STREET FIGHTER 6 Removes Corner Cross-Ups Entirely

Well, this certainly changes competitive play immensely.

Fighting games like Street Fighter are based on reflexes, an immense study of mechanics, and hours of practicing new and unexpected combos. While a casual gamer would mash ‘X’ over and over, a more serious player would make moves unlike any other. The craziest of these plays occur in the corner of the playing field.

In many fighting games, the corner has been a staple for controversy, insane plays, and extremely bad conditions for the one against it. Essentially the person receiving the beating has to look out for dozens of things the opponent could throw. The most notable are High, Low, Dragon Punch, Specials, and the extremely scary Grabs. However, the most unique one, the Cross-Up, has been slashed from the new STREET FIGHTER 6.

When stuck in the corner, if the attacker performs some specific moves, they are able to push the enemy slightly out of the corner; with this, they can make a Cross-Up, a surprise attack to switch the side of the specific move and a very useful and frequently used tool in competitive STREET FIGHTER matches.

This specific footage (thanks, @NurseLee_) shows a comparison of Cross-Ups between the franchise’s games. While past titles easily allowed players to switch sides for the attack, the new title will make the attack come from the same direction effectively, stopping Cross-Ups entirely.

It is true that the new STREET FIGHTER game has some very strong features, and of course, the corners in these games are extremely terrifying, so removing a key feature might stir up some flare in the community. With the gameplay as polished as it currently is and the team easing the game mechanics, this allows newer players to learn the mechanics in an easier manner. This means that removing Cross-Ups may actually be a good decision. However, allowing more breathing space in the corner would change up gameplay immensely.

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