Street Fighter 6: All Clothes In World Tour [How To Unlock]

Learn how to get clothes in various ways, including completing main and side missions in Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour’s all clothes can describe the personality and special traits of your custom character. This way, you can form your very own avatar and explore different parts of the World Tour. You can visit various shops to purchase new gear and unlock them to your liking.

Key Takeaways
  • Clothes in Street Fighter 6 give your avatar some personality and unique traits aside from their appearance.
  • You can get clothes for free by completing main missions, side missions, or by opening chests.
  • If you want a short way, then you must buy clothes from the shops
  • Remember that buying is much easier, but you might require finances for it
  • You can buy classic costumes from shops for a worth of 50 fighter coins

How To Get Clothes On World Tour 

After completing all the tutorials, you will begin your open-world journey in Metro City. Now, you might need a costume change, and there are various ways to do that. Some require a bit of finance, but you can get it for free through other ways.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour all clothes
Buying clothes from the shop

Increasing Level Of Bond

You should begin the world tour mode, which will get you some costumes for free. All you have to do is increase the level of bond with the masters. The greater the level, the more chances you get to obtain some classic clothes. You can increase the level of the bond by doing the following:

  • Handing over some gifts for them to increase the bond meter
  • Completing the required missions which they give to you
  • Fight for them or even engage in conversation with them

The maximum level of bond for a certain character is 100. When this level is reached, you will unlock the clothes for that certain character. You can buy gifts from either a shop or from a merchant that goes by the name Merchant Hawker.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour all clothes
Meeting the Merchant Hawker

Some of these gifts include a Bao Bro sticker for Jamie, Classy Confectionaries for Ryu, Cookbook for Ken, Canned Herring for Chun Li, and many more.

Completing The Missions 

Another way to get your hands on free clothes is by completing the missions. You can complete the main story missions, which will include fights. After the fights, the characters drop awards, sometimes including clothes.

You can even work on side missions that offer some rewards and may contain some brand-new clothes.

Opening The Treasure Chests 

The chests randomly spawn on the map, and these contain some exciting gifts. Sometimes, the chest has many very beneficial items. These chests might have clothes so you ought to look for them whenever you want some free clothes.  

Following is a list of items that can be found by either completing main missions or side missions or by opening the treasure chests.

Clothing ItemLocationDefense/ Effect
Competition sswimsuit canCan be found in a chest located in Metro City. Ride a large crane and climb down the stairs to find the chestDefense: 109
Lab Coat SiRNVisit the SiRN building and look around the staff grace to find a chestDefense: 50
Thrasher’s sunglasses youYou must kill Thrasher Damnd to this glassesEffectEffect: It is Explosive
Bao Bao Bro HeadpieceWill receive a reward during the mission of White Hat DownDefense: 12
Fanatic TV HeadExplore the SiRN building to find a chest right when you climb circular stairsDefense: 14
Safety HelmetThis helmet is given as a reward for defeating Gus when you are on the construction siteDefense: 8
Retsu WristwatchComplete the side quest named, “Monk Without a Cause”.Effect: Outgoing/Incoming damage boost
Alice’s GloveComplete the whole side quest, “Learnin’ in the City”.Effect: Has Punch Strenght
Thigh socksComplete the third stage of the Danger City Seminar side quest.Effect: Focus 1
Alice’s glassesComplete the side quest, Sun Drenched SymposiumEffect: Focus 2
Top for ShoulderYou can find it in the SiRN chest when you travel back toward the water monumentDefense: 67
Devilish TailLook inside the Red Steel Factory and search for stairs nearby. A chest will be found near the stairs .Effect: Explosive
Sparta HelmetCan be found in SiRN if you go to the roof.Defense: 19
Fighter’s pantFind it near Mount Vashal in a chestDefense: 106
Open chest shirtComplete the side quest Drone Alone.Defense: 83
Fighter’s HoodieThis is also found near Mount Vashal in a chestDefense: 104
Apocalypse MaskFound near Red Steel Factory inside the same chest as Devilish TailDefense: 24
Alice’s EaringComplete the second part t   of Moonlight Lesson side questEffect: Solidarity
Sailor’s UniformSpotted on a random rooftop a in lowlands regionDefense: 69
Sailor’s skirtFound in a chest around the lowlands areaDefense: 70
Bikini (Top)In a chest placed on the path of a mountain near NayshallDefense: 78
Bikini (Bottom)In a chest placed on Crow’s rooftopDefense: 78
SombreroFound in a chest at Scrap Factory mouse near lowlands areaDefense: 18
Cherubic ChokerCan be found near some parked rickshaws at the train station in NayshallEffect: Has punch strength of 15
Gold Chain NecklaceIt is rewarded for completing the side quest Monk Without a Cause.Effect: Throw strength
Necktie X maskJust run from the side of a Canary Crate gang member to open a chest in DowntownEffect: Kick strength 15
Vision GlassesRight beneath the staircase in Bayside ParkEffect: Awareness
Knit BeanieWill be found on a random rooftop in DowntownDefense: 6
Wireless HeadphonesIn a chest near shipping containersEffect: Throw Strength
Mountain ParkaRewarded in a side quest, Drone DeliveryDefense: 29
V Neck ShirtIn a chest located in a parking lot in an Urban parkDefense: 40
Blanka-Chan CostumeRewarded after completion of the main quest, Hard RebootDefense: 110
Insomniac TV HeadIn a chest near the parking area on South StreetDefense: 16
Denim JeansA chest was found on East Bay AvenueDefense: 18

Clothing Stores 

All the above three methods can get you free clothes but may take a lot of your time. If you want to save time, just buy some new clothes from shops.

Every item of cloth will have its aesthetics, and the players might choose what seems best to them. You can even buy classic costumes from the shop for 50 Fighter Coins.

Drippin’ Style Shop

This shop is located within the Metro city near Beat Square. This shop is open every time, and you have access to it when you arrive in the city. It contains all the necessary clothing items that you want.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour all clothes
Drippin Style shop
Clothing ItemCost (Zenny)Defense
Normal T-Shirt1,80021
Casual T-Shirt1,00018
Business Casual4,70034
Investment Vest5,20037
Vest Suit9,500859
Jacket (Tailored)13,30080
Jacket (Bomber)14,50086
Cap (Street)3004
Cap (backward)5005
Sports Visor11007
Sun Cap320015
Work Cap430020
Newsie Cap470021
Heel Shoes450051
Skinny Jeans340034
Denim Jeans110018
Pants Tapered220022
Bell Bottoms900058
Bottom Gi500035
Oxford Shoes9506
Winkle pickers280014
Riding Boots13008
Long Leather Boots16009
Mary Janes6005


You can locate Lehenna in the area of low lands, where you will be greeted by the shopkeeper named Dora. You can get access to this shop when you begin the world tour campaign near Nayshall.

Clothing ItemCost (Zenny)Defense
Poncho coat1370082
Down Vest1100067
Shell Jacket1200074
Sandals for beach430020
Geta shoes480022
Ripped jeans1550091
Serouel pants1050064
Helmet for bike440020
Beanie covered to the ear360017

Apparel Clerk Gomorrah 

The Apparel shop can be found near Urban Park. If you visit the park, go to its parking lot, which will be right behind the park. This shop will also be open for access when you go on World Tour Campaign. While on the campaign, you must visit the Mike Haggar Stadium. After your visit, you can go to the shop and buy clothes.

Clothing ItemCost (Zenny)Defense
Biker Jacket570038
Denim Jacket700046
Biker Jacket with layers1250075
Sleeveless shirt880056
Down Jacket790051
Safety helmet20008
Wrestler mask400018
Boater hat210011
Training headgear270013
Lace shoes240012
Sheepskin boots190010
Shoes for boxing420019
Work boots220011
Ripped Jeans1180072
Short pants600042

N-E Wear 

You can spot this shop in the area of Nayshall. This can be found near a crowded bazaar, and it can be accessed when you are in the Nayshall area.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour all clothes
N-E wear Shop
Clothing ItemCost (Zenny)Defense
Formal Shirt1070066
Long sleeve shirt980061
Quilted jacket1150070
Trench Coat1480088
Sandals for bath460021
Chic shoes310015
Kung Fu Shoes520023
Platform shoes360017
Tam o shanter hat490022
Top hat380018
Deerstalker hat440020
Sun Hat340016
Knit pants1020062
Skirt (Long)1280078
Tight skirt1430086
Cargo pants1120069

Street Fighter 6 World Tour All Clothes are available through various methods. If you want them for free, then you must take the hard path by completing main missions, side missions, or open chests. The other option is to simply buy them at shops. This way, you will save a lot of time but will require finances to buy the clothes or whole costumes.  


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