How To Unlock Outfit Colors In Street Fighter 6 [All Characters]

The main outfits of every playable character come with nine different colors each that you can unlock in Street Fighter 6.

To Unlock Colors in Street Fighter 6 for the various outfits of each of your best characters, you are presented with a plethora of choices. You can either grind for these colors or can also purchase them using real money if you can’t stand the grind. Additionally, there are colors for the outfits of your avatar character as well including clothes in World Tour mode.

Key Takeaways
  • Street Fighter 6 has different colors for all of the outfits of each playable character.
  • You can even change the color of your avatar’s costume.

  • Two colors of main outfits are unlocked by default for every character.
  • Colors 3-9 can be purchased individually or in a bundle for each character’s main outfit.
  • Each outfit color costs 50 Fighter Coins or 1000 Drive Tickets at the in-game shop.
  • You can buy a bundle of 7 colors for 315 Fighter Coins or 6300 Drive Tickets.
  • You can buy these colors through microtransactions or by grinding daily or weekly challenges.
  • Fighter Coins are bought with real money, and Drive Tickets can be earned online.

  • Once you unlock an alternate outfit, all colors will come unlocked with it.
  • You won’t have to grind or spend money on the colors of alternate outfits.
  • Alternate outfits can be unlocked through microtransactions or World Tour mode.

  • Avatar outfit colors can be altered by visiting a clothing shop in World Tour mode.
  • You’ll need certain dyes to change the colors.
Important: Outfit colors can be unlocked by either grinding or by using microtransactions in SF6.

Unlocking Outfit Colors In Street Fighter 6

As I’ve mentioned before, unlocking colors in SF6 is not only limited to the main outfits of all fighters but also their alternate costumes. You can also change the color of the outfits of your avatar if you wish, but unlocking colors for all three costumes is different.

Main Outfit Colors

street fighter 6 unlock colors
Purchasing Main Outfit Colors (Image Captured by Us)

The main outfits of all characters are unlocked no matter which edition you buy of SF6. However, there will be only two color variants for these outfits until you unlock more. Unfortunately, these colors are locked behind a paywall of Fighter Coins or the grind of Drive Tickets.

Colors 3-9 of the main outfits will become available for purchase at the in-game shop. 

  • Each outfit color will cost around 50 Fighter Coins or 1000 Drive Tickets.
  • Buying the whole bund of colors 3-9 will cost around 315 Fighter Coins or 6300 Drive Tickets.

It is advised to buy the bundle for your favorite character instead of buying each color separately since you’ll save a lot of Fighter Coins or Drive Tickets.

item in game
Purchasing Fighter Coins (Image Captured by eXputer)

If you want to skip the grind, then you can take the Fighter Coins route.

  • Simply purchase the Fighter Coins through your platform’s main store, and you can use these to buy outfit colors.
  • This method requires no grind, but you’ll have to spend real money to obtain the outfit colors.
street fighter 6 unlock colors
Grinding For Drive Tickets (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

If you don’t want to spend money on outfit colors, then you can simply grind for Drive Tickets by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.

  • It will take longer to purchase the outfit colors, but you won’t have to spend any money on outfits in SF6.

Alternate Outfit Colors

street fighter 6 unlock colors
The Alternate Outfit Colors (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Thankfully, once you unlock or purchase the alternate outfit of a character, all of the colors for that outfit also come unlocked.

  • So all you have to do is either purchase the alternate outfit for 50 Fighter Coins.
  • You can unlock these by grinding through the World Tour mode.
street fighter 6 unlock colors
Meeting Ryu In World Tour Mode (Image Captured by Us)

As you play through the World Tour mode, you’ll come across the legendary characters of Street Fighter 6 that can become your masters. You can become the student of these characters, and increasing your bond to the maximum with such characters will unlock their alternate outfits in SF6.

  • The best way to increase your bond quickly is by grinding Zenny by playing mini-games and using that to buy gifts for these characters.
  • You’ll need to give them their favorite gifts until the bond reaches the maximum.
  • Reaching the maximum bond will unlock the alternate outfit in SF6 with all of the colors additionally.

These are the best gifts for each character and the location where you can purchase them additionally.

MastersFavorite GiftsGift Location (For Purchase)
RyuInstant SobaMetro City- Shopkeeper Udon
Chun-LiCanned HerringNayshall- Commerce Plaza
LukeRed Elevator 8Jamaica
JamieBao Bao Bro StickerJamaica
KimberlyThe Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveJamaica
KenCook BookMexico
E.HondaRubber DuckiesItaly
BlankaKnock Off Blanka-chan DollJamaica
DhalsimInstant CurryNayshall- Central Bazar
Dee JayLukewarm BeerBrazil
MarisaCold Tomato SoupFrance
ZangiefWooden BearRussia
LilyCelery ChipsJamaica
CammyJellied EelJamaica
JPAntique Playing CardsJamaica

Avatar Outfit Colors

item in game
Changing Avatar Outfit Colors (Image Captured by eXputer)

You can change the color of your avatar outfits at any of the clothing shops found throughout the World Tour mode.

  • The earliest you can get to is the Drippin’ Style Shop in Metro City.
  • Just select the change color option inside the shop.
  • You can change the color if you have the required materials, which are mostly dyes.
  • Dyes can be obtained by beating enemies and opening the chest boxes around the map.

Street Fighter 6 has not only made up for the unsuccessful launch of its predecessor, but it is currently the best fighting game that you can play. The launch roster is huge, with 18 playable characters, and there are various different modes to enjoy. Alongside the World Tour mode, there is also an arcade mode in fighting grounds to learn about the story. There are new mechanics like drive reversal and the all-new drive system additionally.

This concludes my guide on the method of unlocking Street Fighter 6’s outfit colors. I have not only entailed the method of unlocking the colors of the main outfits of playable characters but also the alternate outfits additionally. The way of changing the color of your avatar outfits has also been mentioned. Let me know what you think about Street Fighter 6 in the comments below!


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