Street Fighter 6: Jamie [Story, Age, Voice Actors & Moves]

Uncover the dynamics of Street Fighter 6 Jamie and master his unconventional fighting style in the new era of this celebrated game franchise.

Street Fighter 6 introduces an intriguing new character to its iconic roster, Jaime. This character brings a unique mix of Hong Kong heritage and urban style to the game. Using the drunken fist technique, Street Fighter 6 Jamie offers a dynamic playing experience with an emphasis on strategic drinking mechanics and expressive breakdance-inspired moves. His intriguing combination of traits and abilities sets him apart, promising both challenge and enjoyment for players of this celebrated fighting game franchise.

Key Takeaways
  • Street Fighter 6 introduces Jamie, a character from Hong Kong with a unique urban style.
  • Jamie uses the Drunken Fist technique, a blend of martial arts and breakdancing.
  • He has a power boost mechanic involving drinking medicinal tea during fights.
  • His super moves are contingent on his health and level status, adding strategic depth.
  • Jamie’s story is inspired by other Street Fighter characters, showing his admiration for them.
  • Voice actors Stephen Fu and Shunsuke Takeuchi give life to Jamie in the English and Japanese versions, respectively.
  • While Jamie’s age hasn’t been disclosed by Capcom, his youthful energy is a major characteristic.

Who Is Jamie In Street Fighter 6?

Hailing from Hong Kong, Jamie is a unique addition to the beloved franchise. He is a young man characterized by his long black hair, which he keeps in a braid reaching below his waist. Jamie sports a modernized yellow kung fu outfit, with a red rope cinching his waist and holding a jug, which plays a crucial role in his fighting style.

Street Fighter 6 Jamie

Unique Fighting Style

One of the distinctive traits of Jamie is his unprecedented fighting style – the Drunken Fist. This martial arts technique, infused with elements of breakdancing, aligns perfectly with Street Fighter 6’s overarching hip-hop theme. His unique style bears some resemblance to capoeira and might remind players of characters such as Tekken’s Eddie Gordo or even Street Fighter’s Elena.

Power Boost Mechanic

  • Jamie has a jug of special medicinal tea, which he can drink from during fights using a move called “Devil Inside.”
  • As Jamie consumes more tea, his strength increases, leveling up four times in each round.
  • Each level boosts his abilities and enhances his combat performance.
  • This unique mechanic adds a strategic layer to controlling Jamie, increasing the complexity and excitement of his gameplay.
Street Fighter 6 Jamie Special Medicinal Tea
Special Medicinal Tea

Super Moves

  • Jamie possesses super moves that vary in effectiveness based on his health and level status.
  • His Level 2 Super can instantly boost him to Level 4, providing a temporary power surge.
  • He has two versions of Level 3 Super that serve as powerful finishers.
  • One version delivers a strong mule kick, while the other, a throat strike, is only activated when Jamie’s health falls below 25%.

In a nutshell, Jamie is a unique character that offers a new twist to the Street Fighter franchise, combining an exciting mix of cultural background, unconventional fighting style, and strategic gameplay elements.

Jamie’s Story 

Jamie’s story doesn’t exist in isolation; it’s interwoven with nods to past Street Fighter characters. Jamie holds a strong admiration for Yun and Yang, the martial arts twins from Street Fighter 3, which manifests throughout his story. Their dedication to protecting their city resonates deeply with Jamie and serves as a driving force behind his own commitment to safeguarding Hong Kong.

Furthermore, elements of his combat style echo other well-loved Street Fighter characters. His rhythmic movements, reminiscent of Dee Jay’s fighting style, merge with the powerful strikes akin to Fei Long’s techniques, hinting at their influence on Jamie’s development as a martial artist.

Jamie English & Japanese Voice Actors 

Jamie’s voice actor for the English version is none other than Stephen Fu. Fu is no stranger to the world of voice acting and has lent his vocal talents to numerous anime dubs and translations of Japanese games. Some of his notable contributions can be heard in popular franchises like Fate/Grand Order and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The Street Fighter 6 Jamie voice actor for the Japanese language version is Shunsuke Takeuchi. An established voice actor in the industry, Takeuchi has a diverse portfolio, dubbing characters from both English properties and Japan’s original anime and games.

What Is Jamie’s Age In SF6?

A key element in understanding the new character of Jamie is his age. Street Fighter 6 Jamie’s age is an important detail because it provides context for his experience and outlook as a fighter. However, at this time, Capcom has not officially disclosed Jamie’s age, which adds an element of mystery to his character.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that in Street Fighter 6 Jamie’s age is in line with him being a young, dynamic fighter. His youthful energy is evident in his character design and fighting style, including breakdancing elements. This youthful vibrancy has already made Jamie a standout character. Further details about Jamie, including his age, are forthcoming. In the meantime, exploration of unique gameplay and strategic mechanics is possible.

Additionally, take the opportunity to explore the comprehensive comparison of all versions of Street Fighter 6, which will assist you in determining the edition that best aligns with your personal preferences.


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