Street Fighter 6 Chun Li [Story, Age, Voice Actor]

Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li has a fresh look, a captivating story, and a portrayal by the Voice Actors, while her age remains a mystery.

Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li’s appearance has been given a fresh update, marking the first significant change since Street Fighter Alpha. Her new look showcases a light blue dress adorned with darker blue accents, featuring a delightful pattern inspired by the sky and gracefully soaring swallows. Complementing the dress, Chun-Li now wears darker blue tights underneath.

Key Takeaways
  • Chun-Li receives a fresh update to her appearance, featuring a new light blue dress with darker blue accents and a pattern inspired by the sky and swallows.
  • Chun-Li takes on a new role as she cares for Li-Fen and runs kung fu classes in her neighborhood, earning admiration and love from the local community.
  • Chun-Li is promoted to the director of the special criminal intelligence division within ICPO and embarks on a mission to clear Ken’s name, which has been framed by the terrorist organization Amnesia.
  • Official information reveals Chun-Li’s birthdate in 1968, and her age in Street Fighter 6 can be estimated to be in her late 30s or early 40s, depending on the game’s timeframe.
  • Chun-Li’s playstyle focuses on speed, agility, and rapid attacks, making her a favorite among players. She has a mixed fighting style with powerful kicks and evolving animations throughout the series.
  • In the English dub, Chun-Li’s voice actor is Jennie Kwan, while Fumiko Orikasa voices her in the Japanese dub.

Who Is Chun Li In Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Chun Li In
Chun Li In Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li, a former ICPO agent known for her impressive high-kicking skills, takes on a new role. After the Black Moon Incident, she dedicates herself to caring for Li-Fen, a victim of the ordeal. With Shadaloo’s influence diminished, Chun-Li embraces her passion for martial arts by running kung fu classes, earning the admiration and love of the local community. Her dedication to justice and her nurturing nature have transformed her into a beloved figure in her neighborhood.

Chun Li’s Story

Chun-Li, a former high-kicking ICPO agent, has been promoted to the director of the special criminal intelligence division within the organization. She takes care of Li-Fen, a victim of the Black Moon Incident, which has left a lasting impact on her. A new terrorist organization called Amnesia emerges and targets Ken, framing him for a crime he did not commit.

  • Chun-Li embarks on a mission to gather evidence and clear Ken’s name.
  • She, undercover alongside Tsujimoto, follows Ken and Albert Jackson to a hotel.
  • A group of masked individuals attacks Ken’s car, prompting Chun-Li and Tsujimoto to rescue him and flee.
  • Chun-Li questions Ken about the attack on his car and informs him that they were unable to save his friend, Albert.
  • She holds Ken in custody for his own safety as he is considered a material witness.
  • Ken becomes frustrated and demands to know the whereabouts of his son, Mel, but Chun-Li abruptly leaves the room to make a phone call.

Li-Fen uncovers that JP frequently changes identities and causes turmoil wherever he is involved. Suspicious activities related to JP’s online presence and attempts to reverse-hack Li-Fen raise concerns. Chun-Li contemplates the difficulties of her situation, while Li-Fen expresses her willingness to investigate further, hoping for rewards such as a gaming mouse and a delicious steak. The conversation ends with Chun-Li questioning if she can ever lead a normal life, causing Li-Fen to react disappointedly.

What Is Chun Li’s Age In SF6?

Official information from Capcom reveals that Chun-Li’s birthdate is on the 1st of March 1968, although the specific timeline for Street Fighter 6 remains unclear. Using the release date of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike in 1999 as the latest point in the series chronology, fans have attempted to piece together a rough timeline spanning several decades.

Following this line of reasoning, it can be inferred that Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li’s age would be at least 32 years, assuming the events of the game occurred after 1999. Consequently, depending on the timeframe in which Street Fighter 6 is set, the world’s strongest woman could be in her late 30s or early 40s.

Chun Li’s Character & Playstyle

Ryu Chun Li fighting
Chun Li fighting with Ryu

Chun-Li, the original fast character in the Street Fighter series, employs a playstyle focused on speed, agility, and multiple rapid attacks.

  • She utilizes quick and swift movements, making her a favorite among players.
  • In the early days of arcade fighting games, many female characters followed Chun-Li’s example and adopted a similarly speedy style.
  • While originally a charge character in games like Street Fighter II, her style was later changed to provide a more technical and fast-paced experience.
  • Chun-Li’s basic moves incorporate a combination of brute force and agility, allowing for a mixed fighting style.
  • She is known for her various kicking attacks, leveraging her strong thigh build.
  • Throughout the series, Chun-Li’s animations have evolved, showcasing a more graceful approach to her martial arts.
  • She possesses unique attacks that may vary across different iterations of the game, with a few iconic moves remaining consistent.

Overall, Chun-Li’s playstyle offers an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience, combining speed, agility, and a diverse range of attacks, making her a strong and beloved character in the Street Fighter series.

SF6 Voice Actor of Chun Li

  • In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li’s Voice Actor is Jennie Kwan in the English dub.
  • As for the Japanese Dub, Chun Li’s Voice Actor is Fumiko Orikasa.

Wrapping Up

That’s it on Street Fighter 6 Chun Li and her Heroic Journey. While Chun-Li is among the Best Characters, there are still too many options to choose from. Moreover, check our guide on the Plot of Street Fighter 6, where your avatar takes place in the Open World.


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