Street Fighter 6 Ranking System & League Points

Learn to collect maximum Ranking Points and climb up the Leaderboard efficiently in Street Fighter 6!

Street Fighter 6 features a brand new ranking system in which you dive into the Fighting Grounds and level up your game through ranking points. This ranking mode is an engaging and challenging way to enhance your combat skills and fight against real players over the world. If you follow the right strategies, you can accumulate more sf6 ranking system points and progress on the leaderboard more efficiently.

Key Takeaways
  • The SF6 Ranking System Points, also termed League Points are the tokens that boost your rank in competitive matches.
  • The League points also help in matchmaking because the players with similar points and rank levels are matched together for a fight. 
  • There are eight ranks in SF6 and you will be placed in a rank depending on the number of league points you’ve accumulated.
  • You can gain ranking points by winning competitive matches. Winning a match from a higher-league player will grant you more ranking points. 
  • To improve your combat skills and avoid getting defeated in higher leagues, you can practice your moves in training or social matches.

What Are Ranking System Points

Sf6 ranking system points
Ranked Matches [Image by eXputer]
The Ranking System Points or the League Points are the tokens that decide your league in the Ranking Mode. Winning a match makes you earn League points while losing a battle deducts them. Also, the ranking points help in matching you with an opponent of the same skill level. In the Ranked mode, you will be matched with a player in the same league as you to make the fight fair.

As you accumulate more ranking points and improve your combat skills, you unlock new levels and higher leagues. In Street Fighter 6, there are eight different leagues and four unique tiers. Here is the SF6 rank list in order.

  • Rookie
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

How Ranking System Works

Leagues and Ranks in sf6
Ranking System [Image by eXputer]
Unlike previous Street Fighter volumes, the SF6 comes with a brand-new ranking system. You start your Ranking Mode journey from the Rookie, which is also your first league. This league is pretty easy to surpass as the battles will be comparatively very easy. The rank gives you massive win streak bonuses and no league demotion. Even if you lose a battle in Rookie League, your ranking points will not be deducted.

As you engage in a couple of battles, you will enter the next tier, which secures the leagues from Iron to Gold. The next tier covers the Platinum and Diamond leagues while the final tier covers the Master league where you cease to get a win streak bonus. You can see the perks of each league in the table below.

Rank LeaguePerks
RookieWin Streak Bonus
No League Point loss in defeat
Iron – GoldWin Streak Bonus
Protection from League demotion
One time Rank-down protection
Platinum – DiamondNo Win Streak Bonus
Vulnerable to League demotion
One time Rank-down protection
MasterNo Win Streak Bonus
No League demotion

I can see that the ranking system of Street Fighter 6 is unique from the Street Fighter 5 system where you had 20 different ranks and no tiers or leagues. The league system makes matchmaking fairer and distinguishes low-tier players from competitive ones.

How To Get More Ranking Points

Sf6 ranking system points
Placement Matches [Image by eXputer]
Just like any fighting game, winning a match in SF6 will reward you with ranking points, which in turn will increase your rank and help you in reaching higher tiers. Similarly, if you lose a competitive match, a certain amount of ranking points will be taken away from you.

The amount of league points that you will gain or lose depends upon you and your opponent’s rank. For instance, if you beat a higher-ranked opponent, you will get greater rewards. So, the key to getting more ranking points is to make win streaks in higher-tier matches.

Before you enter your first ranked match, you have to complete ten placement matches that will decide your starting league. Your performance in these matches will play a significant role in accumulating ranking points, as it is one way of getting a headstart to reach higher leagues more effectively. So, it is crucial to put your efforts into the placement matches and start your competitive journey in an efficient way.

Important: To get an edge over your opponents, it is advisable to master the fighting style of 3-4 characters as it will add more flexibility to your combats and help you dominate in the matches more efficiently.

Additionally, if you take down an opponent with a considerably higher rank than you, then you will get “bonus points” to make things fair. If you do not want to lose your ranking points in high-tier fights, it is optimal to work on your skills in social matches. There, you can learn the fighting mechanism of your favorite characters and test out new combos and counter-acts.

This concludes the guide on the Sf6 ranking system. Now you can prepare for your fights in a well-planned way and climb up the competitive ladder. After the placement matches, make sure to remain consistent and keep grinding to improve your playstyle with every match. Moreover, playing first in training or offline modes also helps you to warm up before a real match.

Now that you have all the information about the ranking system and league points, you can now learn about mastering good characters such as DhalsimJP, and Chun Li. Moreover, you can also get to know about all editions of Street Fighter 6 to choose the best some for you. Lastly, I would recommend checking out Street Fighter 6: BEST Steam Deck SettingsHow To Earn Drive TicketsOutfit Colors, and Input Delay Reduction guides to get fairly better. 



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