Street Fighter 6 Guile [Story, Voice Actor & Combos]

Learn about Street Fighter 6 Guile Story, Combos, and Voice Actors.

Guile is one of the best characters in Street Fighter 6. There hasn’t been much change in his moveset from the previous game, but if you are starting new, then he might be the best choice for you as a beginner. In this guide, I will explain everything you would need about Guile in SF6. 

Key Takeaways
  • Guile is one of the best fighters in Street Fighter 6, and he is beginner-friendly.
  • Using Guile on the defensive is the most effective way to play him.
  • When playing Guile on the defensive, you will take fewer hits and utilize his combos more often.
  • His combos are not hard to learn, but you will have to time them perfectly.
  • If the combos are not timed perfectly, you might give the opponent an advantage.
  • Try to use Sonic Boom from the start, and when your opponent gets the hang of it, use Flash Kick.
  • Sonic Hurricane is one of the most effective moves, but make sure to have perfect timing.
  • Even if you mess up the range on Sonic Hurricane, it won’t matter much, as it has a long range.

Guile Story

Street Fighter 6 Guile

Guile was first seen in Street Fighter 2 as he is one of the eight original characters that debuted. Guile is a major in the United States Air Force, and his goal is to avenge his friend’s death. He did succeed in avenging his friend Charlie’s death, and currently, he is enjoying a happy life with his family, but he will have to once again step into the battlefield. Street Fighter 6 Guile plot is not the most unique one, but he is surely one of the top-tier aggressive characters

Street Fighter 6 Guile voice actor is Hiroki Yasumoto for the Japanese version, and for the English dub, it is Ray Chase. 

How To Play Guile Effectively

Guile is one of the easiest characters to master in Street Fighter 6. It requires some training, but he is a very beginner-friendly character, and many pro players also use him due to his unique move sets. The most effective way to play Guile in Street Fighter 6 would be to anticipate your opponent’s next moves and then prepare for a counter. 

Playing Effectively

Whenever you are on the defensive, make sure to use his Sonic Boom projectiles to control the movement of your enemies.  But don’t do it repeatedly, as the opponents will get used to the rhythm, and then they might get the upper hand. But even if they get used to it, you have another trick up your sleeve when using Guile. When you think they are getting used to your Sonic Boom projectiles, quickly jump in and use Flash Kick.

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Street Fighter 6 Guile Combos

Guile combos are as easy as his playstyle. There won’t be any complications, so let’s see what his combos are.

Sonic Boom (Charge back, then forward + Punch)

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is one of the most important combos you would need to learn. This combo will help you keep the opponent away from you, and you will be able to control their movements. To use this combo, you will have to go on defensive, as this helps in this position the most. 

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This combo does a huge amount of damage, and after repeatedly using this combo, it won’t work on the opponent. So, that’s when you would want to use the next combo. You can further enhance this combo by Courching MK, Courching Lp, then Sonic Boom, as this would do a huge amount of damage.

Flash Kick (Charge down, then up + Kick)

Flash Kick

When your opponent is getting used to Sonic Boom, that is the time you surprise them with Flash Kick. However, you would need to get the timing right, as this one is a little difficult to execute. Even if you sometimes mess up the timing and range, you don’t have to worry about it too much, as its range is surprisingly long.

So, after using Sonic Boom, you can use this combo as a punish against sweeps and similar attacks that are hard to reach. To enhance this combo go for Crouching LP, Crouching Lp, then Flash Kick for tons of damage.

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Sonic Hurricane (Charge back, then forward x2 + Punch)

Sonic Hurricane
Sonic Hurricane

Sonic Hurricane is like Sonic Blade, but it does way more damage, so you should use it instead. It is one of the best abilities Street Fighter 6 Guile can use against projectiles that are not super abilities. However, when using this, you need to keep in mind that using it is not really easy, as you can get knocked out if the startup is not perfect.

There is no room for errors in this ability, so make sure to practice it as much as possible. For even more damage, you can do Standing MP, Crouching MP, Crouching MP, and then Sonic Hurricane.

My Thoughts On Guile

Guile is a defensive powerhouse, and he should be used as such. He excels at dragging out fights and zoning opponents using his various projectiles. As someone playing SF6 for well over a month (Steam ID: Nameer Zia), I recommend using Guile’s rock-solid defense and frustrating your opponents into rushing into offense and punishing that with the Flash Kick.

nameer zia sf6 steam
My SF6 playtime on Steam

Other than that, his projectiles are solid not only for cracking into your opponents’ defense but giving you openings to push the offensive. Learning how and when to use Guile’s versatile toolset can turn you into the ultimate impenetrable spiked wall.

Wrapping Up

That’s almost everything you would want to know about Street Fighter 6 Guile Story and Combos. Now when the game is released, you will be able to use this character effectively against your opponents. While you are at it, do check out the comparison of All editions of Street Fighter 6 to know which one suits your preference.  

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