How To Get Fighter Coins In Street Fighter 6

A complete guide explaining how to get Fighter Coins SF6. Find out which coin pack is the most bang for the buck!

Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6 are one of four in-game currencies. Using Fighter Coins, players are able to unlock new characters, new skins, and a bunch of other items. However, Fighter Coins are a rare commodity that is difficult to come by, and that is why the How To Get Fighter Coins SF6 guide has come to fruition. 

Key Takeaways
  • Street Fighter 6 has four different currencies, and one of them is Fighter Coins.
  • Fighter Coins are used to purchase new skins, characters, and other cool stuff.
  • Compared to other currencies, Fighter Coins are rare and difficult to acquire.
  • The only way to get Fighter Coins is by purchasing them in the in-game store since they are a microtransaction exclusive.
  • There are four different coin pack options to choose from, with the 2750 coin pack being the most cost-efficient.
  • Coins cannot be earned as quest rewards and must be purchased.

How To Get Fighter Coins

Fighter Coins, at this time, are a microtransaction exclusive. This means the only way to get your hands on Fighter Coins will be by purchasing them in the in-game store. 

There may be a way to earn Fighter Coins later in the game’s life cycle, such as through future special events or challenges, which the description of the coins has confirmed, but that has yet to come to life. No solid information is available, and nothing has been confirmed by Capcom, the developers. 

What Are The Prices

cost of fighter coins
How much are Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6?

The coins are available to purchase in the in-game store. There are four different packs to choose from, each of them having a higher number of coins and a different price point. Below are the exact prices and how many coins each pack offers. 

  • 250 Fighter Coins – $6.99
  • 610 Fighter Coins – $15.99
  • 1250 Fighter Coins – $31.99
  • 2750 Fighter Coins – $69.99

Choosing what pack to get is the easiest decision there could be since all of them have been priced equally. However, getting the 2750 Fighter Coins Pack will have each coin costing $0.025, while all other packs make coins costing $0.026.

That is all there is to know about SF6 Fighter Coins. When purchasing Fighter Coins, make sure to check how many coins you will need so that you can get the coins on a budget. While playing Street Fighter 6, you might want to know How To Get All Trophies. Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one!

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