Street Fighter 6: Best Character Recipes With Codes

Play as the character of your dreams by using the 10 best character recipes in Street Fighter 6!

Street Fighter 6 has many recipes that players can try out, allowing them to use a code to customize their character to resemble any favorite celebrity or game character and then play as that customized character. Players might want to know some of the best Street Fighter 6 Recipes; therefore, a few codes might be necessary! 

Key Takeaways
  • Street Fighter 6 offers character recipes allowing players to play as custom characters resembling their favorite celebrities or game characters.
  • Character recipes involve using specific codes in SF6 to achieve the desired customization.
  • These character customizations add more fun to the gameplay and allow players to embody their favorite characters in the Street Fighter universe.
  • These character recipes help create a diverse gaming experience, adding a personal touch to the gameplay that varies from player to player.

Best Characters Recipes & Codes In Street Fighter 6

Here is an overview of the top 10 custom characters, their codes & what you will get after using these recipes.

KratosRBXDUHXPCTransform into the iconic God of War with this code.
Terminator9BXGTLVH9Step into the shoes of the classic Terminator with this code.
Harley QuinnSREG88L5FEmbody Harley Quinn's unique style with her signature makeup and pigtails.
Mr SatanDVDCYTD5NChannel Mr. Satan's unique look with his distinct hair and mustache.
Black WidowXEV8R349FBecome the enigmatic Black Widow with her leather jacket and red hair.
TrunksLW6H4X9KYAchieve Trunks' signature middle-parted hairstyle with this code.
Lara CroftEUA7CATB9Step into Lara Croft's adventurous persona with this code.
SaitamaE87GAVNKWTake on Saitama's iconic bald head and yellow outfit with this code.
GeraltFDEWLR79CEmbark on The Witcher's journey as Geralt with this code.
GaaraUPF7K9SVREmbrace the power of the sand as Gaara with this code.

1. Kratos (RBADUHXPC)

SF6 Kratos

Now, one of the first characters you might want to play is Kratos, who is the famous protagonist from the God of War series. Be it, God of War 4 or God of War Ragnarok that holds your heart, all belove Kratos, and using him can be a dream of the past by entering the character code. 

Players should be able to use the code RBADUHXPC and head over to the Street Fighter 6 Character Recipes section when making their character to import over the Kratos creation and then play as him. 

2. Terminator (9BXGTLVH9)

SF6 Terminator

Now, who hasn’t loved The Terminator from the very beginning? Matching his iconic style, complete with his sunglasses, as well as his facial expressions, players can make the Terminator of their dreams and manifest it into reality by making their custom character look exactly like him. 

Use the code 9BXGTLVH9 to import over the Terminator character, which will come with his outfit and everything. 

3. Harley Quinn (SREG88L5F) 

SF6 Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

Suppose you’re into the insanity that Harley Quinn brought upon the world, complete with her pigtails, insanely cool makeup, iconic red lip, and the heart on her cheekbone. In that case, you can use the code SRE688L5F to bring Harley Quinn to your Street Fighter 6 experience. 

4. Mr. Satan (DVDCYTD5N) 

SF6 Mr Satan
Mr. Satan

Next up, let’s take a trip down memory lane to when we all used to adore Dragon Ball, and with that, the childhood memories can be refreshed by bringing back Mr. Satan into the scene, complete with his voluminous hair, as well as his long mustache, complete with his eyebrows, as well as his large build and lasting impression. 

The code that will be required for Mr. Satan is DVDCYT5DN, and it allows players to dress Mr. Satan up in his iconic hair as well as a mustache and in a red suit with grey trousers and a belt as well, to match his aura. 

5. Black Widow (XEV8R349F) 

SF6 Black Widow
Black Widow

The next Street Fighter 6 Recipe on our list is none other than the ever-loved Black Widow, who is known for her iconic hair, as well as her leather jacket, serious expression, and just general lasting impression that showcases how much of a badass she just is. 

While the Black Widow in Street Fighter 6 may not resemble the actual character fully, it still comes to a striking resemblance, and using the code XEV8R349F will allow you to play her in her full glory, complete with her entire outfit and hair too. 

6. Trunks (LW6H4X9KY) 

SF6 Trunks

Want a bit laid-back character design that still absolutely serves? Look no further than to deploy Trunks by your side, who looked amazing while being in Dragon Ball, and his iconic middle part can never be forgotten, and neither can his hair color. 

You can bring back his glory by playing as Trunks in Street Fighter 6, as long as you use the code LW6H4X9KY. However, the only caveat here is that the hair would not end up being as voluminous as it appears in the original character art for Trunks. 

7. Lara Croft (EUA7CATB9)

SF6 Lara Croft
Lara Croft

If there’s one thing that no one could ever forget, it’s the iconic appearance of Lara Croft with her war outfit. She always used to look gorgeous while being able to remain badass, and when paired with her braids and curves, it all was brought together into one perfect memory. 

Use the code EUA7CATB9, and in the version, you will create in Street Fighter 6, there won’t be a lot of striking similarities since the original Lara Croft had tighter braids. In contrast, in this version, she will have a somewhat loose braid, and her overall build will be similar to that of the original Lara Croft that you might remember. 

8. Saitama (E87GAVNKW) 

SF6 Saitama

Who doesn’t love bringing forth a character from One Punch Man, and no other less than Saitama, who is known for his iconic bald head (he looks like an actual egg), as well as his yellow suit, with his red boots as well as his cape as well as his curious expressions as can be seen from a few of his original character arts. 

Regarding his Street Fighter 6 Recipesplayers should be able to use the code E87GAVNKW to bring Saitama into their character screen, through which you can play as Saitama. 

9. Geralt Of Rivia (FDEWLR79C) 

SF6 Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia

Let’s bring back the Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3. When it comes to his overall appearance, he is mainly known for his grey hair that is pinned back, his locks that are laid across his shoulders, as well his beard, his large build, combined with his serious but composed expression, and his black outfit in which he is clad from head to toe. 

If you want to play as Geralt, you can use the code FDEWLR79C, and while that won’t give him all the bells and whistles of his entire outfit, it does the job well enough to be recognized from one look. 

10. Gaara (UPF7K9SVR)

SF6 Gaara

Last but not least, Gaara is probably one of my most memorable characters. If it were to be left upon his appearance, his messy red hair, his expressions alongside his black eyes, and his forehead mark make his entire statement pretty memorable. 

You should be able to use the code UPF7K9SVR, through which you can bring along Gaara with you on your journey while taking on the adventures that Street Fighter 6 has in store for you. 


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Street Fighter 6 Recipes, so let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim guide, which details Dhalsim? Alongside that, if you want to know about the voice actor, as well as the playstyle of JP, then you can read the Street Fighter 6 JP guide!

Lastly, the Street Fighter 6 Chun Li guide details the age, voice actor, and overall playstyle of Chun Li!

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