Street Fighter 6: How To Wall Jump

Unlock and dominate Street Fighter 6's dynamic gameplay with Chun-Li's Wall Jump in the World Tour mode—become a formidable adversary.

Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6 enables players to perform their attack while jumping providing them an edge over the enemy. World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6 features many exciting places to explore and over that, as you move through the open world you will meet 18 different characters all with unique characteristics. As you meet these best characters in Street Fighter 6 they teach you different abilities and Wall Jump is one of them. 

Key Takeaways

To perform Wall Jump, approach the stage edge, jump toward the wall, and press forward or back while in mid-air.

  • Unlock Wall Jump for a custom character in World Tour mode by becoming Chun-Li’s pupil in Chapter 2-1.
  • Use Wall Jump strategically for escaping tough spots, switching positions with opponents, and creating unpredictable scenarios.
  • Activate Chun-Li’s style under Gear Effects in the Gear Tab to use Wall Jump with a custom character.

How To Perform Wall Jump In Street Fight 6

select Chun Li playstyle to do a wall jump in world tour mode

Here’s how to perform a Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6:

  1. Select Chun-Li: To perform a Wall Jump, you must first select Chun-Li as your character. She is the only character in the game who can naturally execute this move.
  2. Approach the Edge of the Stage: Move Chun-Li towards the edge of the stage where a wall is present.
  3. Jump Towards the Wall: While standing near the wall, perform a jump towards it. You can do this by pressing the jump button (typically the up direction on the D-pad or joystick).
  4. Press Forward or Back: While in mid-air and close to the wall, press either forward or back, depending on the direction you want Chun-Li to jump off the wall.
  5. Execute the Wall Jump: Chun-Li will then push off the wall in the direction you inputted, allowing her to perform the Wall Jump.
  6. Utilize in Combat: Once you’ve mastered the Wall Jump, you can use it strategically during combat. It can be used to evade enemy attacks, reposition yourself, or launch surprise attacks from the air.

In the World Tour mode, you can unlock Wall Jumping for your custom character by becoming Chun-Li’s pupil in Chapter 2-1.

What Is Wall Jump Requirement In SF6

Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6 is an ability that only Chun-Li has, therefore the first thing you need to do is find Chun-Li. As you explore the open world and progress in World Tour mode, the game will automatically introduce you to Chun-Li, in Chapter 2-1. As you meet Chun-Li, she will teach you how you can Wall Jump and thus you can then adopt her playing style.

How To Adopt Chun-Li’s Playing Style

Street Fighter 6 gear unlock

Once, you have learned Wall Jump from Chun-Li, the next thing you need to do is adopt her playing style, only then you will be able to perform it. To do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Hit the screen button, and then click on the Status tab.
  2. Click on the Gear Tab.
  3. The top one under Gear Tab will be Chun-Li’s Style.
  4. Press on it, and make sure that you have activated Chun-Li’s playing style.

When you hit the Gear Tab, if you can’t see “Chun-Li’s style” tab on the top, that is because your Gear Tab is showing Gear Appearance and not the effects. For that, look at the lowest tab that says “Gear Appearance”, click on it once and it will be converted to “Gear Effects” and you will then be able to access Chun-Li’s style.

Mastering the Wall Jump in Street Fighter 6 opens a new layer of strategic depth, offering a blend of evasion, attack, and stage control. While initially exclusive to Chun-Li, it can be acquired by your custom character in the World Tour mode.

Adopting Chun-Li’s style and utilizing the Wall Jump properly can turn the tides of a tough match, giving you the edge in heated battles. Remember, positioning is key, and your prowess with the Wall Jump could be the difference between a stunning victory and a crushing defeat. Keep practicing, stay focused, and turn walls into springboards for your success in Street Fighter 6.

With this, I conclude my how to wall jump Street Fighter 6 guide where I have mentioned every single useful piece of information about wall jump in SF6. Street Fighter 6 Plot & Story, Voice Actors, Street Fighter 6 Tier List are some useful guides that I will encourage you to read now that you’ve learned about the wall jump in SF6.


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