Street Fighter 6 Beginners Guide [25 Tips & Tricks]

Street Fighter 6 Beginners Guide contains 25 useful tips & tricks that if mastered timely will give you an edge against human or AI players.

Starting out in SF6 can seem daunting with its rich array of the best characters, nuanced control-changing options, and intricate mechanics. The Street Fighter 6 beginners guide that I have curated is full of handy tips and tricks valuable that are helpful to newcomers in navigating SF6 more confidently, mastering essential skills more swiftly, and ultimately enjoying their SF6 journey to its fullest.

Key Takeaways
  • Street Fighter 6 may seem like a simple 2D brawler game where you compete with Legendary characters in button-mashing competition, but the reality is far from it. 
  • You actually have to understand & master the core mechanics of SF6 in order to anticipate an incoming attack, counter it & turn the tide in your favor. 
  • All of this is only possible if you make yourself aware of the tips & tricks that I have listed in this Street Fighter 6 Beginners guide. 

SF6 Beginners Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Here is a list of 25 tips and tricks, what they do & what is the best value they offer if you decide to learn them all as soon as possible in Street Fighter 6.

Serial NumberSF6 Tips & TricksBest Used For
1Game Modes FamiliarityUnderstanding Gameplay
2Combo PracticeOffensive Strategy
3Using Target CombosAdvanced Tactics
4Drive Gauge MechanicsPlayer Creativity
5Control Scheme SelectionPersonal Comfort
6Timing ImprovementCombo Execution
7Learning from OthersStrategic Insight
8Understanding Frame DataOptimal Timing
9Mastering Super CombosHigh Damage
10Community EngagementLearning & Socializing
11Single Character MasteryTactical Depth
12Appreciating CommentaryMatch Analysis
13Character-Specific TechniquesSkill Optimization
14Exploring World TourStory Enjoyment
15Taking BreaksMental Refreshment
16Training Mode UtilizationSkill Improvement
17Multiple Super CombosGame Strategy
18Battle Hub ExplorationSocial Interaction
19Health ManagementSurvival Strategy
20Using Extreme Battle TypeVaried Challenges
21Real-Time CommentaryStrategic Guidance
22Drive Gauge TechniquesCharacter Mastery
23Single Character StartFoundational Learning
24Exploring Arcade TitlesFun Diversions
25Studying Opponent MovesCounterattack Strategy

1. Understanding Game Modes

Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode's description.
Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode’s description.

Street Fighter 6 comes with three main game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. Before you jump into a battle, familiarize yourself with these modes. Fighting Ground has both local and online versus battles, as well as training and arcade modes. This is a great starting point to practice your skills before you take on real players.

World Tour is a single-player story mode with a customizable player avatar and action-adventure gameplay. This is perfect for those looking to explore SF6’s lore and setting. Battle Hub is an online lobby mode, where you can engage in ranked or casual matches and participate in special events. Understanding these game modes will help you get the most out of your Street Fighter 6 experience.

2. Mastering Combos

SF6 has a variety of combos for each character. The key is to start with simple ones first. For example, try basic two or three-hit combos like crouch medium kick into Hadoken with characters like Ryu, Ken, or Luke. The training mode offers tutorials to help you get the hang of these moves. As you get comfortable, you can start experimenting with more advanced combos. Remember, each character has a unique set of skills and moves, so spend time learning them.

3. Using Target Combos

In SF6, target combos are sequences of attacks that naturally flow from one to another. They are similar to “light, medium, heavy” combos you might be familiar with from other games. The best early game Street Fighter 6 Beginners Guide tip that I can give you is not to rush into using these; take your time to understand how they work with your chosen character. They may seem daunting initially, but with practice, they can be an effective tool in your arsenal.

4. Gauge Management

In SF6, the Drive Gauge system plays a crucial role. It fuels five different techniques, and the player must choose which to prioritize. Some of these mechanics are based on those in previous Street Fighter games, such as Parry, Focus Attack, and EX move. The key is to understand your play style and to align your Drive Gauge use accordingly. Remember, gauge management can make the difference between victory and defeat.

5. Choosing A Control Scheme

How To Change To Classic Controls SF6 World Tour Choose The Option Tab
Choose The Option Tab

SF6 offers three control schemes: classic, modern, and dynamic. The classic control scheme uses a six-button layout similar to previous entries in the series. The modern scheme assigns special moves to a single button combined with a directional input. The dynamic scheme, although not allowed in online battles, uses a single-button auto-attack layout. Choose the one that feels the most comfortable to you and practice with it in the training mode.

6. Importance of Timing

Like many other fighting games, timing is crucial in SF6. Landing your combos and special moves at the right moment can turn the tide in your favor. If you are struggling with timing, make use of SF6’s training mode. The more you practice, the better your timing will be.

7. Learning From Professional Players

One of the best ways to improve in SF6 is by watching others. Platforms like YouTube have plenty of match videos showcasing various characters and their moves. Watch these to understand how more experienced players use your chosen character, what they do after they land a Drive Impact, or how they handle different scenarios.

8. Using Frame Data

Street Fighter 6 Frame Data
Frame Data [Image by eXputer]
Frame data in Street Fighter 6 is an essential part of understanding combat. SF6 features visual frame data in its training mode. It’s key for understanding when to land your hits, and it can greatly improve your understanding of SF6. Frame data can seem intimidating at first, but with time, you’ll find it an invaluable tool in understanding your character’s capabilities.

9. Practicing In Training Mode

Street Fighter 6 comes with a training mode that can be invaluable for new players. This mode allows you to familiarize yourself with each character’s combos and skills. You can freely experiment here without the pressures of a real match. Training mode is also where you can make use of visual frame data to better understand the optimal timings for your hits. Make it a habit to spend time in training mode, and you’ll see improvements in your skills quickly.

10. Exploring Multiple Super Combos

The multiple super combos from the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series make a return in SF6, adding another layer to SF6’s strategy. Each character has three super combos that can be executed based on their level gauge. Mastering these Super combos will prove the best tip from this Street Fighter 6 Beginners Guide.

  • Understanding when and how to use these super combos can be a game-changer in tough battles.
  • For instance, when a player is low on health, their Level 3 super move turns into a Critical Art, becoming more powerful and delivering a cinematic blow to the opponent.

11. Battle Hub As Social Space

Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub isn’t just for fighting. It’s also a place where you can connect with other players, participate in special events, and even play emulated Capcom arcade titles. Don’t shy away from interacting with the community. You might learn a new strategy, make friends, or just have some fun outside of the battles.

12. Managing Health

Dealing with cross-ups
Always keep an eye out on health bar- [Image Captured by eXputer]
In SF6, your health is crucial, especially in close matches. When your health is low, your Level 3 super move turns into a Critical Art, which is more powerful and gives you a chance to turn the tables. Therefore, managing your health wisely is as important as landing your hits and combos.

13. Using Extreme Battle Type

Street Fighter 6 introduces the “extreme” battle type. This mode allows players to compete in matches that feature special rules and gimmicks. It can be a great way to test your skills in varied situations and gain a deeper understanding of SF6’s mechanics.

14. Benefiting From Real-Time Commentary System

The real-time commentary system in Street Fighter 6 is a new feature that brings a tournament-style feel to your matches. The commentary can offer insights and strategy tips as you fight, helping you understand the flow of the match better.

15. Getting Comfortable With Drive Gauge Techniques


Each character in SF6 has five different techniques that can be fueled by the Drive Gauge. Getting comfortable with these techniques and knowing when to use them is crucial for mastering your chosen character. Take the time to practice and understand how each technique works and in what situation it is most effective.

16. Starting With A Single Character

Ryu – best-starting character

It may be tempting to try out every character when you start playing SF6, but it can be more beneficial to start with a single character. Spend time learning their moves, combos, and the best strategies for using them. This will give you a solid foundation before you start experimenting with other characters.

17. Taking Breaks

This may seem counterintuitive, but taking regular breaks from SF6 can actually make you a better player. During these breaks, your mind will have time to process what you’ve learned and come up with new strategies.

18. Familiarizing With World Tour Mode

The World Tour will take you to a journey in the streets of Metro city.
The World Tour will take you to a journey in the streets of Metro City.

In World Tour mode, you can explore 3D environments, meet other characters, and take part in adventure gameplay. This can be a great way to get familiar with the lore of Street Fighter and also to take a break from intense battles.

19. Understanding Character-Specific Techniques

Each character in SF6 has specific techniques that make them unique. Some characters might have moves that are more advanced or challenging than others. Spend time learning these character-specific techniques to maximize your potential in SF6.

For instance, Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, Shin Hashogeki, and Shin Shoryuken can only be used at Levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Grasping how these moves function and when to deploy them can significantly enhance your performance. Do not take this Street Fighter 6 Beginners Guide hint lightly. 

20. Exploring The Arcade Titles In Battle Hub

Aside from providing online competitive play, Battle Hub also offers emulated Capcom arcade titles. This could serve as a delightful detour from the intense fights and training sessions. Playing these classic games could also help you understand the roots of Street Fighter and other Capcom titles, offering you a deeper appreciation for SF6 you’re currently engrossed in.

21. Studying Opponents’ Moves

Learn how an opponent plays

One crucial aspect of mastering any fighting game, including SF6, is understanding not just your character, but your opponents’ characters as well. When you’re up against other players, take note of their techniques, timing, and patterns. This can give you insight into possible counterattacks and help you predict their moves in future matches.

22. Making Use of Customizable Player Avatars

In World Tour mode, you have the option to customize your player avatar. This doesn’t directly influence your fighting abilities, but it adds a personal touch to your gaming experience. You can exhibit your avatar in the Battle Hub, adding a layer of social interaction to SF6.

23. Using SF6’s Soundtrack To Your Advantage

SF6, like previous titles in the series, features a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to the flow of the battle. Pay attention to the music—it can offer you valuable cues about the match’s intensity, potentially helping you make better strategic decisions.

24. Understanding The Importance of Spacing

In Street Fighter 6, understanding the space between you and your opponent is crucial. Each character’s moves have different ranges, and mastering the optimal distance for your attacks can lead to more successful hits and fewer opportunities for your opponent to strike back.

25. Finding Your Play Style

street fighter 6 review
Finding Your Playstyle in Street Fighter 6

Each player has a unique style—some may prefer aggressive, offensive play, while others might lean towards a more defensive, calculated approach. Experiment with different strategies to find what suits you best. Remember, there’s no one “correct” way to play, and adapting your style based on the situation can often be the key to victory.

My Tips On Starting SF6

Street Fighter 6 can be a tough game to properly learn, particularly if you’re new to the genre, but once it starts to click, it becomes a deeply rewarding experience. Take it from someone who undertook the same journey.

nameer zia sf6 steam
My SF6 playtime on Steam

I recommend starting with a simple character like Ryu or Ken that is designed to teach you the basics and fundamentals while slowly working your way through the game’s more advanced mechanics like Drive Rush and parries. Polishing your defense and learning about frame advantage is also invaluable for a new player. Practicing even such basics can carry you far into the Platinum and even Diamond lobbies!

This brings me to the end of Street Fighter 6 Beginners Guide. SF6 is just around the corner and I believe as a die-hard Street Fighter player for years, my tips and tricks mentioned above will be useful to you. Before you leave, you must read Street Fighter 6: All Editions, Voice Actors, and Juri’s character guide. 


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