Street Fighter 6 Blanka [Story, Voice Actor & Abilities]

Unleash Blanka's power in Street Fighter 6. Discover his evolution, costumes, and gameplay, and dominate the ring!

Blanka is an iconic fighter native to the jungles of Brazil who has returned to the latest installment of the popular Street Fighter franchise. In Street Fighter 6, Blanka has a very complex backstory and a unique moveset to learn. No matter how much you master his unique playstyle, he will never fail to captivate you!

Key Takeaways
  • Blanka, also known as Jimmy, returns to Street Fighter 6 as an adventure tour guide.
  • The character maintains his iconic, unique fighting style based on speed, unpredictability, and bestial characteristics.
  • Blanka’s story, relationships, and costumes have developed significantly, offering players new depth and visual appeal.
  • Blanka’s voice actors, Luis Bermudez, and Yuji Ueda, contribute greatly to bringing the character to life.
  • Mastering Blanka’s move set, especially his charge-based attacks, is crucial to playing this character effectively.
  • Blanka’s unique appearance, green skin, wild hair, and ferocious fighting style make him a memorable and distinctive character in the Street Fighter series.

Who Is Blanka In Street Fighter 6?

Blanka in Street Fighter 6
Blanka (Image Credit: GameSpot Trailers YouTube Channel)

In Street Fighter 6, Blanka is one of the best characters. He is the iconic green-skinned fighter from the jungles of Brazil and returns in Street Fighter 6, adding to excitement and complexity. Capcom has confirmed Blanka’s comeback with other fan-favorite characters such as Ken, Dhalsim, and E. Honda.

  • Blanka retains his trademark electricity powers and animalistic combat style in Street Fighter 6.
  • A plane crash in the Brazilian jungle mutated him, turning his skin green and granting him electric abilities.
  • Blanka is a formidable opponent in the fighting ring due to his unique powers and combat style.
  • Despite his beast-like appearance and intimidating abilities, Blanka is generally portrayed as laid-back.
  • In addition to his combat role, Blanka has taken on a new job as an adventure tour guide in Street Fighter 6.
  • He uses his intimate knowledge of the jungle to guide travelers’ adventures.
  • This new role adds an interesting twist to Blanka’s character and showcases a different side of his personality.
  • It balances his ferocious combat style with a more benign day-to-day occupation.

This profession adds an interesting twist to Blanka’s character and shows a different side of his personality, balancing his ferocious combat style with a more benign day-to-day role.

Voice Actor Overview

Street Fighter 6 did not fail to surprise us with its flamboyant voice actors cast. For the English version of Street Fighter 6, Blanka’s voice actor is Luis Bermudez, and Yuji Ueda is the voice actor for the Japanese version of the title. Luis Bermudez is credited as the English dub voice of Blanka, while Yuji Ueda provides the Japanese voice for the character. 

Taliesin Jaffe has voiced Blanka in five titles throughout the Street Fighter franchise, while Yuji Ueda has voiced the character in ten titles. However, for Street Fighter 6, Luis Bermudez and Yuji Ueda were chosen as the voice actors for the English and Japanese versions.

Background And Personality

Street Fighter 6 is known for its characters having a complex Plot & Story. Similarly, the same can be said for Blanka, a returning character known for his charge-based fighting style.

  • Blanka, also known as Jimmy, has green skin as his most prominent physical characteristic.
  • The green skin was initially attributed to his consumption of chlorophyll from plants to blend into his jungle environment.
  • Later versions, it was attributed to him being struck by lightning during an electrical storm when his plane crashed.
  • Blanka’s backstory is complex, starting with a plane crash that led to him growing up in the wild.
  • He developed a taste for Street Fighting and participated in the Second World Warrior tournament.
  • He left his mother because people stared at him and moved to Hong Kong with his friend Dan.
  • Blanka competed in several other tournaments for various reasons, including earning people’s respect.
  • In Street Fighter 6, Blanka is depicted as a kindhearted defender of nature and an adventure tour guide.
  • He utilizes his knowledge of the jungle in his new career and aims to achieve fame while providing for his mother.
  • His likes include Samantha and Blanka-chan dolls, while his dislikes include army ants.
  • Blanka is generally passive and docile despite his rugged appearance, valuing family connections, friendships, and children.
  • However, when angered, he transforms into a ferocious fighter, attacking opponents with the fury of a wild animal.
  • As the series progresses, Blanka develops more characteristics and complexities, making him a more cautious-minded character compared to the hot-headed Dan.

Blanka’s Abilities And Combat Style

Blanka in Street Fighter 6
Blanka Gameplay (Image Credit: GameSpot Trailers YouTube Channel)

Blanka is a confirmed character known for his unique and tricky combat style. He is a charge character, specializing in quick movement and confusing his opponents, which is part of his unorthodox and unpredictable fighting style.

  1. Blanka possesses a variety of charging and movement techniques as part of his abilities.
  2. His signature attack is Electric Thunder, where he crouches and releases an electrical current to shock opponents.
  3. Blanka is recognized for his quick and sudden jumps, allowing him to evade projectiles and strike opponents before they recover.
  4. His bestial characteristics enable him to counter moves in unconventional ways, enhancing his unpredictability.
  5. Blanka’s combat style includes Rolling Attack, Aerial Rolling Attack, and Vertical Rolling Attack.
  6. Rolling Attacks involve him curling into a ball and launching toward his opponent, whether on the ground, in the air, or vertically.
  7. He employs Backstep Rolling Attack and Wild Hunt, which are more intricate movements, adding to the unpredictability of his tactics.
  8. Blanka possesses the unique Blanka-chan Bomb attack and the Coward Crouch ability, showcasing his distinctive and clever fighting style.
  9. His Surprise Hop ability contributes to his swift and confusing movement patterns.

In Street Fighter 6, Blanka is characterized by his quick and unpredictable movements, his unique set of abilities, and his knack for keeping opponents guessing. His unconventional and animalistic approach to fighting certainly makes him a distinctive character.


We hope you’ve gained a deep understanding of this intriguing character, from his evolution to his gameplay mechanics. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you’re now ready to conquer the competition as Blanka. Happy fighting, and may the power of the wild always be with you in Street Fighter 6!


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