Street Fighter 6: All Marisa Combos & Moves

Master Marisa's potent strikes in Street Fighter 6 and boost your gameplay with our comprehensive guide featuring powerful combos, strategies, and all the essential moves of this aggressive character.

Marisa is an absolute powerhouse in SF6 with forward-moving attacks and meaty combos. She is characterized by her potent strikes, able to crack through an opponent’s armor with enough power. Her primary game plan is simple, efficient, and aggressive: keep punching until the enemy stops to fight.

Key Takeaways
  • Marisa’s ability to charge her punches and specials provides her with increased power, potentially enabling her to break through an opponent’s armor and deal more damage.
  • Marisa’s Straight Punch, when fully charged, can break through enemy armor, providing significant damage and potentially disrupting their strategies.
  • Her Meteorite attack, a midair hammer punch, allows her to maintain mobility while delivering a powerful strike from above, catching opponents off guard.
  •  The use of modern controls simplifies the execution of Marisa’s moves, providing more intuitive inputs and smoother gameplay.

Who Is Marisa In Street Fighter 6?

Marisa is a beast of a fighter with strong pressure attacks in SF6. This means she can build up her attacks to deal higher damage or achieve additional effects, such as breaking through the enemy’s armor. If you want to know who is the voice actor of Marisa, check out our take on Street Fighter 6 Voice Actors.

Charging Marisa’s Specials

Charged Attack SF6
Charged Attack [All Images Credits: The Maven Dojo]
Charging is a key mechanic of SF6 Marisa’s combo list & gameplay style, significantly enhancing her combat effectiveness and making her even more of a threat to her opponents. By charging her specials and normal attacks, Marisa is capable of creating an advantage over her opponent or even breaking through their armor, adding depth to her straightforward, punch-oriented game plan.

  • Her normal attacks become more potent when charged, allowing for additional damage and special properties.
  • For instance, some charged attacks may offer her armor, enabling her to absorb hits without flinching and continue her assault.
  • This is especially crucial against heavy-hitting opponents, as it allows Marisa to maintain momentum even when under pressure.

Signature Move

Gladius or Straight punch sf6 marisa combos
Gladius or Straight punch

Marisa’s signature move in Street Fighter is the Straight Punch, a forceful and aggressive maneuver that characterizes her straightforward, powerful fighting style. This move is particularly significant due to its potency and versatility, enhanced by Marisa’s ability to charge it for increased power and additional properties.

  • Adding to the versatility of the Straight Punch is its overdrive version.
  • When Marisa charges this version, it grants armor at the beginning of the move, providing immediate protection against incoming attacks.
  • Moreover, charging it further augments the already substantial damage, making it a truly devastating attack.

All Marisa Moves In SF6

Quadriga sf6 marisa combos

Here is a complete SF6 Marisa Combos list entailing the movesets / attack patterns:

Move Description Type
Javelin of Marisa Maximum force overhead punch Super Art 1
Meteorite Mid-air pounding punch Super Art 2
Goddess of the Hunt Full-circle uppercut Super Art 3
Novacula Swipe Dual strike low hook Unique Attack
Novacula Thrust Combination of punch and kick Unique Attack
Magna Bunker Uppercut using the body Unique Attack
Marisa Style Body hook or rotating hook kick Unique Attack
Light Two-Hitter Rapid punch combo Unique Attack
Medium Two-Hitter Mid-body punch combo Unique Attack
Heavy Two-Hitter Power punch combo Unique Attack
Volare Combo Mid-air punch combo Unique Attack
Caelum Arc Skyward hammer punch Unique Attack
Malleus Breaker Dual overhead punch Unique Attack
Flax Crusher Dual knee strike to the body Unique Attack
Scutum High-level boxing defense Special Move
Phalanx Leap with a powerful punch Special Move
Quadriga Frontal pushing kick Special Move
Gladius Power punch to the body Special Move
Dimachaerus Combo of uppercut and overhead Special Move
Mounted Grace Leg-based takedown Throw
Ponte Milvio Firefighter’s style throw Throw


Superman Punch sf6 marisa combos
Superman Punch

Marisa also possesses a strong airborne move, a mighty Superman punch or Phalanx executed in the air that knocks down opponents upon hit and gives Marisa an advantage if blocked.

  • This move boosts upper body armor, allowing her to shrug off incoming attacks as she executes them.
  • The overdrive version of this move can break through armor and can also wall splat the opponent, if they’re close to a wall, for further SF6 Marisa combos opportunities.


Scutum sf6 marisa combos

Adding to her arsenal, Marisa has a defensive move i.e., Scutum, where she puts up her guard, granting herself upper body armor. If hit during this stance, she charges forward, gaining the upper hand.

  • From there, she has three different options: an overhead attack that has to be blocked standing, a low sweep, and a powerful command grab to finish things off.
  • The overdrive variant of this guard move gains armor faster and provides full body armor.

Goddess Of The Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt sf6 marisa combos
Goddess of the Hunt

Marisa’s enhanced down special causes a wall slump, which opens up the opportunity for various high-damage combos, either leading to a command grab or chaining into her supers.

Using Modern Controls For Marisa

Playing Marisa using modern controls allows for more intuitive inputs and smoother gameplay, making it easier to execute her powerful strikes and charged attacks. This approach to control configuration offers enhanced accessibility, especially for players newer to the Street Fighter series or fighting games in general.

  • One primary benefit of using modern controls with Marisa is the convenience they offer in executing her special moves.
  • Unlike classic controls, which might require precise directional inputs and button sequences, modern controls typically map special moves to single button presses.
  • This simplifies the execution of Marisa’s charged attacks, like her Straight Punch, and her armored moves, enhancing their usability in the heat of combat.
  • For instance, Marisa’s Straight Punch can be executed with a simple button press, allowing you to focus more on timing and strategy rather than complex input commands.

Similarly, her special moves like the upward smack, the Superman punch, and her guard move can be executed effortlessly, allowing for swift reaction times and seamless combinations.

Best Combo Strategies For Marisa In SF6

Playing as Marisa in Street Fighter involves an aggressive, in-your-face style of gameplay. Her power and forward-moving attacks make her a force to be reckoned with. Here are some strategies to dominate the fight with Marisa:

  1. Apply Constant Pressure: Use Marisa’s charged punches, armored attacks, and counter-moves to stay aggressive and keep your opponents on the back foot. Don’t let them get a moment to breathe; constant pressure can force mistakes from your opponent, which you can capitalize on.
  2.  Optimize Armor Usage: Marisa has a lot of moves that grant her armor. Use these to shrug off enemy attacks and continue pressing the assault. This will allow you to power through your opponent’s offense and turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  3. Master Her Counter Stance: Marisa’s forward special places her in a counter stance with several options – an overhead hit, a low hit, or a command grab. Master the usage of these options to keep your opponents guessing and open them up for more damage.
  4. Utilize Wall Slump Combos: Marisa’s enhanced down special can cause a wall slump, opening up the opportunity for high-damage combos. Try to corner your opponent and use these powerful combos to rack up massive damage.
  5. Understanding Marisa’s Drive Gauge System: Marisa has several moves that counter Drive Impact. Use these strategically to discourage your opponents from using Drive Impact, adding an extra layer of mind games to the fight.
  6. Leverage Her Supers: Marisa’s super moves are incredibly powerful. Use her super R1 for extra damage, her super R2 as an anti-air, and her super R3 to go through projectiles and transport your opponent to the right corner.
  7. Execute Target Combos: Use Marisa’s target combos, like forward medium-medium and forward heavy-heavy, to maintain pressure and deal significant damage. Her character has one of the best punches in the SF6.

Additional Marisa Combo Tips Which Helped Me In SF6

 Marisa Wall slumping SF6
Wall Slumping

Playing Marisa to her fullest potential involves mastering a variety of strategies and mechanics. Here are some additional tips and tricks to improve your gameplay:

  1. Learn to Charge Your Normals: Marisa has the unique ability to charge many of her normal moves, making them safer on the block and more damaging. However, always be cautious when charging, as savvy opponents can interrupt or counter your charged moves.
  2. Use Your Armor Wisely: Many of SF6 Marisa’s combos have armor, allowing her to absorb hits and keep attacking. However, remember that armor doesn’t prevent damage entirely; it just allows Marisa to not get interrupted. Therefore, make sure you’re not overly reliant on armored moves and neglecting to block or dodge enemy attacks.
  3. Master Wall Splats: Marisa’s enhanced down special can cause a wall splat, which can lead to significant damage with the right follow-up. Practice different follow-ups in training mode to maximize your damage potential.
  4. Vary Your Attack Levels: Marisa has a variety of overhead, mid-level, and low attacks, making it hard for opponents to predict and block her moves. Be sure to mix up your attacks to keep your opponents on their toes.
  5. Use the Super R3 Wisely: Marisa’s super R3 has a unique ability to shift the battlefield to the corner, giving Marisa a great advantage. However, it’s also quite predictable if overused. Mix it up with her other super moves to keep opponents guessing.
  6. Confirm Into Combos: Marisa’s target combos are great for confirming hits into larger, more damaging combos. Use light attacks or her forward medium-medium combo to confirm your hits before launching into a full combo.
  7. Practice Anticipating Opponent’s Moves: Marisa’s counter stance and armor moves are most effective when you can predict your opponent’s actions. Spend time learning the habits and patterns of different characters and players to make the most of these tools.

This is it from my side! I hope you learned everything you need to know about the SF6 Marisa combo list guide. Feel free to check out our take on Street Fighter 6 Tier List 


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