25 BEST Mods For State of Decay 2 In 2023

Explore the best State of Decay 2 Mods List updated in 2023 featuring guide, tips, and how to get started with mods.

One of the main issues fans like myself had with State of Decay 2 upon release was that the game was a bit too similar to its predecessor in terms of both presentation and gameplay. It was a visually superior version of the first game, with minimal new features and the same repetitive structure. It carried forward several features that people liked from the first game, but it also brought along many problems. But that’s where State of Decay 2 mods come in handy.

Key Takeaways
  • Although State of Decay 2 lacks significant new features and can be tedious, adding mods can improve the gameplay.
  • The “Better Farms and Gardens” mod decreases the need for scavenging by increasing food and medicinal output from facilities.
  • A bigger challenge is presented by the “Hordes R Hordier” mod, which increases the size and deadliness of zombie hordes and infestations.
  • Players can gather more materials on scavenging expeditions thanks to the “Better Vehicle Storage” mod, which increases the inventory space in vehicles.
  • The “Reduced Requirements for Home Sites” mod reduces the grind of accumulating influence by lowering the requirements for new bases and outposts.
  • The T1maniac Bunk Beds Facility Mod adds bunk beds that conserve space and permit numerous people to sleep, increasing morale by 5 and offering a bonus of two beds.
  • The Killeraltair Short Night Mod reduces the length of nighttime to 5 minutes, making it perfect for players who want to concentrate on constructing their base or gathering resources.
  • The Extended Functions Mod by QMJS is a comprehensive mod that adds additional heroes, a wide range of stats, mechanics to broaden the base, and higher morale.
  • The Deadmano mod’s Improved Looting and Search Experience make looting more convenient by enhancing the filtering mechanism for valuable goods.
  • State of Decay 2’s lengthy loading screens and intro are skipped via the No-Intro Mod by Dadec666.
  • Create a community of survivors in the State of Decay 2 with the help of the Ideal Community Generator by EvilGrin75.
  • Building X Mod cheats from TxdigitalGaming give the leader access to more than 200 ranged weapons and 100 melee weapons.
  • You have access to more than 300 outfits and fancy headgear thanks to ZODC137’s Wacky Wonderful Community Closet Mod.
  • The Massive Homesite Safezone Mod by MrNiceGuy4321 helps you battle zombies and expands your base of operations.
  • With Tenoz’s Armory Plus Mod, you can build an armory and other items more quickly and with greater ammo yields.

Best Mods For State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 barely took any risks, and it was a less enjoyable game because of it. But now that the game has been out for over two years, the fans have been making mods for it themselves that change up the gameplay in some exciting ways.

So this guide is intended to highlight some of the best mods for the State of Decay 2.

Summarized information on the mods: 

Mod NameModderDescription
Better Farms And Gardens ModGift2Exponential Increase In Food And Medicine From Different Facilities
Hordes R Hordier ModGift2Increases The Horde Size Making It More Of A Challenge
Better Vehicle Storage ModGift2Increases The Size Of Loot Stored In Back Of Vehicles
Reduced Requirements For Home Sites ModSmorris2012Halfs The Costs Of All Bases And Outposts
The Walking Dead ModNeru- Removes Juggernaut, Screamers, and Ferals
- Normal Undead Change Into Lethal Plague Zombies
- Similar Playstyle To The Walking Dead
The Light Saber ModZODC137Able To Equip Star Wars Light Sabers
Bunk Beds Facility ModT1maniacAdds 2 Bunk Beds Which Aids In Your Survival
Short Night ModKilleraltairDecrease The Duration Of The Night
NPC Use Guns Beta Modfree8015 and BIZNPCs Are Granted Guns With Unlimited Ammo
Extended Functions ModQMJSAdds New Stats, New Horoes, and Home Expansion Mechanics, etc
Improved Looting and Search Experience ModDeadmanoFilters The Items Such That Players Only Get Valuable Ones
Gameplay Overhaul Modlvdjj- Storage Increased
- Overall Improvement In Each Aspect Of The Game
Save Backup Tool ModBilagoSet Duration After Which The Game Auto Saves
Unlock All Hidden Bounties ModKilleralltairGives Access To All The Guns In The Game
Realistic Flashlights and Headlights ModTxdigitalGamingDrastically Improves The Graphics/Quality Of Flashlights and
No Intro ModDadec666Skips The Long Intro In The Start
Ideal Community Generator ModEvilGrin75Makes Your Community Members Have The Best Traits
Cheat Building X ModTxdigitalGamingAllows Access To All The Hidden Weapons In The Game
The Wacky Wonderful Community Closet ModZODC137A Plethora Of Different Costumes Added To Your Wardrobe
Massive Homesite Safezone ModMrNiceGuy4321Helps In Expansion Of Your Survival Base
Armory Plus ModTenozAllows Crafting Of Equipment And Armory In An Efficient Way
Community Editor ModKailHeilosAllows Access To Everything In The Game
Fire Hydrant’s Secret Garage ModHydraVampireEmpressIncreased Parking Areas Where You Can Refuel
Unlock Developer Menu ModKaiHeilosAccess To Developer Menu Helping You Get Through Difficulties
Mod ManagerKaiHeilosManage All The Mods You Have Installed

Better Farms And Gardens By Gift2

State of Decay 2 mods

As already established, State of Decay 2 can tend to be an incredibly repetitive game. When players develop home bases, they continuously have to go scavenging outside for essential resources like food and medicine.

And while there is some sense of satisfaction to be gained from feeding and caring for your community, the rate at which these items are depleted is plain ridiculous. It’s not fun when you need to bring back multiple rucksacks of food every few hours.

So to counteract this problem, we have the ‘Better Farms And Gardens’ mod. This is nothing particularly groundbreaking or unique, but it is a massive quality of life improvement that takes away a lot of the tediousness of scavenging.

State of Decay 2 mods
Food And Medicine Production.

With this mod active, food and medicine from facilities like Farms, Gardens, and Hydroponics are increased. The amount is not so significant that you can step away from scavenging for these resources forever, but it is enough that you don’t need to worry about them all the time.

You can take your time exploring the world now and maybe focus on other activities like clearing Infestations or Plague Hearts.

The Better Farms And Gardens mod can be found here.

Hordes R Hordier By Gift2

State of Decay 2 mods

Early in the game, zombies can pose a real challenge to the players, especially if they decide to take on more than a few at a time. But by the time you put in a few hours and upgrade your equipment, you’ll be able to handle yourself pretty well.

A step up in difficulty from these standard zombies is supposed to be a powerful Horde, but even these are mere child’s play if you’re appropriately equipped or have a companion or two at your side. They pose little to no threat to a player who knows what they’re doing, and they can be eradicated if someone drives a car through them.

The point is that zombie Hordes are not a real danger in State of Decay 2. If anything, they’re annoying obstacles that you can quickly steamroll through in a moment. So if you’re seeking a real challenge, look no further than the ‘Hordes R Hordier’ mod.

State of Decay 2 mods
Vehicles Can Decimate Hordes.

This multiplies the Hordes’ size in the game by three, increasing the number of zombies that comprise them and making them deadlier. Now, whenever you learn that there is a horde in the vicinity of your base, you have to be on your toes in case it decides to attack.

You can no longer ram your vehicles through them to instantly get rid of them, but instead, you need to prepare by crafting crowd-control weapons like bombs properly.

Additionally, this mod also increases the size of Infestations in the game by the same amount, making them more of a challenge than usual.

If you’re interested in the Hordes R Hordier mod, you can find it here.

Better Vehicle Storage By Gift2

State of Decay 2 mods

The State of Decay games have never been particularly good at making use of inventory space, especially when it comes to vehicles. You’re often limited to a few slots of storage, each of which can be occupied by even the smallest and lightest of items.

For example, how does it make sense that the six inventory slots on a Jeep can be taken up by empty backpacks and a few clothing items? That doesn’t seem reasonable, and this has created situations where players have had to leave behind essential resources because they’ve had to prioritize between one item or the other.

That’s where the ‘Better Vehicle Storage’ mod comes into play, by allowing you to use vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs to their fullest extent.

State of Decay 2 mods
Limited Storage Space.

With this mod active, players can easily load three to four times more loot into their vehicles. It doesn’t break the gameplay loop in any way either, it simply makes the entire process feel a bit more natural and realistic. And since different vehicles have different sizes, the mod scales the inventory space according to their proportions.

This is great because it ensures that you can go out on scavenging trips and fully load up your cars with 14 to 15 rucksacks at a time, which is a massive amount of resources in the game. Without this mod active, it would take you at least three trips to bring back this many goods.

Players can find the Better Vehicle Storage mod here.

Reduced Requirements For Home Sites By Smorris2012.

State of Decay 2 mods
Home Site Requirements.

One of the most annoying things about State of Decay 2 are the absolutely absurd requirements needed to occupy new bases and outposts. Influence is the main currency in the game, and it is given out so sparsely that it can take hours upon hours to earn the needed amount.

The grind can be so intense that it makes players not want to explore the map and try living in different locations. It almost feels like the game incentivizes jumping from the starter base directly into the biggest end-game homesites while not taking the time to grow your community steadily.

So this is where the reasonably straightforward ‘Reduced Requirements For Home Sites’ is beneficial.

State of Decay 2 mods
Mid-Size Home Site.

This mod slashes the cost of all bases in the game by half, making them much more affordable and cutting down on grinding hours. It also makes it, so you require fewer Survivors in your community since this is also a requirement.

For reference, it costs 3500 Influence and 8 Survivors to move into the largest home sites in the game. But with the mod active, you only need 1750 influence and 4 Survivors.

Check out the Reduced Requirements For Home Sites mod here.

The Walking Dead Mod By Neru

State of Decay 2 mods
Screamer Freak.

State of Decay 2 slightly diverts from the zombie apocalypse’s norms by tackling the end of the world in its particular way. The undead is more aggressive, there are a few noteworthy variations of zombies globally, and the virus is not easily caught because of a single scratch or bite.

But if there are some fans who’re looking for a more traditional zombie experience, then ‘The Walking Dead’ State of Decay 2 mod was made for them.

The mod gets rid of all the Freaks in the game like Juggernauts, Screamers, and Ferals, while also turning all the normal undead into lethal plague zombies. It also removes the plague cure from the game and all methods of healing plague damage. And finally, it removes the ability of the zombies to run. They are now as slow-moving as every other undead in popular media.

State of Decay 2 mods
Plague Sample.

This is used together with the Lethal difficulty in the game, making the experience much more challenging. Resources are challenging to find; almost no high-end weapons exist on the map, cars are always damaged by default, and the enemies inflict much more damage than usual.

So the result is a much more challenging game mode that also plays like a more traditional undead apocalypse scenario. This is also a unique entry on this list of the best State of Decay 2 mods.

The Light Saber Mod from ZODC137

A good thing about the Mods in the State of Decay is that there is no limit to what you can do with them. There are many Mods available that would give you amazing and unique weapons that will make your SOD2 experience even better. One such weapon is the Lightsaber can be used in State of Decay 2 owing to a Mod from Nexus and is definitely the best thing we’ve ever had in a game. 

best mods
The Lightsaber Mod

If you’re feeling like going all Star Wars on your enemies then this Mod is for you. The Lightsaber mode allows you to alter any regular sword in your inventory and turn it into a laser sword. You will get two versions with this Mod. In the first version, you can turn the Masterwork Bokken into a Lightsaber. However, in the second version, you can get two new lightsabers in your inventory as separate weapons. They come in the colors red and blue but both of them give the same damage.

The best thing about these lightsabers is that they are very lightweight so you will be able to land fast attacks using this. Both of the lightsabers can be salvaged using 175 parts each. The stats of these lightsabers have been set to maximum by default. This is a must-have mod if you want to slash some zombies in style. You can get this mod here.

Bunk Beds Facility Mod by T1maniac

This mode is survival-focused and you can get it on Nexus. The Bunk Beds Facility Mod will alter the Camping Heater Mod and turn it into bunk beds. You will get two sets of bunk beds using the Mod provided. These two bunk beds will help you a lot, especially in cramped places. They will help you save a lot of space and provide sleeping space for multiple people. 

bunker bed
Bunker bed facility

In of zombie apocalypse, it is no doubt finding a place to sleep can be a nightmare. Using this mod you cannot only use the bunk beds in the survival base but in your makeshift camp as well. The bunk bed mod will also boost your Morale by 5 and give a plus 2-bed bonus as well.

In order to build the bunk beds in State of Decay 2, after getting the mod you will need one person to work on it. The time duration is of two minutes and thirty seconds. Incorporating bunk beds will help you fit more people in a more compact space. Download this mod here.

Short Night Mod by Killeraltair

Some players in State of Decay 2 don’t really enjoy the scarier aspects of the game and prefer killing the zombies in broad daylight. Since the nights in Stat of Decay 2 are extremely long, some players use certain mods to make them shorter. One of these is a mod from Nexus that when used can make the nighttime duration in State of Decay 2 very short. The Short Night Mod also extends the duration of the days. 

You can use this mod if you’re just starting out in the game and want to work on your survivability. Players who are doing a speed run or the ones who want to focus on building their base and collecting resources should definitely try out this mod. It is also a great mod for players not interested in the terrors that nighttime brings in SOD2. The night will only last for five minutes in this mod instead of 90 minutes. You can download the mod here.

NPC Use Guns Beta Mod

You might be very well aware of the fact that NPCs in State of Decay 2 are scared of guns and no one is armed in the game. They seem to be using melee weapons to take down hordes of zombies which in most cases doesn’t work. The reason for this might be to keep the NPCs from wasting ammo which is considered a precious resource in the game. While this might be great but sometimes you’ll need an extra hand to get you through and this setting kind of limits what an ally can do.

npcs use guns
The NPC Use Guns mod

The NPC use guns mod was made by free8015 and BIZ and uploaded on the site by luc1dox. Using this mod, the NPCs will have guns will unlimited ammunition and the best thing about it is that it won’t take any ammunition from the players. So you won’t have to worry about your ammo running out while you and your allies take out the zombies. But keep in mind that this mod is a beta version and has not been updated since 2014. You will likely face bugs while using it so it’s recommended that you only use the mod when necessary. Click here to get this mod.

Extended Functions Mod by QMJS

If you’re looking for an all-in-one mod that will improve your gameplay and includes several features for State of Decay 2 then look no further as this Mod from QMJS has it all. We know that after some time every game needs a large-scale tweaking. The QMJS Extended Functions Mod does this for you and provides a large-scale upgrade with a diverse amount of functions.

state of decay 2 mods
Extended functions mod

Downloading the mod comes with a lot of additions. This includes a variety of stats for the players and a lot of new heroes as well. The mod also offers mechanics to expand your home or survival base and also makes the morale factor more rewarding. Using the mod from QMJS you can kill hordes of zombies in an efficient way and clear the area more quickly.

The expansion from the QMJS mod has a lot to add to the vanilla version. If you’re one of the players looking for an overall upgrade then this is the mod for you and you can get the mod by visiting the website here.

Improved Looting and Search Experience by Deadmano

Looting is the crucial part of any game, especially if it’s survival-based like State of Decay 2. The loot you get will ultimately determine how long you will last in the game. This is the reason why the game mechanics are built in a way that makes valuable loot incredibly hard to find. But the problem is solved thanks to a mod by Deadmano that improves the filter system so you can get only important and valuable loot easily.

more loot
Improved loot and searching mod

The mod offers a variety of options to make your looting experience more convenient and you can invest your time in setting up your base instead of wasting hours on finding the important materials. It offers a fast vanilla search system as well as a super-fast search. There are three fast search options as well that come with this mod and they have little to no percentage of failed chances of getting loot.

The improved searching mod is best if you don’t want to waste your time and energy on looting as it will only five seconds to search. Keep in mind that if you are playing a multiplayer mod then only you will be able to use the mod unless your teammates have the mod installed on their systems. Get the mod here.

Gameplay Overhaul Mod by lvdjj

With the overhaul mod, you can experience State of Decay 2 in all its glory. The mod features a lot of functions and improvements mostly suggested by the players themselves. The DLCs have improved descriptions of them and the unique skills are buffed. A great feature of this mod is that the storage space is doubled so you can store as much ammo, food, fuel, etc as you want.

The Fatigue and Morale System is greatly improved and the legacy boons are balanced. This mod also improves the map and mini-map and makes it even more convenient for you to locate certain areas. Another great thing about this mod is that it extends the mission timer to a reasonable duration. Many bugs and issues are also fixed so that you can experience great gameplay without any problems. Get it here.

Save Backup Tool by Bilago

Backing up and saving is the most important aspect of survival games like State of Decay 2. But unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow you to start from the same place if you get killed accidentally. Using the save backup tool from Bilago, you can set the duration when you want the game to autosave by itself.

backup tool
Save backup tool mod

You just need to set the intervals of time and the game will be saved automatically so you won’t have to worry about saving constantly while enjoying the game. You can minimize the tool in the background while you play the game. It will sleep until the game is launched and when you load the game, it will start saving the game. You can get this amazing mod here.

Unlock All Hidden Bounties Mod by Killeralltair

Sometimes you might not feel like doing a lot of missions to get your favorite guns in State of Decay 2. Getting guns in the game is not easy as you would have to complete time taking bounties and missions to get the guns you want from the Bounty broker.

mods for state of decay 2
Unlock all hidden bounties mod

If you don’t want to waste your time on the bounties then you can simply install the unlock all hidden bounties mod by Killeralltair. Once this kid is running, you will no longer have to complete the bounties to get the guns you want and you can simply skip the missions. The mod will give you access to all the guns that Bounty Broker has including the hidden ones. You can get this amazing mod by visiting the website here.

Realistic Flashlights and Headlights by TxdigitalGaming

Like many other games, State of Decay 2 has a pretty faulty flashlight system where instead of illuminating the surface it kind of makes it glows. This makes the graphics look crappy and unrealistic and you also miss out on a ton of details in the environment ruining the fun of exploration. The flashlight has a blinding halogen light and in case you have enemies around, you will face many difficulties fighting them.

realistic flashlight
Realistic flashlights mod

Using the realistic flashlight mod by txdigitalgaming, you can bring your flashlight to life and greatly improve its quality. The glow is fixed and the distance and cone size of the flashlight is also improved. A good thing about this mod is that it doesn’t compromise on brightness like the other flashlight mods. It also makes the vehicles in the game have a better and improved headlight. You can download this amazing Mod here.

No Intro Mod by Dadec666

MS Studios and Undead Labs are known for their ridiculously long intros that don’t really have a skip option most of the time. The same is the case with State of Decay 2 where the intro just doesn’t seem to end. The loading screen takes a lot of time and kind of kills the mood.

no intro mod state of decay 2
No intro mod

This is where the No-Intro Mod by dadec666 comes into play. Install this mod and you will no longer have to wait for the intro to end and the mod will automatically skip it. You can get the No-Intro Mod here.

Ideal Community Generator by EvilGrin75

The most time-consuming part of the gameplay in State of Decay 2 is building a community and managing it. The community members you will get are determined by a reroll system. Unless you’re extremely lucky, most of the time the community members you get don’t possess good survival skills and progressing with them in the game might seem like a tedious task.

mods for state of decay 2
Ideal community generator

The ideal community generator mod will solve this problem and allow you to have a community filled with survivors with the best traits in State of Decay 2. EvilGrin75 made sure that this mod is easy to operate and works well with the latest update of State of Decay 2.

The mod allows you to choose the traits you would like to have in the community members by setting up a trait profile. You can create as many trait profiles as you like. To use it, run the mod and perform rerolling. The mod will reroll all the bad community members and choose the ones with the traits you want. You can get this amazing mod here.

Cheat Building X Mod by TxdigitalGaming

This is by far one of the best mods for getting every weapon available in the game. The modder uses a hidden in-game asset to give you access to over 200 Ranged weapons and over 100 Melee weapons. And that is not all. The cheat building is filled with plenty of resources and the looks keep on changing for every new update. 

best mods
Cheat building mod

The mod also increases the Prestige and Influence of the leader in State of Decay 2 and gives an Injection Boos to the traits and skills you possess. Another great thing about this mod is that it will give you plenty of Explosives as well as consumables to help your survival journey.

There are certain Heartland Specific items like Plague Busters and Enhanced Plague cures for your community that comes with this mod. The best thing about this mod is that it lets you activate 4 Legacy Boons at once in State of Decay 2. All of these features make it a great mod that you should definitely try out. Check it out here.

The Wacky Wonderful Community Closet Mod by ZODC137

If you ever wanted to take out zombies in style, but the cosmetic options in Stats of Decay 2 limited you then now is your chance. The WWCC Mod by ZODC137 gives you a variety of costumes at your disposal and the best thing about it is that the mod gets updated on a regular basis so you will always have something new to wear.

unlock all cosmetics
The Wacky Wonderful Community Closet Mod

From Tactical Hoodies to Trench Coats and Police Uniforms, you will have more than 300 options to choose from. That is not all as the mod gives you cosplay outfits too including Ghost Rider, Attack on Titan, Daft Punk, Santa, Snoop Dogg, and much more!

There are also a lot of fancy hats and an option that allows you to change your hair color as well. When you have downloaded the mod you can access all of these outfits in your in-game inventory.

The mod works for the versions that came after the 2.2.13 update. Get this amazing mod here.

Massive Homesite Safezone Mod by MrNiceGuy4321

If you want to expand your survival base and take over the whole town in State of Decay 2 without having to spam the outposts, then the massive homesite safe zone mod is the best for you. The mod is very much like the Snowflake mod but using this mod only the size of the zone you’re in will change. 

massive homesite
Massive Homesite Safezone mod

You can add many buildings here and you will be able to support your community in a better way. With a lot of space and storage at your disposal, you can focus on what’s important and that is fighting the zombies!

If there is a mission involving a zombie that was supposed to spawn in a safe zone, it will automatically break the mission. Since there has been an update that introduced a lot of plague territories, it is important that you expand your homesite safe zone for maximum chances of survival. You can download the mod here.

Armory Plus Mod by Tenoz

The Armory Plus Mod is another extensive mod that increased the ammo yields and lets you craft Armory and other equipment in a more efficient way. Weapons and shields are the most important aspect of any survival game and State of Decay 2 are no different. With mobs of zombies coming your way to attack you, melee weapons won’t be enough and you will need guns with as much ao as possible.

You can craft many weapons in the Armory in State of Decay 2. But sometimes this can be very time-consuming. The mod helps you with this by reducing the time it takes to craft certain items. Your Armory will automatically reach level 3 upon running this mod.

The upgraded Armory allows you to craft many items like advanced attachments for all your weapons, flashbangs, thermite grenades, Willie Pete Grenades, and much more.

A great thing about the Armory Plus mod is that you will 2 ammo per day at the cost of one material. This will help you a lot especially if you’re running out of resources. You can get your Armory upgraded by downloading the mod here.

Community Editor Mod by KailHeilos

The Community Editor mod gives you control of almost anything in the game. You will be able to edit everything that is present in the saved files of State of Decay 2. This includes stats of buildings and assets as well. Using the mod you can edit survivor traits too and change them to the ones you like. The mod will also allow you to change your current skills and edit facilities, vehicles, and even your inventory.

community editor
The Community Editor mod

With the community editor mod, you can play the role of an admin. A great thing about this mod is that you can add all 4 legacy boons in your community as well. The mod does not work with the pirated version and anything not present in your saved file cannot be edited. Get it here.

Fire Hydrant’s Secret Garage Mod by HydraVampireEmpress

Commuting to State of Decay 2 brings many challenges for the players. The main one is that you will have to go crush many zombies along the way and keep yourself stacked on fuel so that you don’t run out. With time your vehicles may lose durability. 

With this Secret Garage Mod from HydraVampireEmpress, you will get parking spaces scattered throughout the map. In these areas, you can refuel without having to go back all the way to your base.

You can also fix your vehicle by using the parts in your community. For this to work, you will need a Workshop Facility, a mechanic, auto mechanic skills and a gas can present in your locker. If you have one part, you can fix about 500 damage done to your vehicle. So if you are looking to fix your vehicle in a more convenient way, consider getting this mod here.

Unlock Developer Menu Mod by KaiHeilos

Sometimes you can use a bit of cheating to get you through the difficult part of State of Decay 2. You can do this by unlocking the developer menu using this mod by KeiHeilos. The mod is very much like a trainer and will give you access to almost everything in State of Decay 2, making it one of the best mods on our list. There is no limit to what you can do with this mod and it works well with the latest versions of the game too.

best mods
Unlock developer menu

With the mod, you can have all your favorite weapons and vehicles and you can even give yourself ammunition. You can control your radio and even spawn or kill zombies in a specific area. The mod also offers plague hearts and infestations. You can add more followers as well with this mod. To download this amazing mod, visit this website here.

Mod Manager by KaiHeilos

With so many amazing mods for State of Decay 2, you will need a tool that can help you manage all of them from one place. The Mod Manager from KaiHeilos does a great job at it. Another function of the mod manager is to detect issues and bugs in all of your mods and it can also help you locate any lost assets.

mod manager
The Mod Manager

With the mod manager, you can unpack your mods and enable the ones you want. You can also see who created the mods and the version they have. If you don’t want a specific mod, you can easily uninstall them using a mod manager. Get mod manager for State of Decay 2 here.

The link to The Walking Dead Mod can be found on the creators personal YouTube channel here.

This has been our guide on the best State of Decay 2 mods. If you’re a fan of this game, you might find something new and exciting to try here.

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