Street Fighter 6 Ken Guide [Costume, Story & Voice Actor]

Learn Street Fighter 6 Ken's classic look, unravel his captivating story, and know more about the voice actor controversy.

Ken Masters, the fiery and charismatic warrior, returns to Street Fighter 6, captivating fans with his dynamic combat style and a transformative storyline. His classic outfit, aggressive combos, and newly introduced narrative challenges create a renewed experience for players, while controversies surrounding his voice actor replacement add an unexpected dimension to SF6.

Key Takeaways
  • Ken Masters returns in Street Fighter 6 with a dynamic and aggressive fighting style.
  • His original classic Street Fighter costume makes a comeback.
  • Ken excels in speed, pressure, and close-quarters combat.
  • His fiery moves mirror his passionate personality with high combo potential.
  • Special moves like Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku diversify his combat style.
  • Ken’s playstyle suits players preferring high-speed and aggressive gameplay with various combos and mix-up potential.

Who Is Ken In Street Fighter 6?

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken Masters

The beloved character Ken Masters in the Street Fighter series returns to Street Fighter 6 with a new appearance and storyline. Known for his flashy martial arts moves and Red Karate Gi, Ken has always been a fan favourite. In Street Fighter 6, Ken’s character and playstyle continue to embody his dynamic and aggressive fighting style.

Ken’s Character & Playstyle

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken’s Playstyle

Ken Masters is a charismatic and dynamic character in the Street Fighter series known for his aggressive and flamboyant fighting style.

  • Ken’s playstyle revolves around speed, pressure, and mix-ups.
  • He excels in close-quarters combat.
  • His moves are often fiery, reflecting his passionate and energetic personality.
  • Ken has high combo potential, allowing players to link various attacks and special moves for devastating and stylish combos.
  • His special moves include the Hadoken (fireball), Shoryuken (uppercut), and Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku (spinning kick).
  • His visually appealing moves showcase his fiery spirit and skilful martial arts.

Ken is an ideal choice for players who enjoy an aggressive, high-speed playstyle, as he offers versatility and excitement. Mastering his moves, combos, and mix-up potential will enable you to dominate the battlefield and deliver stylish victories in Street Fighter 6.

Ken’s Story & Backstory

In Street Fighter 6, Ken Masters’ story takes an intriguing turn, introducing a new chapter in his life. Ken’s appearance reflects a significant change from his clean-cut image, as he now sports a rough and messy look.

  • In the official Tokyo Game Show story, Ken is accused of orchestrating a criminal plot.
  • Facing these accusations, Ken makes a difficult decision to abandon his family and business, becoming a fugitive in hiding.
  • Despite attempts to conceal himself, signs of his extravagant wealth persist in stages and locations.
  • The full details of Ken’s involvement in the criminal plot and his challenges remain undisclosed.
  • Players can explore Ken’s storyline in Street Fighter 6’s story mode to uncover the depth of his predicament and the resolution to his circumstances.

Ken’s story in Street Fighter 6 presents a fresh and intriguing twist to his character, offering players a deeper understanding of his motivations and the challenges he must overcome. It adds an element of drama and suspense to Ken’s journey, showcasing his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Ken’s Classic Costume

Ken in Street Fighter 6
Ken’s Classic

The Street Fighter 6 Ken Classic costume adds an extra layer of customization and personalization to the gameplay experience, ensuring that fans can enjoy it in a way that resonates with their fondness for Ken and his iconic outfit.

My Ending Thoughts For Ken

As a former Ken main, this is my time to shine. Ken is one of the most versatile characters in the game, with high damage and brutal pressure opportunities.

nameer zia sf6 steam
My SF6 playtime on Steam

Do you want defense? Ken has it. Do you want offense? Ken is a monster as a rush-down character. In the hands of a capable player, Ken Masters can throw down against the best of the best, but he excels even in the hands of a newbie.

If you’re new to the game, I strongly recommend picking Ken as your starting main, as his playstyle encourages a new player to learn the basics and fighting game fundamentals, such as playing neutral, zoning, and defense. 

As this guide is concluded, you are now equipped with a deeper understanding of Ken Masters‘ journey in Street Fighter 6. Whether you embody his iconic Classic Attire or explore the twists and turns of his captivating story, you hold the key to unleashing the fiery spirit of Ken.


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