Street Fighter 6: How To Land Perfect Parry [All Tips]

Learn how to use the Street Fighter 6 Perfect Parry window as a defensive mechanism against attacks and the best time at which to launch it.

What Is A Parry In Street Fighter 6?

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When a parry is used in Street Fighter 6, you will receive no damage from the opponent; this will give you time to launch your attacks. Parry is often used in battles of Street Fighter 6. It is highly recommended when you are in a losing condition.

Another benefit you get from using a parry is that you will be healed much more quickly than your opponent. This will make your health bar stand out in a fight, and you can counterattack your opponent when his health is low.

Key Takeaways

  • Street Fighter 6 has the Drive Parry, which acts as a defensive mechanism in battles.
  • Press and then hold on to the MP and MK buttons to start the parry.
  • Timing is the most crucial part of launching the perfect parry.
  • You will know that a successful parry has been operated as the gameplay will slow down.
  • Street Fighter 6 perfect parry window has 2 frames for perfect parry, which is much less as compared to Street Fighter 3 which had a 10 frame window.
  • It is highly recommended to use parry in the later stages of the fight when you think you are losing.

How To Use The Perfect Parry?

The Drive Parry is considered the best parry and serves as a defensive tool. It’s relatively user-friendly, even for newcomers to the game, but mastering it takes practice.

Best Method for Using Parry: To execute the perfect parry, simultaneously press and hold both the medium punch and medium kick buttons. This Drive Parry will effectively block aerial attacks, high, low, and special attacks from your opponents. However, it cannot stop grabs and throws.

Perfect Parry Cost And Timing

Performing a perfect parry incurs a cost and requires precise timing:

Cost: Initiating a parry immediately starts draining your drive bar, typically consuming about half of it. Successfully defending against opponent attacks will replenish the drive bar lost during the parry.

Timing: Achieving a perfect parry necessitates impeccable timing. Failing to time it correctly results in a standard parry rather than a perfect one. The key to effective parrying is executing it just as your opponent launches their attack. Mistiming the parry will reduce the damage reduction effect, and if the parry is wasted, you’ll be left vulnerable to your opponent’s attacks without available resources.

Parry Versus Blocking

Parry comes out to be handy in many ways. Utilizing parry requires you to use fewer hands, and this free hand can be required to launch a counterattack. This may seem like a small detail, but in a battle where it is a race against time, this may aid you to win.

Some other comparison between blocking and parry is done below. Do remember that these comparisons are between blocking and a perfect parry. Otherwise, a normal parry and blocking have the same effects. 

Use Blocking as a standard move in every normal attackUse Parry when you don’t know whether your enemy will go with aerial attacks, high attacks or low attacks
Blocking contains more pushback compared to parryParry contains fewer pushback which makes it better to use when you are moving in the enemy’s direction
This is cheap but is less effective against continuous attacksExpensive but can single handedly take on opponent as it is a complete defense system

My Thoughts On Parrying In Street Fighter 6

Haris Umar Game Hours
Haris Umar Game Hours (Image by eXputer)

Honestly, parrying feels really nerfed when compared to previous Street Fighter titles. Sure, you can counter your opponent after a successful, perfect parry, but the damage scaling massively reduces the damage dealt.

My Findings: With damage reduction, I remember only dealing 30% damage to total health with a combo that normally deals 6400 damage.

I suggest that you grab your opponent or push them into the corner after a successful, perfect parry. Do not waste your critical art here. Additionally, parrying does work better than blocking as a defense against projectile attacks since parrying those attacks will save your drive meter, unlike blocking.

You must note that when you use Street Fighter 6 Perfect Parry, the damage is caused by up to 50%. This makes it much more important not to use all the resources in one combo. The strategy should start with an average combo attack and time your position according to it.

When you get the upper hand over the opponent, and then use the perfect parry to take an edge in the fight. Try to use parry when you think you will lose the fight.


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