The BEST Gear In Street Fighter 6 [Top 15]

So these are the best sets of gear and clothing that you can find in Street Fighter 6 pretty early on with some help from Reddit.

Having some good clothes while you go through the World Tour experience in Street Fighter 6 is a general requirement. You will encounter many goons and NPC characters approaching you to fight. You would need the help of the Street Fighter 6 Best Gear as you go through the RPG and meet your mentors and heroes. These pieces of gear will help you boost one or more statistics to give you that slight edge in battles!

Key Takeaways

The Best Gear In Street Fighter 6 includes the following:

  1. Sun Runner Cap is extremely cheap and easy to get gear for your head early on.
  2. Oversized Shirt B’s defense boost can really benefit you in early chapters while you look good.
  3. Trench Coat is another gear that can be bought easily as it is available in the N-E shop.
  4. Thigh High Socks have a good effect that gives Incoming Damage Cut (S).
  5. Boston Glasses provide you with a good amount of Drive Gauge Regen Rate Boost of S level.
  6. Devil Wings look extremely cool on your back while giving a fair amount of defense.
  7. Chino Pants give better stat boosts than the normal Denim Pants you get in the early chapters.
  8. Safety Helmet gives you a Rock Solid effect with an XL type of Incoming Damage Cut.
  9. Officer’s Watch is an Ultra Accessory that has a Quick Draw effect which is really valuable. 
  10. Full Face Helmet has two effects and gives a decent defense stat.
  11. Combat Gloves have a useful High Voltage effect for your to utilize during battles.
  12. Basketball Shoes have Kicking Boosts to deplete the opponent’s health bars at a faster rate.
  13. Blanka Chan Costume is just an overall stats-packed item for you to have.
  14. Fighter’s Sweatpants are the best lower Defense gear you can wear in the World Tour mode.
  15. Fighter’s Hoodie has a Defense stat of 104+ which can be enhanced.

Best Gear List & Comparison

Sun Runner Cap15+-
Oversized Shirt BDefense : 30+-
Trench CoatDefense : 88+-
Thigh High Socks – BorderedDefense : 15+Incoming damage Cut (S)
Focus I Effect
Boston GlassesDefense : 15+Focus I Effect
Devil WingsDefense : 20+-
Chino PantsDefense : 27+-
Safety HelmetPunch Strength : 19+
Defense : 8+
Rock Solid (XL)
Officer’s Watch-Kick Strength Boost
Peak Performance
Quick Draw
Full Face HelmetPunch Strength : 67+
Defense : 27+
Kick II
Peak Performance
Combat GlovesKick Strength : 25+Peak Performance
High Voltage
Basketball ShoesKick Strength : 60
Defense : 20+
Kick II
Peak Performance
Blanka Chan CostumePunch Strength : 40+
Unique Attack Strength : 20+
Kick Strength : 40+
Defense Strength : 110+
High Voltage
Fighter’s SweatpantsDefense: 106+Kick Strength Boost
Fighter’s HoodieDefense 104+Kick Strength Boost
Peak Performance

15. Sun Runner Cap

 Best Gear In Street Fighter 6 Sun Runner Cap
Street Fighter 6: Sun Runner Cap

You can find Sun Runner Cap pretty early into Street Fighter 6 mode. It is a rare piece, so it makes sense to have it even beforehand. It is pretty helpful as it is headgear and protects with amazing statistical boosts. In the early chapters of Street Fighter 6, there aren’t really that hard opponents, but this sure will come in Clutch in your arsenal. It also looks pretty good on you, especially if your character is a bulky tough looking guy.

Things To Know

  • Its statistical advantages lie in the Punch Strength and Defense Statistics.
  • For the Punch Strength, you get a boost of +25 which is not bad in the beginner stages.
  • As for the Defense Statistics, you can get a bump of +15.
  • Searching for Street Fibers will help boost the statistics of the Sun Runner camp massively!
  • You can find the cap from the Drippin’ Style shop in the Metro City near the Beat Square area.
  • It will cost you about 2240 Zenny for one Sun Runner Cap from the nearby Drippin’ Style Store.

14. Oversized Shirt B

Best Gear In Street Fighter 6 Oversized Shirt B
Street Fighter 6: Oversized Shirt B

This is the Oversized Version of a Beta Shirt in the color black. Lookswise, it is pretty basic. Its’ statistical value is far greater than it looks; the defense boosts you get from it. It can be a really early pick for you to get this and have Street Fighter 6 best gear, as suggested by Reddit forums as well.

As of now, if you are completing this list of best gear items, your head and torso are covered by good statistical items that will definitely help you gain an edge in the battles of the city. 

Things To Know

  • It has only one statistic, and that is the Defense Stat since it is for torso protection.
  • You get a 30+ boost in the Defense Statistic from the shirt, which is great early on in Street Fighter 6
  • To access this shirt, you will have to go to the streets of the Street Fighter 6 Metro City.
  • Specifically, you must go to the Downtown Area of the Basketball Court.
  • You can find your opponents in the alleys and check if they have your oversized black shirt.
  • You will need to defeat your opponents without taking any damage. 

13. Trench Coat 

Trench Coat Best Gear In Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6: Trench Coat

You can find Trench Coat at plenty of different times, but this is the only Trench Coat that has the most statistical defense statistic. The other variants of this Trench Coat are in different colors like black and white and in leather. They can also be found in different street stores, but only this one is chosen for the list because, in combat, the extra boost in defense makes the most difference in those battles. 

Things To Know

  • This specific beige coat can be found in the N-E Wear shop that can be found in the city early on.
  • As for the N-E Wear store, it is located at POI called Nayshall, which is a sort of “bazaar.”
  • You can buy the Trench Coat from the N-E Wear Shop for about 14800 Zenny a piece.
  • Now for the Defense statistic, you will get about 88+ Defense boosts in your Defense meter.

12. Thigh High Socks – Bordered 

Best Gear In Street Fighter 6Thigh High Socks – Bordered
Street Fighter 6: Thigh High Socks – Bordered

These Socks aren’t just any Normal Socks, as you simply get an amazing lineup of lower defense from them. It looks great with its black and white design, which will suit a female character best. Players tend to pair it with Master Chun-Li. It is a great accessory to have alongside the ones mentioned above, as it fills the gap between your strikes and the lineup of defenses. Acquiring it is not a difficult task at all.

Things To Know

  • To access this item, you will have to wait till Chapter 6 of Street Fighter 6.
  • It is where you will access many new items from the drop and defeat characters
  • The Socks provide you with a Defense of 15+, but there is more to it.
  • You acquire a skill alongside it known as the Incoming Damage Cut (S).
  • Accessories like Chino Pants and Wireless Headphones can also be paired with it.
  • You can get this Street Fighter 6 best gear from a Merchant Hawker.
  • The opponent will be found in the Brazil Stage of Chapter 6 of Street Fighter 6.
  • To retrieve it from him, you must hit a 10-hit combo to the merchant. 
  • The Focus 1 Trait will give you a good amount of boost to your Drive Gauge Regen Rate.

11. Boston Glasses 

Best Gear In Street Fighter 6 Boston Glasses
Street Fighter 6: Boston Glasses

They are normal-looking plain black glasses but can actually provide you with some decent effects to aid you in your Street Fighter 6 Battles. 

Things To Know

  • Like some equipment, statistical boosts are not that great with this accessory.
  • Boston Glasses shines through its Effects.
  • Basically, the glasses trait revolves around a Focus 1 skill that is pretty rare to get indifferent gear.
  • The Focus 1 skill gives you an amazing Drive Gauge Regen Rate Boost of level S.
  • There is no such penalty that comes alongside this trait like the Thigh High Socks.
  • Along with that, you also get a normal defense of 15+. 
  • Upon unlocking the dual accessory option, you can wear yet another facial gear to get a trait.
  • You can turn off that gear’s visual display from the Appearance section of the menu bar.
  • To obtain this gear, you must defeat the China Town boss that appears in Chapter 2. 

10. Devil Wings 

Devil Wings In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Devil Wings

The Devil Wings is a good gear to obtain once the Old Nayshall is unlocked as a map. This area constrains various warehouses that contain parts or components of a Devil’s Gear. One of those parts is the Devil Wings which can be easily obtained via fast Travel across the map. It has a purple hue, a default style that can be changed through the Drippin’ Style shop into any color, from black to white. 

Things To Know

  • These wings provide a good amount of Defense statistics of 20+, but like the others, it has a special effect.
  • Its effect consists of Ferocious Effect, which tends to support you greatly with Counter-hits at enemies.
  • This effect is one of the top effects you can get from your different Street Fighter 6 best gear.
  • To get this gear, you must have 8000 Zenny in your pocket.
  • Head to the East Mountain Path at the base of Mount Vishal in the Old Nayshall map.
  • Once there just buy it from Camhya.

9. Chino Pants 

Chino Pants In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Chino Pants

Now these pants are on the cheaper and easier-to-get side of the spectrum. The Chino pants are kind of a mix of khaki and beige colored pants that provide a good amount of defense for just a common gear. These pants are extremely easy to acquire as all you do is head to the store and purchase them for a fair amount of pricing. At this early in Street Fighter 6 (Chapters 1-5), you will not find better pants than these right here!

Things To Know

  • These pants are worth only 3000 Zenny from the store and can even be upgraded through Street Fibers.
  • You need to purchase them from the same store as the Sun Runner Cap, which is the Drippin’ Style shop.
  • Its defense is about 27+, which is more than the supposed denim jeans you get paired with in mid-quests.
  • There is also a Trait that comes along with it which is called the Aware Effect.
  • The Aware Effect essentially activates when your Drive Gauge is depleted exponentially.
  • You also get a Brief Outgoing Boost which is of the Medium Level.
  • Overall, it is worth the 3000 Zenny you spend on it. 

8. Safety Helmet 

Safety Helmet In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Safety Helmet

The Safety Helmet is the last Mid-Tier item in this list because of the fact that it is just a common item. But that doesn’t take away its usefulness up until Chapter 6 even! It is a normal-looking yellow helmet that most workers and miners wear. It definitely provides a good amount of safety from skillful attacks from your enemies. You would definitely want this head defense paired up with the Boston Glasses to get a good overall double defense.

Things To Know

  • The headgear is only available once you reach Chapter 4 of Street Fighter 6.
  • To get the Safety Helmet, you must help a bunch of Workers with a side quest.
  • The side quest is known as Safety First and is available on your map of the Metro City.
  • Once you have helped the two workers in the quest, as a reward, you will receive the Safety Helmet.
  • There are two statistics boosted with this item; one is Punch Strength, and the other is Defense.
  • For the Punch Strength Statistic, you will receive a boost of 19+.
  • As for the Defense Statistic, you shall get about an 8+ increase, but that is not all.
  • Alongside these stats is a skill or effect called Rock Solid.
  • With this effect, you will receive an Incoming Damage Cut XL effect. 
  • The Incoming Damage Cut XL will only activate once per round. 

7. Officer’s Watch 

Officer’s Watch In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Officer’s Watch

It may look like a normal watch, but it isn’t. The Officer’s Watch is not really a defense-based kind of Street Fighter 6 Best Gear, as Reddit users described it to be a lethal force in your 1v1 street battles.  The Officer’s Watch is a great accessory to have as it is one of the first “Ultra Level” gear on this list. However, you do have to wait a lot to have access to the Officer’s Watch, making it not an early chapter item.

Things To Know

  • The Officer’s Watch is an “Ultra Accessory,” which you get much later in the World Tour.
  • There is a Medium Level Kick Strength Boost given
  • Peak Performance is also there as it is active only when Vitality is at 70%.
  • An outgoing Damage Boost of Medium level occurs when Peak Performance is active.
  • The main effect is known as Quick Draw, which is good for severely damaging your opponent.
  • It is known to increase the Outgoing Damage Boost to an L level via speed and agility.
  • There is a massive risk-to-reward ratio because the first shot landed should be yours to get the massive damage output.
  • If this requirement is not met, then the opponent will receive this effect, and they will use it on you.
  • That is a big con, but considering the NPCs never very rarely land the first shot, you’re good.

6. Full Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Full Face Helmet

The next Ultra Level Street Fighter 6 best gear is the Full Face Helmet which crosses the top tier gear lists of Reddit Users. Again the Full Face Helmet isn’t statistically advantageous, but its effect makes you know it deserves the Ultra Level. It looks like a Storm Trooper Helmet and is worth getting as soon as you get the chance to buy it.  Its statistics can be improved upon as well if you choose to enhance them through Street Fibers.

Things To Know

  • Its base Punch Strength is 67, and its base Defense is 27.
  • Two effects come with this gear, one is Kicks II, and the other is Peak Performance.
  • With the Kick II effect, you will receive a Medium Level Kick Strength Boost in your kick attacks.
  • Peak Performance only activates when Vitality is at 70% and gives you an Outgoing Damage boost. 
  • To get this item, you must purchase it for about 7000 from Merchant Mello.
  • Merchant Mello is situated at Mount Vishal, exactly at the site where you defeat Rewancha and meet Kalima.

5. Combat Gloves

Combat Gloves In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Combat Gloves

The Combat Gloves are an essential addition to your set and cut into the top 5 due to the effects it bears with it. These gloves are also pretty rare, and in fact, you can only find them in a few instances. Nevertheless, there is a way to grab hold of them in your inventory. Once you do, you can complete your dream gear set to rage into the battle. This is one of the best gear Street Fighter 6 has to offer, as agreed by gamers on Reddit Forums. 

Things To Know 

  • The base statistic isn’t too much, just a 25+ Kick Strength and no Defense statistic for it.
  • You will get two effects with Combat Gloves, one is the basic Peak Performance, and the other is High Voltage.
  • Peak Performance, just like before, only activates when Vitality is at 70% and gives you a medium-level Outgoing Damage Boost.
  • As for the High Voltage, its requirements are the same as the Peak Performance, which requires 70% Vitality.
  • In return, it gives you a medium-level Super Art Guage Gain Boost, which is truly handy in sticky situations.
  • Just like the other Ultra Gear, the Combat Gloves can be bought from the Merchant Mello at Mount Vishal.
  • It will cost you a staggering 10500 Zenny to purchase it from the merchant.

4. Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Basketball Shoes

So these feet gear are a really cool sway pair of shoes that have a beautiful color scheme to them. Apart from looking great, they’re extremely functional with a good level of stats to them. The asking price isn’t that much as well especially because you will find these at almost the end chapters of Street Fighter 6. These shoes do not have special effects to them like the other Ultra items but rather shine with their stat boosts. 

Things To Know

  • The Basketball shoes have Kick Strength as well as Defense Statistics on them. 
  • Kick Strength Statistic has a 60+ Boost to it.
  • While the Defense has about a 20+ Boost.
  • It has a Kick II and a Peak Performance effect, like the Full Face Helmet with Medium Levels.
  • Just like the Helmet, you must buy it from the Merchant Mello at the Mount Vishal spot.
  • It will cost you 5950 Zenny to purchase these shoes from the Merchant.

3. Blanka Chan Costume 

Blanka Chan Costume In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Blanka Chan Costume

So different Rarities of these Gear are determined by the statistical upgrades of them for you. Most of them are pretty funny looking, and as an example, you can just check out the Blanka Chan Costume. It is an entire suit that provides you with an elite form of Stat upgrades to your different stat meters. Even with all of the different stat boosts, the costume is still focused on beginner players looking for the absolute best gear. 

Things To Know

  • It is the first Ultra Level Gear on its list.
  • So the Blanka Chan costume covers Punch Strength, Unique Attack Strength, Kick Strength, and Defense statistics.
  • For the Punch Strength, you get a good boost of +40 which is simply a great feat to have while fighting.
  • Now the Unique Attack Strength has 20+ boost, but that covers enough boost you need for now.
  • Kick Strength also gets a post of 40+ which will make your kicks even more powerful at your level.
  • Last but definitely not the list, the Defense Statistic is boosted for about 110+ power.
  • All of these stats combined make up the best item you can possibly get in the early rounds of your game.
  • You also get the High Voltage Trait from the costume that provides a Medium Boost.
  • The boost will be applied to Super Art Gauge Gain, but only if you have a vitality of 70% least. 
  • You have to enlist Blanka as your master; once you get the chance to meet him, then you will be able to go ahead and unlock it.
  • After the main quest of Hard Reboot is the exact quest after which it is unlocked.

2. Fighter’s Sweatpants 

Fighter’s Sweatpants Street Fighter 6 Best Gear
Street Fighter 6: Fighter’s Sweatpants

Now the runner-up on this list isn’t actually a runner-up. It is a part of the fighter’s set, so as a whole, it can count as the best set of gear you can probably get. The Fighter pants are these Hammer-time-looking cream pants that are really aesthetic looks-wise. But its Defense statistic is actually insane and is the most out of any other Bottom Gear that you can find on the World Tour. 

Things To Know

  • Fighter Sweatpants are the best piece of bottoms you can wear in the World Tour mode. 
  • Statistical the Defense Stats boosts up to 106+ when you equip these Fighter’s sweatpants.
  • These Fighter Sweatpants can give up a large number of defenses when you enhance them.
  • You can enhance its Defense stat to a whopping 150+ points, which is the peak defense you can get.
  • Sweatpants can be bought from the same Merchant, Mello, at Mount Vishal.
  • It will cost you an insane amount of 21000 Zenny to buy this piece of clothing.
  • There is also a chance for it to spawn in the SiRN chest before you take the mission to meet and talk to Kalima. 

1. Fighter’s Hoodie

Fighter’s Hoodie In SF6
Street Fighter 6: Fighter’s Hoodie

So these are the final and the Street Fighter 6 best gear you can find, as it ranks at the top of even Reddit Lists. The Hoodie is an extremely cool Street Fighter original vibe hoodie. It has some effects to it, but mostly it is known for its peak defense for the top part of the Fighter’s body. The Hoodie is definitely needed in the last stages of Street Fighter 6.

Things To Know

  • This Hoodie is of Ultra rarity and level. 
  • Its statistical Defense is an amazing total of 104+ which is obviously the most you can get from a top.
  • Just like the Fighter’s Sweatpants, you can upgrade the Fighter’s Hoodie to get 150+ points. 
  • You can get it from SiRN chest or buy it from the Merchant Bello.
  • It will cost you about 21000 Zenny, just like the Fighter’s Sweatpants. 

So these were the best gear you could find, and you can make plenty of Outfits with these gears and accessories. Do make sure to check out our character breakdown of M. Bison. If you want to know how to Complete Equivalent Exchange, check our guide over it. Make sure to check out the character details of many famous characters and masters like JP, Kimberly, Ryu, Jamie, Cammy, Lily, Guile, Luke, E. Honda, Juri, and Ken.


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