possible health and damage, made dealing with many challenges much easier. Then, I moved on to the Focus tree. As for the traversal, I didn’t really dabble too much in it because the traversal in the game is already quite fast and a huge upgrade from the previous game. 

With that, you know about the Spiderman 2 best Suit Tech upgrades. I recommend you check out the Spiderman 2 skills as well and match them up to create a good build. Also, pair that up with the best gadgets to make Peter and Miles invincible. To learn more, read eXputer’s review of Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

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